Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade Builds, Skills and Abilities

NightbladeThese assassins use stealth, trickery and speed to defeat opponents. The Nightblade can use magic to weaken their enemies, damage them slowly over time and heal themselves. Nightblade is the rouge/assassin Elder Scrolls Online class. If you choose the Nightblade class you will be able to stealthily sneak up on enemies and inflict huge amounts of damage (back stab). Medium armor seems to be optimal for the NB. Medium armor does not offer the same amount of protection as heavy armor, obviously, but its lightweight profile allows you to move in silence. Medium armor also gives bonuses, so you can stay stealthy for longer periods of time. Skill lines are listed below… check out the ESO Nightblade Build Guides as well!

Assassin skill

These sneaky assassins are well versed at using magic with many stealthy attacks available. Magic is used to strengthen themselves and damage enemies. When it comes to melee and ranged combat, the Nightblade rouge assassin is more than capable! If you’re time constrained, this guide provides a better detailed overview of eso nightblade strategies and builds, spell rotations, skill lines, abilities, morphs and plenty of the best pre-made builds – ready to use!

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Siphoning Tank vs VR3 Public Dungeon

Wildcard is first skill if you’re not tanking in dungeons. Resto staff on 2nd but sword and board might work well also. Breton, softcapped Magicka, everything else in Health (over 2200hp unbuffed), base Stamina. All jewelry is -magicka cost of spells.

ESO Nightblade Skills & Builds:







Death StrokeDeath Stroke 

Deals damage while reducing healing received on target. Damage increases with Ultimate charge.


Death Stroke Morphs:

Incapacitating StrikeIncapacitating Strike: Stuns enemy if caster has lower health than target.
Soul HarvestSoul Harvest: Slotted passive – +7 additional Ultimate from kills.

Consuming DarknessConsuming Darkness 

Create area of darkness. Enemies snared. +spell resistance to nearby allies. + spell resistance gain on caster. Allies may activate Slip Away, allowing them invisibility.

Consuming Darkness Morphs:

Consuming DarknessBolstering Darkness

Grants allies in area Hidden Refresh, grants them invisibility and healing them

Veil of BladesVeil of Blades: Deals damage for duration.

Soul ShredSoul Shred 

Enemies receive magic damage and are stunned. Allies may activate Leeching Strike synergy, dealing damage by stealing life.

Soul Shred Morphs:

Soul SiphonSoul Siphon:No longer stuns, 3 allies healed.

Soul TetherSoul Tether: Stun increased. Adds a high damage DOT to closest target. Must remain close to target!

assassins bladeAssassin’s Blade 

Deals magic damage.
Targets with low health take +% damage.

Assassin’s Blade Morphs:

ImpaleImpale: Range increased to ?M.

Killers BladeKiller’s Blade: Heal ?% of maximum health when killing enemy with this ability.

Shadow CloakShadow Cloak 

Gain invisibility
No magicka regeneration.

Shadow Cloak Morphs:

Shadowy DisguiseShadowy Disguise: +% critical strike rating while invisible.
Dark CloakDark Cloak: Remove one damage-over-time effect.


Deals magic damage.
For. Caster is healed ?% of damage every ? seconds.

Strife Morphs:

Funnel HealthFunnel Health: An ally is also healed. Targets two most injured and prefers targets that are not already affected by Funnel Health.
Swallow SoulSwallow Soul: +% healing received (slotted passive).

Teleport StrikeTeleport Strike 

Step through shadows to appear next to target. Deal magic damage to enemy and stun.
Stuns PvE targets and immobilizes PvP targets.

Teleport Strike Morphs:

AmbushAmbush: + damage for your next attack on target. Target is stunned.
Lotus FanLotus Fan: Teleport to an enemy and unleash a fan of knives for physical damage to nearby enemies. Affected enemies are snared and bleed physical damage. Not stunned.

Veiled StrikeVeiled Strike 

Deals magic damage and if stealthed unbalances and knocks back enemy. Stuns.

Veiled Strike Morphs:

Surprise WeaponSurprise Weapon: Reduce enemy armor
Concealed WeaponConcealed Weapon: +% stealth movement speed (slotted passive).


Stun enemy. Deal magic damage after the effect ends (DoT). Effect broken by external damage.

