Elder Scrolls Online Woodworking Guide


ESO Woodworking Guide:

Profitability: Moderate

Woodworkers craft staves and bows of various styles and stats, as well as the shields that we carry into battle. Lots of players will need Wooden Weapons and Shields. Imperial and Deadric style are most in demand.

Early Woodworking Crafting Skillpoint Allocation:

If you would like to start crafting as soon as possible while leveling, here are some must-have skills. After taking your initial survival skills, keep putting points into these 4 skills in order as you level Woodworking, together with your regular combat skills: 1/3 for each:

Keen Eye WoodKeen Eye: Start seeing wood better                Lumberjack HirelingLumberjack Hireling: Get Wood stuff sent to your mail

Wood ExtractionWood Extracting: Upgrade extraction             CarpentryCarpentry: Lower research time & multiple researching

Gathering Wood:

maple woodRaw wood can be found throughout the zones in Tamriel. They are usually zone-specific, and you will only find one or two types of wood per zone. You’ll find them next to trees, in fields, near ruins, on beaches and in caves or caverns. Raw Wood must be refined in stacks of 10, and gives you Sanded Wood and sometimes other materials for Woodworking.


The current list of wood in order of item level:

 MapleRough Maple  OakRough Oak BeechRough Beech  HickoryRough Hickory  YewRough Yew BirchRough Birch  AshRough Ash MahoganyRough Mahogany  NightwoodRough Nightwood

Refining Your Materials:

Refining gathered wood requires 10 pieces of raw wood for each refinement and yields sanded wood and sometimes other useful items for Woodworking. You can refine materials from your bag or from your bank. Refining does not give you any inspiration but creating and deconstructing items do.

 MapleSanded Maple OakSanded Oak BeechSanded Beech HickorySanded Hickory  YewSanded Yew  BirchSanded Birch  AshSanded Ash  MahoganySanded Mahogany  NightwoodSanded Nightwood

Finding a Woodworking Station:

Woodworking Stations are in towns and cities and identified by a hammer and angle symbol on flags. There are also Special Set Woodworking Stations located throughout the world that allow you to craft items with special set bonus. These special set stations require multiple traits to be unlocked for the various pieces of woodworking gear.

Deconstruction Items:

Deconstruct old armor and weapons into usable materials – Click the item you want to deconstruct and hit the interact button. This destroys the item and provides some of its base materials for you to use for creating new items. With the correct skills, woodworkers have an increased chance of extracting materials from items.

Creation of Weapons and Armor:

Woodworking CreationCreating wooden weapons and shields requires sanded wood and a style material. The more wood you use the higher the level, armor/damage, and values go. You choose the type of item, its wood type and amount, the style material for its look, and the trait material to make the item have special properties. The racial style effects ONLY the appearance of your crafted items, not stats. You don’t need to get the book for your race, you already have that style but you will have to find the motif books for the racial styles you want in order to unlock that style.

Motif BookThere are books for every race and even some for other unusual races. Racial Motif Books can be found all over Tamriel! Best Motif Book and Wood Farming Guide. This guide can be used to find all rare materials!

Woodworking Quick Reference Guide

Armor Styles – Racial Motifs:

 Argonian Flint Argonian


Ancient Elf  Malachite Ancient Elf



Adamantite Altmer



Copper Barbaric



bone Bosmer



Molybdenum Breton



Obsidian Dunmer



Deadra Heart Deadric

Deadra Heart


Nickel Imperial



Moonstone Kajiit



Corundum Nord



Manganese Orc



Argentum Primal



Starmetal RedguardStarmetal



Maple Bow Imperial


Oak Bow Imperial


Beech Bow Imperial


Hickory Bow Imperial

 Yew Birch Ash Mahogany




Oak Beech  Hickory  Yew Birch Ash Mahogany



 Hickory Staff ImperialInferno Staves
 Beech Staff ImperialIce Staves

 Maples Staff ImperialLightning Staves

 Oak Staff ImperialRestoration Staves

ESO Woodworking Research:

clothing researchDiscovery of traits – Traits can be added to weapons and shields that you create in the future! Researching traits requires the specific piece of gear that you want to learn the trait from to be destroyed in order to understand it’s properties. Each trait in a particular piece takes increasing time starting at 6 hours. This time is real time and will continue whether you are logged on or off. You can reduce these times with skills that allow more than one research at a time.

