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As an Enchanter, You will need to gather runes that can be found all over Tamriel! When you craft glyphs, you “learn” the translation of the runes used. These translations will define the effects the rune will have in a glyph. You can also extract Runes from Glyphs by opening the Extraction tab at an enchanting table. Chose a Glyph from your Inventory to perform the extraction. Performing the extraction process will destroy the Glyph. Enchanters create Glyphs by combining runes of three different types: Potency, Aspect and Essence.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Enchanting Guide:

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Finding enough aspect stones is not easy, as you know. Still there are a few ways to level enchanting more effectively…


  • Potency (Purple Square) determines required level & strength of Glyph

  • Aspect (Green Triangle) will determine its quality

  • Essence (Amber Circle) will determine magical effect

Guides For Enchanting:

Enchanting Profitability: High

Glyph of CrushingEnchanting is used to imbue items with different magic effects, both defensive, offensive and for skill enhancements. Every player in going to need enchants! There are many great enchants for both PvP and PvE and players will almost always need or want them. With the right skills in enchanting maxed, you will be able to make very powerful and highly sought after glyphs!

Getting Started Early:

Aspect Improvement and Potency Improvement which are the only required skills to raise Enchanting to max level and create all of the glyphs. There are many other skills that improve and enhance the profession as well.
If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills: After taking your initial survival skills, place points into the following to get started. Keep putting points into these two skills in order as you level Enchanting, together with your regular combat skills – 1/3 for each:

Keen EyeKeen Eye: 1/3 – To start seeing runestones better


HirelingHireling: 1/3 – To get Enchanting stuff sent to your mail.


Runestones are used in the creation of glyphs and can be found in all zones in Tamriel and seem to be randomly looted! Runestones nodes in the world will have a generic title, such as “Potency Rune” and the rune is randomly generated of that rune type when you gather. This system dictates that runes are not zone specific, and you will find runes higher or lower than your crafting level randomly.

Finding Enchanting Tables:

Enchanting Tables are in towns and cities are identified by a gem symbol on flags outside the stations and on the map. There is a table in Khenarthi’s Roost – Mistral  Click Here for crafting stations.

Glyph Discovery, Creation and Translation:

runesCreating Glyphs requires one of each rune type, potency, essence, and aspect to be combined together. These runes need to be translated to discover their effects, and there are many combinations possible. The individual runes are what control level, quality, stats and potency of the glyphs. As you combine runes you will translate their language into something you can understand. Once you have translated a rune, you know that word permanently. There are many runes and translations to discover! You also receive inspiration for translating runes. Extracting glyphs will give you materials to create new glyphs! Extracting glyphs will not always give you the exact same materials used in their creation, however you can place points into skills that will increase the chance to extract these materials.

Leveling Enchanting:

Best Tip for leveling Enchanting is to trade glyphs with other players you trust. Glyphs made with Rekuta give the most exp but if you want to save money you should each make lots of Jejota and Denata glyphs your level. Thats the best way of leveling Enchanting right now since at the high levels, extracting regular Glyphs is very slow. FULL guides on Full Leveling Guide – Enchanting

Enchanting Guide

Additive Potency Runes:

Rune Translation Glyph Prefix Potency Level Gear Level
Jora Develop Trifling Level 1 Level 1—10
Porade Add Inferior Level 1 Level 5—15
Jera Increase Petty Level 2 Level 10—20
Jejora Raise Slight Level 2 Level 15—25
Odra Gain Minor Level 3 Level 20—30
Pojora Supplement Lesser Level 3 Level 25—35
Edora Boost Moderate Level 4 Level 30—40
Jaera Advance Average Level 4 Level 35—45
Pora Augment Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Denara Strengthen Great Level 5 Level 45—50
Rera Exaggerate Greater Level 6 Level VR1—VR3
Derado Empower Greater Level 7 Level VR3—VR5
Recura Magnify Grand Level 8 Level VR6—VR8
Cura Intensify Splendid Level 9 Level VR8—VR10

Subtractive Potency Runes:

Rune Translation Glyph Prefix Potency Level Gear Level
Jode Reduce Trifling Level 1 Level 1—10
Notade Subtract Inferior Level 1 Level 5—15
Ode Shrink Petty Level 2 Level 10—20
Tade Decrease Slight Level 2 Level 15—25
Jayde Deduct Minor Level 3 Level 20—30
Edode Lower Lesser Level 3 Level 25—35
Pojode Diminish Moderate Level 4 Level 30—40
Rekude Weaken Average Level 4 Level 35—45
Hade Lessen Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Idode Impair Great Level 5 Level 45—50
Pode Remove Greater Level 6 Level VR1—VR3
Kedeko Drain Greater Level 7 Level VR3—VR5
Rede Deprive Grand Level 8 Level VR6—VR8
Kude Negate Splendid Level 9 Level VR8—VR10

Essence Runes (Secondary)

Rune Translation
Dekeipa Frost
Deni Stamina
Denima Stamina Regen
Deteri Armor
Haoko Disease
Kaderi Shield
Kuoko Poison
Makderi Spell Harm
Makko Magicka
Makkoma Magicka Regen
Meip Shock
Oko Health
Okoma Health Regen
Okori Power
Oru Alchemist
Rakeipa Fire
Taderi Physical Harm

