ESO Early Access: The Elder Scrolls Online Adventure Begins!

Pre-launch catch-up

Craglorn - ESO Adventure ZoneJust a few days ago we heard from ESO Creative Director Paul Sage about the different types of Veteran content available at level 50, and we wanted to give you folks an idea of what awaits you. One of the biggest things he said was that about 2/3 of the content that you can do doesn’t become available until level 50 for PvE. The game will ship with 6 dungeons for 4-person groups, and the Adventure Zone, Craglorn. Craglorn will be a PvE zone designed for 4 people, with both inside and outside areas & dungeons; this area is huge and has many quests and activities. There are also 12-person timed Trials, with leaderboards to keep track of record times. PvP comes in 3 types of flavors: solo/duo, small gank squad and large scale battles like taking/defending keeps, cutting supply lines and more. If you enjoy doing dungeons, jump right in to Cyrodiil with a friend and explore…of course, in a PvP zone there might be some players waiting in ambush at any moment, which adds to the excitement! The small, roving groups of PvPers that we affectionately call gank squads will be taking over farms or other resource points while wiping out solo enemies or other small groups. These different types of content mean that you can play different content based on what you feel like doing and have the time for.

ESO Live Streams

Dexter: 48 hour live stream – One of the best ESO Early Gameplay streams at the moment!

24 48 72 Hour Early Access Live Stream

  • Great Live Gameplay Stream Action
  • Adult Conversation/Reality Show Feel
  • Fun, Friendly & Informative Community Chat
  • Two Beautiful & Sometimes Entertaining Bengal Cats 🙂
  • They Will Continue To Stream 1 Hour For Every Subscriber They Get!

Watch Live

The State of The Game (as of today, 3/31/2014)

ESO-Beta-Hands-On-Screen-ShotAccording to the majority of early access players, the servers are stable, and no real complaints as far as lag, login time or that many quest bugs. I saw a couple of reports that sometimes people in a group had to “trick” the server into getting them into the same phase as their group; a soft logout and relog seems to do the trick. Most folks with early access seem to think the real test is on official Launch Day, when the servers are trying to handle a large influx of players in the same zones. The incentive here is to level beyond the starter areas so you’re not stuck in crowded zones; while I find value in that there is something to be said for coming in when the masses do, because crowding makes for fast grouping! Of course, the trolls were having some NSFW fun with the launch as well: (thanks Reddit!). I didn’t see a lot of forum posts about people having problems; most were either having a lot of fun or they were complaining F2P gamers that don’t understand the content they get for a sub.

Planning & Playing (Addons)

Zam Add-onsThere are TONS of addons available at several well known sites. In spite of how well known they are, not ONE of them puts the basic description next to the item; instead, you have to click into EACH ONE to get a description. Use this time wisely folks if you don’t have early access. There are great resources out there, but for some reason all make you drill into each addon individually, instead of giving a synopsis. Sculpting your offers to get more clicks? 😉 SEO and click-sculpting jokes aside, I promise to dig into these resources when I have more time.

Playstyle Plans

Dunmer1I always found my perfect one-two combo to be: hit ’em with an arrow from stealth, and if they can still attack you use spells. I did find the bow too weak, even against low-level monsters, so I’ll be using a staff. That’s right, I’ll be a Dunmer sorcerer. Difference is, I’ll make my main the crafter so he can supply my other characters. Since I’ll be putting points into the crafting skills, that one might be a bit gimped for endgame, so I’ll be also leveling an Altmer who’s all about the fighting and questing. One thing I noticed: in the last beta, the random junk you found everywhere is no longer worth any gold but still usable for fishing and the like. I do want to do the original training areas though, they give you lots of waters and lockpicks, good stuff to have! One thing about this that seems similar to Skyrim: there’s no limit to the amount of quests I can have (I think). This means I can just wander, take quests, and do them at my leisure. Aside from picking up the more obvious quests in the cities, in the beta I spent most of my time wandering, taking adventure wherever I found it…and had a lot of fun doing it!

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