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Fortified Heather Tea

Foods give long term boosts to attributes                              Drinks will improve your Regeneration

Bread Small - Combwort FlatbreadBreads & Pies = Health
Hash Small - Grilled CombwortGrilled = Stamina
Noodles SmallSoup & Stew = Magicka

Fortified Heather Tea

Beer SmallBeer = Health
Spirit SmallSpirits = Stamina
Wine SmallWines = Magicka

Beer Brew

*If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling (After taking your initial survival skills) place points into: Hireling: 1/3 to get Provisioning materials sent to you!


ESO Provisioning Guide:

ChefAs a Provisioner, you will create new foods and drinks using a Provisioning Station, one of the many usable cooking fires found around Tamriel. Once you have collected all the necessary ingredients in a learned recipe, you can use a provisioning station to create that item.

Profitability: Very High

provisioning guild storeObviously, Provisioners are the chefs of Elder Scrolls Online. Crafting food and beverages that restores the character, or buffs up an ability. Food buffs are something everyone will need, obviously. There are lots of great foods for both PvP and PvE and with the correct skills in provisioning maxed, you will make very powerful food and drink items. There are plenty of ways to sell your items, more on that later.

Gathering Ingredients:

Gathering materials for provisioning is a bit different from the other professions as they are not just found around the world like the others. You need to rob, pillage and steal everything you can find! In crates, baskets, boxes, tables, drawers, everything. If you can open it and it belongs to an NPC, there is probably something in it for you. Hirelings will also help you up to twice a day and deliver stolen food items to you. :)


Aged MeatAged Meat

Bakers FlourBakers Flour


Battaglir WeedsBattaglir Weeds

Bear HaunchBear Haunch


Amber MaltAmber Malt

Black TeaBlack Tea


Blood NutBlood Nut

Blue CrawdadBlue Crawdad

Cake FlourCake Flour

Camaralet GrapesCamaralet Grapes


Finding a Provisioning Station:

Provisioning stations are usually shown on the map with a stone oven icon. You can find them in or near taverns and eateries. Provisioning stations are identified by a cooking fire, a pot and some kind of food cooking over a fire.

Click Here for all stations

Creation: (There is no deconstructing food items)

Recipes are found in various places around Tamriel like chests, drawers, and desks, and seem to be totally random. What you can cook is directly influenced by what recipes you have discovered. The higher-level higher quality recipes give much more inspiration*Some rare recipes will even improve multiple player stats for a longer duration. 

A few level 20 Recipes:

Potted Soup Small - Combwort ConfitCombwort Confit


Combwort Small Imperial Stock Small

Increases Max Magicka

Bread Small - Combwort FlatbreadCombwort Flatbread


Combwort SmallMilled Flour Small

Increases Max Stamina

Muffin Small - Fortified Rodent MuffinsFortified Rodent Muffins


Plump Rodent Toes SmallMilled Flour SmallOats Small

Increases Max Health & Magicka

Pastry Small - Goat Dumplings Goat Dumplings


Goat Bits SmallMilled Flour Small

Increases Max Health

Hash Small - Grilled CombwortGrilled Combwort


Combwort SmallDrippings Small

Increases Max Stamina

Some Level 30 Recipes:

Pastry Small - Goat Dumplings Chaurus Dumplings


Chaurus Meat SmallSifted Flour Small

Increases Max Health

Noodles SmallCrawdad Etoufee


Blue Crawdad SmallStock Small

Increase Max Magicka

 Beef Sirloin Small Grilled HorkerGrilled Horker    


Chaurus Meat SmallDrippings Small

Increases your Maximum Stamina

 Pinguis Small Horker LoafHorker Loaf       


Chaurus Meat SmallSifted Flour Small

Increase Maximum Health

 Stew SmallHorker Stew      


Chaurus Meat SmallStock Small

Increase Max Magicka

Where To Buy Recipe Ingredients:

Aldmeri Dominion:

  • Nenime at the Redfur Trading Post in Grahtwood.
  • Woodhearth – Araneth Food Finder in Greenshade.
  • At The Dune Wayshrine from Four Toes.
  • At Cicero’s General Goods in Coldharbour, buy from Gulza.

