Elder Scrolls Online Blacksmithing Guide:


ESO Blacksmithing Guide:

Profitability: Moderate

Hickory Staff ImperialAllows the creation of metal weapons such as swords, maces, daggers, and axes, as well as the creation of all Heavy Armor. Tons of players will need Heavy Armor of different styles, sizes, etc. As far as style demand and popularity, the Imperial and Deadric are at the top! Having the Racial styles available for sale or trade can be very profitable! Let’s get started:

Early Blacksmith Crafting Skillpoint Allocation:

If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills. After taking your initial survival skills, place points into the following to get going:

Keen Eye OreKeen Eye: 1 / 3 – To start seeing ore better!

Miner HirelingMiner Hireling: 1/3 – To get blacksmithing stuff sent to your mail!

MetallurgyMetallurgy: 1/3 – To get research times down and do multiple research at one!

Metal ExtractionMetal Extraction: 1/ 3 – To get the most out of extraction!

Gathering Ore:

Raw Ore is used in the creation of blacksmithing pieces and can be located all  around Tamriel. They are generally zone-specific, and you will only find one or two types of ore in each zone. Ore can be found on the tops of mountains, in caves, between rocks and many other places. Raw ore must be refined in stacks of 10, and give you ingots and sometimes other materials for Blacksmithing.

 IronIron Ore  High IronHigh Iron Ore  OrichalcOrichalc Ore EbonyEbony Ore CalciniumCalcinium Ore  GalatiteGalatite Ore MoonstoneMoonstone Ore  VoidstoneVoidstone Ore

Refining Your Materials:

Refining gathered ore is the first step in creating your crafted pieces! It requires 10 ore for each refinement and yields metal bars or ingots and sometimes other useful items for Blacksmithing! You can refine materials from your bag or from your bank. Creating and deconstructing items gives you inspiration. If you need to know how to create more bag space to increase your inventory see the video at the bottom of this page.

 IronIron Ingot  SteelSteel Ingot OrichalcOrichalc Ingot EbonyEbony Ingot  CalciniumCalcinium Ingot GalatiteGalatite ingot Moonstone Moonstone Ingot  VoidStoneVoidstone Ingot

Finding a Blacksmith Station:

Stations are found in towns & cities and have anvil symbol on flags outside the stations and on the map. For all crafting set station locations Click Here

Creating Your Items:

Creating001Creating heavy armor and weapons requires metal bars and a style material. The more bars you use the higher the level, armor, and values. You will choose the type of weapon or armor, its bar type and amount, the style material to define its look, as well as the trait material for special properties. The racial style effects ONLY the appearance of your crafted items, not stats. You don’t need to get the book for your race, you already have that style but you will have to find the motif books for the racial styles you want in order to unlock that style.

Elder Scrolls Online Quick Tips for PC, PS4, and XB1 – Level up in Blacksmithing While Making Money!

This guide can also be used to find all ore, including all rare materials!

Motif BookThere are books for every race & even some for other unusual races. Racial Motif Books can be found all over Tamriel! Mastery’s Blacksmithing Guide is complete, up-to-date and comes together with their Crafting Guide.

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Armor Styles – Racial Motifs:

 Argonian FlintFlint Argonian

Ancient Elf Malachite Malachite Ancient Elf

Altmer Adamantite

Adamantite Altmer

 Barbaric Copper

Copper Barbaric

 Bosmer Bone

bone Bosmer

Breton Molybdenum

Molybdenum Breton

Dunmer Obsidian

Obsidian Dunmer

Deadra Deadra Heart

Deadra Heart Deadric

 Imperial Nickel

Nickel Imperial

 Kajiit Moonstone

Moonstone Kajiit

 Nord Corundum

Corundum Nord

 Orc Manganese

Manganese Orc

 Primal Argentum

Argentum Primal

 Redguard Starmetal

Starmetal Redguard

Weapon Examples:

