Elder Scrolls Online Clothing Guide & Skills


ESO Clothing Guide:

Profitability: Moderate

Jute Robe Daedric LT ArmorThe creation of magical robes and light armor, as well as leather medium armor are found in being a clothier. Altmer, Breton and Deadric armor are the most popular and always in high demand.


Early Clothing Crafting Skillpoint Allocation:

If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills: After taking your initial survival skills, place points into the following to get started. Keep putting points into these 4 skills in order as you level Clothing, together with your regular combat skills – 1/3 of each:

Keen EyeKeen Eye: See plants better                     StitchingStitching: Lower research time & multiple research at once

UnravelingUnraveling: Maximize extraction skill         Outfitter HirelingOutfitter Hireling: Get Clothing stuff sent to your mail


You’ll find the plants in grassy areas, around trees, growing in ruins, and other places. You’ll find hides off of monsters, and Daedra! Raw fibrous plants & hides must be refined in stacks of 10, and give you cloth and sometimes other materials for Clothing.

List of ESO raw plants and leathers:

 Raw JuteRaw Jute  Rawhide ScrapsRawhide Scraps Raw  FlaxRaw Flax Hide ScrapsTopgrain Hide Scraps  Raw CottonRaw Cotton Leather ScrapsLeather Scraps Raw SpidersilkRaw Spidersilk Thick LeatherLeather Scraps Raw EbonthreadRaw Ebonthread
Fell HideFell Hide Scraps Raw KreshwoodRaw Famin Topgrain HideTopgrain Hide Scraps Raw IronweedIronweed Iron Hide ScrapsIron Hide Scraps  Silverweed PlantRaw Silverweed Scaled HideScaled Hide Scraps Void BloomVoid Bloom Shadowhide ScrapsDaedra Hide Scraps

Refining – List of Refined Materials:

Refining gathered fibrous plants & hides is the first step in creating amazing pieces! It requires 10 plants for each refinement and yields cloth and sometimes other useful items for Clothing! You can refine materials from your bag or from your bank.

 JuteJute  RawhideRawhide  RawFlaxRaw Flax  HideHide  CottonCotton  Leather Leather and Thick Leather  SpidersilkSpidersilk ThickLeather Leather and Thick Leather  EbonthreadEbonthread
 Fell  HideFell Hide Famin Kresh Fiber
Famin Kresh Fiber
 Topgrain HideTopgrain Hide Iron threadIronthread  Iron  HideIron Hide  Silver weaveSilverweave  Superb ScaledSuperb Hide  Void ClothVoid Cloth  Shadow HideShadow Hide (Daedra)

Improvement Tanners:

Improvements will increase the quality and look of the gear from average to amazing. These improvements do not have a level requirement, so a clothier can increase the quality of any clothing item. As improvement takes multiple improvement materials to complete, the chance goes up the more materials you use. These tanners cannot be farmed or gathered, they are random drops, found in chests, earned by deconstructing, and can be sent to you by a hireling.

Tanners are used to improve the quality of light & medium armor:

*Acquired by refining raw materials, deconstructing light & medium armor or from outfitter hireling

Dreugh Wax:

Dreugh Wax

Improve Quality From Normal To Fine

Elegant Lining:

Elegant Lining

Improve Quality From Fine To Superior



Improve Quality From Superior To Epic


Improve Quality From Epic To Legendary

Finding a Clothing Station:

Clothing Stations in towns and cities have thread and scissors symbol on flags outside the station and on the map. Click Here for all crafting station locations!

Creating Light & Medium Armor:

Dunmer-EbonthreadCreating Light and Medium Armor requires cloth and a style material. The more cloth you use the higher the level, armor, and values go. You choose the type of armor, its cloth type and amount, the style material to define its look, as well as the trait material to make the weapon have special properties. The racial style effects ONLY the appearance of your crafted items, not stats. You don’t need to get the book for your race, you already have that style but you will have to find the motif books for the racial styles you want in order to unlock that style. Where to Find Raw Jute Farming Locations?