Daggerfall Covenant:

  • In Bangkorai – Kerbal’s Hollow from Korgha.
  • At Port Hunting in Stros M’kai from Lagarg.
  • From Christoph Lamont in Daggerfall City – (Blood and Crescent Moon Quest).
  • Wayrest Tavern in Stormhaven, High Rock.
  • High Rock, Shornhelm, Torg in the Fighter’s Guild

Ebonheart Pact:

  • Riften, Alskar in Marketplace.

  • Upstairs at The Oaken-Hull Emporium -Windhelm in Eastmarch. Don’t expect any soup here, you wont get any!

There are Grocer NPCs that you can buy lvl 50+ provisioning ingredients from in the Veteran Rank Zones. If you are from Daggerfall you would have to go to one of the other alliance’s zones, etc.

Higher Level Grocer NPC Locations

  • Aldmeri: In Auridon (Vulkhel Guard) near the docks. His name is Samardan
  • Daggerfall: Dockside Trading Stalls in Betnikh, Her name is Jafrost Cold-Eye
  • Ebonheart: Northern Market Area in Stonefalls (Davon’s Watch). Her name is Black-Silk-Earth

If you are in Daggerfall, go to Glenumbra, it’s an excellent source for ingredients and recipes! Tons of drawers where plenty of recipes can be found. Barrels & creates are all over and a cooking fire is conveniently located nearby making it nice and easy to manage your inventory here also. You can easily locate local merchants who are eager to buy your products! You will fine plenty of cooking tables all around. This area is perfect – no need to worry about bag space either! For FULL recipe and materials guides, see below.

Tier 2 Ingredients:

Ingredient Type Recipe Effect
Salt Grilled Increase Max Health
Red Wheat Bread and Pies Increase Max Magicka
Onion Soup and Stews Increase Max Stamina
Hallertau Hops Beer Increase Magicka Recovery
Snowberry Spirits Increase Health Recovery
Concord Grapes Wine Increase Stamina Recovery

*Tier 2 ingredients will be needed for all blue recipes from level 10 and VR5.

Tier 3 Ingredients:

Ingredient Type
Garlic & Pepper Grilled
Barley & Oats Bread and Pies
Potato & Tomato Soup and Stews
Hops & Saaz Hops Beer
Juniper Berry & Canis Root Spirits
White Grapes & Jazbay Grapes Wine

*Tier 3 provisioning ingredients will be needed for all epic (purple) recipes between level 35 and VR5.

Elder Scrolls Online Provisioning Skill Tree Overview

ESO Provisioning Skills

Recipe Quality and Recipe Improvement are the only required skills to raise Provisioning to max level and create all the food and drinks. There are plenty of other skills that improve and enhance the profession:

ESO Provisioning Skills:

Recipe ImprovementRecipe Improvement:

Rank 1: Up to level 19 Recipes
Rank 2: level 29 Recipes
Rank 3: level 39 Recipes
Rank 4: level 49 Recipes
Rank 5: level 50 Recipes
Rank 6: making up to lvl Veteran Recipes

Recipe QualityRecipe Quality:

Rank 1: Allows use of Standard (white) Recipes
Rank 2: Allows use of Difficult (blue) Recipes
Rank 2: Allows use of Complex (purple) Recipes


Rank 1: Adds 5 minutes to duration of any eaten food
Rank 2: Adds 10 minutes
Rank 3: Adds 20 minutes


Rank 1: Adds 5 minutes to duration of any consumed drink
Rank 2: Adds 10 minutes
Rank 3: Adds 20 minutes


Rank 1: Creates 1 extra serving for each food recipe made
Rank 2: Creates 1 extra serving for each food recipe made
Rank 3: Creates 1 extra serving for each food recipe made


Rank 1: Creates 1 extra serving for each drink recipe made
Rank 2: Creates 1 extra serving for each drink recipe made
Rank 3: Creates 1 extra serving for each drink recipe made


Rank 1: When you go offline, a hireling will find Food or Drink ingredients. Can use every 24 hrs
Rank 2: Food or Drink ingredients. Higher chance of Spices or Flavorings. Every 24 hours
Rank 3: Every 12 hours

ESO Provisioning Guide Tips:

  • Loot EVERYTHING: Recipes and Provisioning materials are specifically looted from containers, boxes, crates, barrels, drawers, chests, etc throughout Tamriel. You really must loot everything to get the required materials and recipes for progression.

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