The Elder Scrolls Online Classes Guide And Information For 2020

eso combat class skillsEach of the ESO classes will have three skill lines or types of skills/special abilities (see below) but you can use any armor and all weapons regardless of which class you choose. The chosen class will only define a range of special abilities. Players will also acquire other special abilities focused on weapons,  crafting etc. These skills will level independently from your class skills, and have their own prerequisites or methods of attainment. As there are many different types of abilities for each class, I provide a general idea of each eso class skill line and builds for the classes on their respective pages below.

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Mastery Class Builds Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Character Progression:

eso weapon levelingAs with all The Elder Scrolls games, ESO allows you to level up weapon mastery for every type of weapon. As you level your weapon you will achieve new skills that will increase your weapon’s efficiency. Stamina Trees, Health and Magicka are also found in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s your choice how to use points. You can use them to increase several attributes or use them all for only one. You are able to develop your own build which allows you to create a unique character with a unique distribution of your points depending on how you play. The Elder Scrolls Online Classes combined with so many options certainly allows for really interesting build possibilities!

Class Abilities & Skills:

Each ESO class has unique abilities & skills. You can select up to six for use at any given time and they can be changed on the fly to adapt to different situations. Unique selections of eso class skills and abilities are obviously the way you will set your character apart from others within your class.


You can use any combination of armor when equipping your character, regardless of which of the four classes you decide to go with.

  • Light Armor: Provides bonuses to spell damage and magicka regeneration.
  • Medium Armor: Improves stamina based abilities like sprinting, dodging and sneaking.
  • Heavy Armor: Provides bonuses to healing received and damage absorption.

Warden Class skills and builds:

The Best Class Builds For 2020 Elder Scrolls Online

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Mastery’s Class Builds Guide

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