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ESO Guide (Leveling & Progression 2020 Facts & Tips)

  • The most effective way of earning XP is by doing quests.
  • You will also earn a significant amount of XP by finding and exploring new areas.
  • Skyshards are collectibles scattered all over the map. Every 3 Skyshards you collect will give you a skill point.
  • Mundus Stones are scattered all over the map. They grant the player permanent buffs, but only one can be active at a time. You can remove your current Mundus Stone buff by selecting another Mundus Stone. There are 13 different Mundus Stones and each alliance has a complete set.
  • You can respec your skill points for a pricey gold fee. All earned skill points are preserved after respec.
  • Health, Stamina and Magicka points can be reassigned for a high gold cost.
  • You can easily fill Soul Gems by killing critters while they are affected by Soul Trap (from Soul Magic skill line).
  • You can’t group for dungeons with players from other factions than yours.
  • After joining Mage’s Guild you can access Shalidor’s library books that grant XP to your Mage’s Guild rank.
  • Eiditic memory is a feature you unlock later in the game, which allows you to see all the notes and books you collected.

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Veteran Ranks

  • Veteran Ranks is an advancement system that you unlock after you hit level 50 when you receive Veteran Rank 1. Each Veteran Rank has a different tier of gear associated.
  • You can be a werewolf / vampire and be in the Fighters Guild at the same time.
  • Wear multiple types of armor pieces, and you will boost your available stats from the start. (light armor boosts magicka, medium armor: stamina and heavy armor HP and armor.
  • You can easily level a 2nd weapon skill line if you equip it before turning in a quest.
  • You can gain XP for a skill line if you have one of its active abilities slotted (even if you don’t use it).
  • If you get stuck in the world (cannot move, trapped etc), use the /stuck command. it will kill your character and you’ll loose equipment integrity (the equipment integrity is reported as being a bug, so no effect will be applied)
  • Level 1 mobs such as rats and spiders can drop fishing bait when you kill them.
  • You can repair your gear at any merchant for a gold fee.
  • You can buy glyphs to enchant your gear for a reasonable price.
  • You can only have 1 provisioning effect on at a time.
  • Try searching all Bookshelfs you find, there is a chance of reading a book that will raise one of your skills with 1 level.

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