Aspect Runes (Quality)

Rune Translation Glyph Quality Aspect Level
Ta Base White Level 1
Jejota Fine Green Level 1
Denata Superior Blue Level 2
Rekuta Artifact Purple Level 3
Kuta Legendary Gold Level 4

Armor Glyphs:

Glyph Name Glyph Description Potency Rune Essence Rune
Glyph of Magicka Adds Max Magicka Any Additive Rune Makko
Glyph of Health Adds Max Health Any Additive Rune Oko
Glyph of Stamina Adds Max Stamina Any Additive  Rune Deni

Weapon Glyphs:

Glyph Name Glyph Description Potency Rune Essence Rune
Glyph of Frost Deals Frost Damage Any Additive Dekeipa
Glyph of Foulness Deals Disease Damage Any Additive Haoko
Glyph of Poison Deals Poison Damage Any Additive Kuoko
Glyph of Shock Deals Shock Damage Any Additive Meip
Glyph of Rage Increases your Power by ‘x’ for ‘y’ seconds Any Additive Okori
Glyph of Flame Deals Fire Damage Any Additive Rakeipa
Glyph of Hardening Grants a ‘x’ point Damage Shield for ‘y’ seconds Any Additive Deteri
Glyph of Absorb Magicka Deals Magic Damage and recovers Magicka Any Subtractive Makko
Glyph of Absorb Health Deals Magic Damage and recovers Health Any Subtractive Oko
Glyph of Decrease Health Deals unresistant damage Any Subtractive Okoma
Glyph of Weakening Reduce target’s Power by ‘x’ for ‘y’ seconds Any Subtractive Okori
Glyph of Absorb Stamina Deals Magic Damage and recovers Stamina Any Subtractive Deni
Glyph of Crushing Reduce target’s Armor by ‘x’ for ‘y’ seconds Any Subtractive Deteri

Jewelry Glyphs:

Glyph Name Glyph Description Potency Rune Essence Rune
Glyph of Increase Physical Harm Adds Weapon Damage Additive Taderi
Glyph of Health Regen Adds Health Recovery Additive Okoma
Glyph of Magicka Regen Adds Magicka Recovery Additive Makkoma
Glyph of Bashing Increase Bash Damage Additive Kaderi
Glyph of Stamina Regen Adds Stamina Recovery Additive Denima
Glyph of Potion Boost Increase Potion effect Additive Oru
Glyph of Increase Magical Harm Adds Spell Damage Additive Makderi
Glyph of Frost Resist Adds Frost Resistance Subtractive Dekeipa
Glyph of Poison Resist Adds Poison Resistance Subtractive Kuoko
Glyph of Decrease Spell Harm Adds Spell Resistance Subtractive Makderi
Glyph of Decrease Physical Harm Adds Armor Subtractive Taderi
Glyph of Reduce Feat Cost Reduce Stamina cost of abilities Subtractive Denima
Glyph of Disease Resist Adds Disease Resistance Subtractive Haoko
Glyph of Shielding Reduce cost of Bash and reduce cost of Blocking Subtractive Kaderi
Glyph of Reduce Spell Cost Reduce Magicka cost of Spells Subtractive Makkoma
Glyph of Shock Resist Adds Shock Resistance Subtractive Meip
Glyph of Potion Speed Reduce cooldown of Potions below this item’s level Subtractive Oru
Glyph of Fire Resist Adds Fire Resistance Subtractive Rakeipa

Enchanting Skills:

Potency ImprovementPotency Improvement

Aspect ExtractionAspect Extraction

Aspect ImprovementAspect Improvement

Keen Eye Rune StonesKeen Eye: Rune Stones

HirelingEnchanting Hireling

IMPORTANT ESO ENCHANTING GUIDE TIPS: Stick with it. Even though it is a really slow leveling process, the glyphs that you make are level locked, meaning you can only use them when you reach a certain level. For example, the first potency rune, Jora, is used for glyphs levels 1-10. Porade, the second potency rune, is level 5-15. You cannot use a glyph created with the Porade rune unless you are at least level 5. So, even if your enchanting level is low, your character level can be higher.

MORE IMPORTANT ESO ENCHANTING TIPS: The Potency Improvement passives, which are the required passives to create better runes, are set at low levels. For example, you only need to have level 10 enchanting to make runes for the levels up to 35! It’s fine if your enchanting level is only 1/3 of your character level, because that’s all you need. Also, after Potency Improvement rank III, there is no level requirement for rank IV other than having rank III, and so on (so at enchanting level 10, you can create the best glyphs in the game)! You’re at enchanting level 8, so you can make glyphs for characters up to level 25!

  • If you need runestones, you can either buy them fairly cheap from merchants, or you can spend a little extra to get a couple of glyphs, the deconstruct those glyphs
  • If you have extra runes and you buy the type that you are missing (like aspect runes), you can use runes you already have to make glyphs, and sell those glyphs to the merchant to purchase more runes!
  • If you buy glyphs, after you deconstruct them you can always re-make them and sell them back, using that gold (plus some extra) to buy more glyphs.

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