Steel Dagger Imperial Steel Dagger Imperial Steel Mace Imperial Steel Mace Imperial Steel Axe Imperial Steel Axe Imperial Hickory Staff Imperial Hickory Staff Imperial Hickory Bow Imperial Hickory Bow Imperial Dwarven Steel Maul Imperial Dwarven-Steel Maul Imperial

Armor Examples:

Dwarven Steel Gauntlets Imp. Dwarven-Steel Gauntlets Imperial Dwarven Steel Girdle Imperial Dwarven-Steel Girdle Imperial Dwarven Steel Greaves Imp. Dwarven-Steel Greaves Imperial Dwarven Steel Helm Imperial Dwarven-Steel Helm Imperial Dwarven Steel Sabatons Imp.Dwarven-Steel Sabatons Imperial Steel Cuirass Imperial Steel Cuirass Imperial

Deconstruction and Improvement:

DeconstructionDeconstruct old weapons & armor into usable items! Click the item you want to deconstruct and hit interact. This destroys the item and gives you base materials for use in creating the new items you want. Improvements will increase the quality and look of the gear from average to amazing. Improvements do not have a level requirement at all, so a blacksmith can increase the quality of any item. There is a risk, however, as improvement takes multiple improvement materials to complete and the chance goes up the more materials you use. These materials cannot be farmed or gathered in the field, they are earned by deconstructing, and can be sent to you by a hireling. This is one way Blacksmiths make their money from external sources.

Improvement Materials:

Honing StoneHoning Stone – Improves from Normal to Fine Dwarven OilDwarven Oil – Improve from Fine to Superior Grain SolventGrain Solvent – Improve from Superior to Epic Tempering_AlloyTempering Alloy – Improve from Epic to Legendary

blacksmithing-traitsResearch – Crafting Trait Progression for Blacksmithing:

Research & discover traits. Traits that you learn can be added to weapons and armor that you create later on. Researching traits requires the specific piece of gear that you want to learn the trait from to be destroyed in order to understand it’s properties. This take quite a bit of time. Each trait piece takes takes more and more time, starting at 6 hours. This time is real time and will continue whether you are logged on or off. You can reduce these times with skills that allow more than one research at a time.

Armor Traits and Effects: (Used to enhance armor)

Almandine AlmandineWell Fitted Bloodstone BloodstoneInfused Diamond DiamondImpenetrable Emerald EmeraldTraining Garnet GarnetExploration Quartz QuartzSturdy Sapphire SapphireDivines Sardonyx SardonyxReinforced

Weapon Traits and Effects: (used to enhance weapons)

 AmethystCharged  CarnelianTraining  Chysolite Powered  Citrine Weighted Fire-OpalSharpened Jade Infused  RubyPrecise TurquoiseDefending


  • Well Fitted Decreases cost of Sprinting
  • Infused Increases armor enchantment effect
  • Impenetrable Increases resistance to critical strikes
  • Training Increases armor skill line xp with armor type
  • Exploration Increases exploration xp
  • Sturdy – Chance to avoid decay when defeated
  • Divines Increases mundus stone effects
  • Reinforced Increases item’s armor value


  • Charged Increases enchantment charges
  • Training Increases weapon skill line xp with weapon type
  • Powered Reduce cooldown of weapon enchantments
  • Weighted – Increases weapon attack speed
  • Sharpened – Increases armor and spell penetration
  • Infused Increases weapon enchantment
  • Precise Increases weapon & spell crit value
  • Defending Increases total armor and spell resistance


ESO Blacksmithing Guide Tips:

  • SAVE YOUR GEAR! – Even bound gear can be deconstructed or used in researching traits!
  • Buy UNREFINED materials – Refining ore gives you ingots but it also has a possibility of giving you improvement and style materials.
  • Research! – Decide what traits you want to research first and plan it out! It takes a long time to research all the traits for a profession.
  • Gather at Night! – With Keen Eye you will see ore from a long distances.

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