The Elder Scrolls Online – Clothing Guide:

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Need to know where to find jute, flax, fell hide, etc.? This Guide has it all – even for iron, void and shadowhide!  It’s also the best for Motif Book farming! Comes with guides for clothing and all 6 professions, easy to use and updated!

Motif BookThere are books for every race and even some for other unusual races. Racial Motif Books can be found all over Tamriel! Best Motif Book and Clothing Materials Farming Guide. Guide is great for to finding all rare items!

Armor Styles – Racial Motifs:


Flint Argonian


Ancient Elf  Malachite Ancient Elf



Adamantite Altmer



Copper Barbaric



bone Bosmer



Molybdenum Breton



Obsidian DunmerObsidian


Deadra Heart Deadric

Deadra Heart


Nickel Imperial



Moonstone Kajiit



Corundum Nord



Manganese Orc



Argentum Primal



Starmetal RedguardStarmetal


Deconstruct clothingAnother way to gather materials is to deconstruct old or useless armor into usable materials! Click the item you want to deconstruct and hit the interact button. This destroys the item and provides some of its base materials for use in creating new items. With the proper skills, a clothier has an increased chance of extracting these materials from items.


Research allows the discovery of traits! These traits you learn can be added to weapons and armor that you create in the future! Researching traits requires the specific piece of gear that you want to learn the trait from to be destroyed in order to understand it’s properties. Each trait in a particular piece takes a lot of time starting at 6 hours. This time is real time and will continue whether you are logged on or off. You can reduce these times with skills that allow more than one research at a time.

Armor Traits and Effects: (used to enhance armor)

Almandine AlmandineWell Fitted Bloodstone BloodstoneInfused Diamond DiamondImpenetrable Emerald EmeraldTraining Garnet GarnetExploration Quartz QuartzSturdy Sapphire SapphireDivines Sardonyx SardonyxReinforced

ESO Clothing Skills:

The skills for Clothing that you can place points in to enhance the craft include Tailoring which is the only required skill to raise Clothing to max level. There are many other skills that improve and enhance the profession.

List of ESO Clothing Skills and Descriptions


Rank 1: Use of Jute and Hide
Rank 2: Flax and Leather
Rank 3: Cotton Thick Leather
Rank 4: Spidersilk / Hide
Rank 5: Ebonthread
Rank 6: Kresh Weed / Fell Hide
Rank 7: Iron Weed / Iron Hide
Rank 8: Silver Weed / Scaled Hide
Rank 9: Void Bloom / Daedra Hide

Keen Eye ClothKeen Eye: Cloth:

Rank 1: See Fibrous Plants from 20 meters or closer
Rank 2: See Fibrous Plants from 30 meters or closer
Rank 3: See Fibrous Plants from 40 meters or closer

Outfitter HirelingOutfitter Hireling:

Rank 1: Outfitter Hireling will send you cloth and possibly other items every day
Rank 2: Outfitter Hireling will send you more cloth and possibly better items every day
Rank 3: Outfitter Hireling will send you even more cloth and possibly even better items twice a day


Rank 1: Improves chance of extracting ingredients
Rank 2: Greatly improves chance of extracting Clothing ingredients
Rank 3: Maximizes chance of extracting Clothing ingredients


Rank 1: Reduces research time by 5% & allows research of 2 items
Rank 2: Reduces research time by 10% & allows research of 2 items
Rank 3: Reduces research time by 20% & allows research of 3 items

Tannin ExpertiseTannin Expertise:

Rank 1: Increases chance of improving items with tannins
Rank 2: Greatly increases chance of improving items with tannins
Rank 3: More than doubles chance of improving items with tannins


Early ESO Clothing Guide Tips:

  • SAVE YOUR GEAR! – Even bound gear can be deconstructed or used in researching traits.
  • Buy UNREFINED materials! – Refining raw plant gives you cloth but also possible to give improvement and style materials.
  • Research! – Decide what traits you want to research first and have a plan! It takes a long time to research all the traits for a profession.
  • Gather at Night! – Keen Eye will allow you to see the fibrous plants from a very far away

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