Agony Morphs:

Prolongued SufferingProlonged Suffering: Damage increased, damage-over-time effect isn’t removed by external damage.
Malefic WreathMalefic Wreath: Causes area of effect damage when a crowd control ability on the Nightblade breaks, dealing more damage for each second the crowd control was active.


Attackers have % miss chance for ? seconds.

Blur Morphs:

MirageMirage: Misses have a chance to unbalance target.
Double TakeDouble Take: Attackers have +% miss chance when activating ability.

Path of DarknessPath of Darkness 

Targets in front of caster take magic damage. Creates path only seen by caster
+% movement speed.

Path of Darkness Morphs:

Twisting PathTwisting Path: Larger area of effect.

Refreshing PathRefreshing Path: Adds very minor heal per second for caster.


Siphon movement speed from enemy to yourself. Deal 25 magic damage.

Cripple Morphs:

Crippling GraspCrippling Grasp: Deals additional damage & immobilizes.
DebilitateDebilitate: Reduces target’s attack speed; scales with level.

Mark TargetMark Target 

Mark target for death.Killing mark heals caster’s health. All attacks (caster’s and target’s) ignore resistances.

Mark Target Morphs:

Piercing MarkPiercing Mark: Cost reduced with each level; able to see stealth and invisible enemies.
Reapers MarkReaper’s Mark: Heal increases & gains attack and spell power for 30 secs after kills marked target.

Aspect of TerrorAspect of Terror 

Cast Fear on 2 enemies who cower

Aspect of Terror Morphs:

Mass HysteriaMass Hysteria: Snares and reduces target’s power  after fear ends.
Manifestation of TerrorManifestation of Terror: Sets a fear trap, target cap removed.

Siphoning StrikesSiphoning Strikes 

While toggled, basic weapon attacks cause…+ magicka and stamina restoration. chance to restore magicka & stamina.

Siphoning Strikes Morphs:

Leeching StrikesLeeching Strikes: Basic attacks heal of maximum health.
Siphoning AttacksSiphoning Attacks: Abilities have +% chance to restore stamina and magicka.


+% attack speed (heavy and light).

Haste Morphs:

Focused AttacksFocused Attacks: Adds stamina regeneration.

IncapacitateIncapacitate: Roots target for ? seconds every ? hits.

Summon ShadeSummon Shade 

Summons shade to attack enemy.
Attacked enemies deal ?% damage

Summon Shade Morphs:

Dark ShadeDark Shades: Summon two shades; shades deal less damage.
Dark ShadowShadow Image: +? second duration, activating the skill teleports the player to the shade.

Drain PowerDrain Power 

Deals magic damage to nearby enemies. Caster’s weapon power +% per nme damged.

Drain Power Morphs:

Power ExtractionPower Extraction: Target cap increased. weapon dmg increased
Sap EssenceSap Essence: Dmge removed, heals based on target’s hit







Master AssassinMaster Assassin
+damage when invisible or crouched.
Successful crouched attacks stun longer.
Refreshing ShadowsRefreshing Shadows
+ stamina regeneration when activating Shadow ability.
+potion effectiveness.
Killing enemy with Assassination ability restores magicka for ? seconds.
Shadow BarrierShadow Barrier
armor and spell resistance coming out of stealth or invisibility.
Magicka FloodMagicka Flood
max magicka with a slotted Siphoning ability.
Pressure PointsPressure Points
+ critical strike rating for every slotted Assassination ability.
+ max health per slotted Shadow ability.
Soul SiphonerSoul Siphoner
+ healing received from Siphoning abilities.
+ critical strike damage while an Assassination ability is slotted.
Dark VeilDark Veil
+ duration of Shadow abilities.
+ Ultimate when dealing damage with Siphoning ability.

Nightblade AOE Tanking Build

Nightblade VR Solo Build

Nightblade Solo/Small Group PvP Build

Nightblade 1-50 Leveling Build Guide

Variety of Powerful Builds For Nightblade Characters!

Building Your Ultra-Effective Nightblade Just Got Easier…

“I chose the ‘Dark Cloak Elusive Vampire Nightblade’ which uses dual 1handed swords over daggers, swallow soul – great for bow! for added health regen and extra DPS. Siphoning attacks – one of the best to have – almost impossible to run out of magicka and stamina esp. for PvE, even while fighting tough mobs and bosses. I never run low! Bombard – for PvE – immobilize AoE and crazy CC – with big group of mobs! Elusive mist is so great for this build for fast speed – it’s the vampire’s main escape and a must have! You can’t be targeted and you take 75% reduced damage. Not JUST for escape but I catch up to enemies faster as well.”

