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Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn Skyshard Guide

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Craglorn is the first Veteran Content Adventure Zone. Craglorn Zone includes battle areas such as Temples, Dungeons, Alien Ruins, Wayshrines, Towns and more! You will also come across what are called ‘trials’. These trials are built for 12 player groups and are comparable to Raids in other MMOs. Guides and directions to all 12 Skyshards in Craglorn:

1. Lava flows where Ayleids walked

  • Location: In the Southeastern section of the zone inside Molavar Dungeon.
  • Guide: Begin at the Elinhir Wayshrine and travel Southwest until you get to The Magical Anomaly Crystal. From the crystal, go South and you’ll see busted gateways that brings you to the entrance. Take the pathway under the stone gateways. As soon as you get on you’ll see it to your right on it’s platform. To get it you will need to go around to reach it.

 2. In a lair of metal spiders

  • Location: Easter section of Craglorn, in The Rkundzelft Dungeon ( to the east of Spellscar Wayshrine)
  • Guide: Travel East along the road from Belkarth until you’ve past Ogonadar’s Winery. Cut from the road and go Northeast and you’ll run right into the entrance.
  • Go to the room furthest to the EAST in the Dungeon. Start EXITING the room using the hallway to the NORTH! This shard is on the stairs on the right side.

3. Among Yokuda’s Dead

  • Location: Among Yokuda’s Dead Skyshard is located in the Northwestern area of the Zone in The Ruins of Kardala Dungeon. The Kardala Ruins are distinct and easily seen from far away, given away by a bunch of pillars in front of the entrance! Come up on the entrance from the south.
  • Guide: Along the main dungeon hallway there is a room (dead end room with Satagna Boss) that holds the Skyshard.

4. Where sunlight penetrates Dwarven delves

  • Location: In the Norther section of Craglorn in The Rkhardarhrk Dungeon. Northern Cave section.
  • Guide: Come up on Rkhardarhrk from the south. You’ll see a few pillars and a pond leading up to the entrance.

5. Where fishmongers sell no fish

  • Location: South Craglorn in The Haddock’s Market Dungeon – To the Southeast of Ogondar’s Winery. Skyshard is close to the NORTH TOWER right next to a tree.
  • Guide: Begin this one from Belkarth and travel the road towards the EAST until you pass the Winery, dip off the road and travel SOUTH to the entrance to the Haddock’s Market Dungeon. You’ll see steps that go up to the tower, shard is in front of the statue. Be careful…Arina At-Fara, which is the last boss are right there in front!

6. Where chiseled tunnels lead meet crystal caverns

  • Location: Chiselshriek Mine Dungeon in Craglorn’s Northeastern Section. The Dungeon is to the NORTHEAST of Mountain Overlook Wayshrine & to the NORTHWEST of Inazzur’s Hold Wayshrine.
  • Guide: From Inazzur’s Hold Wayshrine, take the road going NORTHWEST. Get to the crossroads and cut off the road and go NORTH. You’ll see the entrance straight ahead. The Gracious Beacon (last boss) and the Skyshard is in the biggest caveroom in the NORTHEAST corner. The Gracious Beacon is in the center of the room and the Skyshard is behind a rock in the corner.

7. A sea of dunes beneath the earth

  • Location: This Skyshard is in The Buried Sands Dungeon which is in the NORTHWESTERN section of the zone.
  • Guide: Come up on the Dungeon entrance from the EAST. You’ll only have to clear a couple of mobs to get to the Skyshard but they’re large – Not at all easy to solo! The collectable is at the very NORTHERN section of this cave and the final boss is just to the south of the shard.

8. Under Centurion guard

  • Location: This one is all the way in the WESTERN section of Craglorn zone inside The Mtharnaz Dungeon, in the SOUTHEAST corner of the first large room in the cave. This one is pretty simple to collect!
  • Guide: This one doesn’t require much guidance… Simply come up on The Mtharnaz Dungeon Entrance from the WEST. There are only a few Dwemer constructs to get past – pretty easy.

9. At the head of the class

  • Location: In The EASTERN section of the Craglorn Zone in The Balamath Dungeon. (NORTHWEST of Trial: Aetherian Archive)
  • Guide: Begin at The Elinhir Wayshrine and travel NORTH to the Magical Anomaly Crystal. You’ll see a thin pathway to get over the river and to the entrance of the Dungeon. The collectible is above the vault entrance just as you exit the hallway – it’s right out in the open!

10. In the grotto of snake-women

  • Location: This one is In the center of the zone inside Zalgaz’s Den Dungeon – Easy to find from the road. Collecible is in the NORTHERN section of the cave (near the bosses).
  • Guide: It’s pretty easy at first to fight your way thru this dungeon but it gets progressively more difficult to solo these mobs as you go.

11. Beyond the pillar of hunger

  • Location: In the SOUTHWESTERN area of the zone inside The Tombs of the Na-Totambu Dungeon. This entrance is hidden!
  • Guide: Approach this dungeon from the NORTH. There is a wayshrine close by – take the bridge to get to the entrance of Tombs of the Na-Totambu. The Skyshard is on your left just as you get into the dungeon but you can’t get to it. You need to get to the end of the dungeon first! Not easy to solo unless you’re a Nightblade using stealth. The Boss is “The Hungry Pillar” and is in a little tunnel – the Skyshard is just beyond!

12. Howling at the moon

  • Location: Howling at the Moon Skyshard is located in Central Craglorn in the Hircine’s Haunt Dungeon which is NORTHWEST of Spellscar (just west of due north from Belkarth.
  • Guide: Travel NORTH from Belkarth Wayshrine. Walk along the left side of the river until you come to a wooden door that goes right to the entrance to the dungeon. Just as you go in you’ll spot the shard up on the cliff but, of course you’ll need to blow through the dungeon to get it!

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