~ Richard K, USA  

I highly recommend this Nightblade guide

“I would never have been able to build a nightblade this good, even with the auto-builders, Thanks!”

~ Mark P, USA

“I chose one of their original pre-made fast leveling efficient nightblade single target DPS builds! I’m very happy with it!”

~ Brett L, USA


ESO Nightblade Build OP – Single Target DPS – Solo Elites Easily Leveling Efficient
Nightblade OP Build – Insane Single Target BUFFED DPS

Self buffed single target DPS, while still having the option to go ranged or aoe crazy. Defensives to solo elites AND amazing DPS/AoE

BAR 1: Single Target DPS:

AmbushSlot 1: Teleport Strike-Ambush (5 out of 5) Great Utility with the 1.5s stun, 22m teleport, extra damage on next ability–and great starting damage.

FlurrySlot 2: Flurry-Rapid Strikes (4 out of 5)
Only stamina dump, aside from movement actions (sprint, stealth, dodge). Good damage, plus extra attack speed afterwards.

Veiled StrikeSlot 3: Veiled Strike-Surprise Attack (4 out of 5)
Good damage  AND a very nice 4s stun (use when stealthed) that can lead into a 1s knockdown. This should be used to apply/refresh the 40% armor pen debuff, or when you need a stun for survivability/control, otherwise save your magicka.

ImpaleSlot 4: Assasin’s Blade-Impale (5 out of 5)
REALLY good damage while in execute range. Only use this ability when a mob is under 25% HP, otherwise save your magicka.

Shadowy DisguiseSlot 5: Shadow Cloak-Shadowy Disguise (5 out of 5)
Unmatched compared to other nightblade abilities. This is your stealth, but without a 100% up-time. You are completely invisible for 2.5 secs, no cooldown (only magicka resource limitations), gives you 100% critical strike and makes you completely invisible.

Soul HarvestNightblade Ultimate: Death Stroke-Soul Harvest (5 out of 5)
The best ultimate for DPS, It will come up often, use it often.

BAR 2: Your Ranged, AoE, Buff Bar

Hidden BladeSlot 1: Hidden Blade-Flying Blade (4 out of 5)
Crucial for being able to solo elites.

Swallow SoulSlot 2: Strife-Swallow Soul (4 out of 5)
Great damage, and a very good heal. Use when at range for some damage, or if you need HP.

WhirlwindSlot 3: Whirlwind-Whirling Blades (4 out of 5)
AoE ability – Good damage, and not a bad cost. Use it with Drain Power for additional AoE damage.

CrippleSlot 4: Cripple-Crippling Grasp (4 out of 5) OR Drain Power-Power Extraction (3 out of 5)Power Extraction
Switchable. Cripple is better if you are leveling, soloing elites, or when ranged is needed. Drain Power will help you AoE down things a lot stronger.

Focused AttacksSlot 5: Haste-Focused Attacks (3 out of 5)
Use this one when in a dungeon, cast before pulling mob. Works well.

Veil of BladesNightblade Ultimate: Consuming Darkness-Veil of Blades (4 out of 5)
Strong defense for you and group as well as good AoE damage in dungeons. Used to hog the AoE dps meters, or to cool down boss mechanics with it’s defensives.

So you want to build a powerful Nightblade? The best, up-to-date NB builds for Elder Scrolls Online, easiest and quickest way to build and level any nightblade. Which racial and class skill combinations to use and in what rotation you should use them!

Top Builds For Tanking, Healing, & DPS For Nightblade
Best PvP Builds For any Playstyle for NB
Counter Other Players Builds & Dominate PvP
Most Efficient Skill Rotations Max Your Nightblade’s Potential


Veteran Rank Nightblade Tank Build

“Just a quickie to let you know I followed the guide you recommend for the NB builds. First of all, It’s a great resource for me and I’m definitely glad I got it! Also, You should let your visitors know it’s not just for Nightblade builds but there are tons of builds for all four classes.”

~ Keith M


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