Armor Traits and Effects: (Used to enhance armor)

Almandine AlmandineWell Fitted Bloodstone BloodstoneInfused Diamond DiamondImpenetrable Emerald EmeraldTraining Garnet GarnetExploration Quartz QuartzSturdy Sapphire SapphireDivines Sardonyx SardonyxReinforced

Weapon Traits and Effects: (used to enhance weapons)

 AmethystCharged  CarnelianTraining  Chysolite Powered  Citrine Weighted Fire-OpalSharpened Jade Infused  RubyPrecise TurquoiseDefending


  • Well Fitted Decreases cost of Sprinting
  • Infused Increases armor enchantment effect
  • Impenetrable Increases resistance to critical strikes
  • Training Increases skill line xp with armor type
  • Exploration Increases exploration xp
  • Sturdy – Chance to avoid decay when defeated
  • Divines Increases mundus stone effects
  • Reinforced Increases item’s armor value


  • Charged Increases enchantment charges
  • Training Increase weapon skill line xp
  • Powered Reduce cooldown of weapon enchantments
  • Weighted – Increases weapon attack speed
  • Sharpened – Increase armor & spell penetration
  • Infused Increases weapon enchantment
  • Precise Increases weapon & spell crit value
  • Defending Increase total armor & spell resistance

Improvement of your items:Resins Chart

A woodworker can improve already crafted gear. To improve your items, you will need Resins. These improvements do not have a level requirement of any kind, so a woodworker can increase the quality of ANY woodworking item. Improvement takes multiple improvement materials to complete and the chance goes up the more materials you use. Resins cannot be farmed or gathered, they are earned by refining, deconstructing, and can be sent to you by a hireling. They can also sometimes be found as drops.

Woodworking Resins:

Pitch Normal Pitch

Turpen Fine Turpen

Mastic  Epic Mastic

Rosin LegendaryRosin

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ESO Woodworking Skills and Descriptions


Rank 1: use of Sanded Maple
Rank 2: use of Sanded Oak
Rank 3: use of Sanded Beech
Rank 4: use of Sanded Hickory
Rank 5: use of Sanded Yew
Rank 6: use of Sanded Birch
Rank 7: use of Sanded Ash
Rank 8: use of Sanded Mahogany
Rank 9: use of Sanded Nightwood

Resin ExpertiseResin Expertise:

Rank 1: Increases chance of improving items with resins
Rank 2: Greatly increases chance
Rank 3: More than doubles chance

Keen Eye WoodKeen Eye: Wood:

Rank 1: Spot Wood  20 meters
Rank 2: Spot Wood  30 meters
Rank 3: Spot Wood  40 meters

Wood ExtractionWood Extraction:

Rank 1: Improves chance of extracting Woodworking ingredients
Rank 2: Greatly improves chance of extracting Woodworking ingredients
Rank 3: Maximizes chance of extracting Woodworking ingredients

Lumberjack HirelingLumberjack Hireling:

Rank 1: Lumberjack Hireling will send wood, possibly other items every day
Rank 2: Will send more wood and possibly better items every day
Rank 3: Will send even more wood and possibly better items twice a day


Rank 1: Reduce research time by 5% & allows 2 items at once
Rank 2: Reduce research time by 10% & allows 2 items at once
Rank 3: Reduces research time by 20% and allows research of 3 items at once

ESO Woodworking Guide Tips:

  • SAVE YOUR GEAR – Even bound gear can be deconstructed or used in researching traits
  • Buy UNREFINED materials – Refining raw wood gives you sanded wood but also a chance for improvement and style materials.
  • Research – Decide what traits you want to research first. Have an order to the research you want for your build.
  • Gather at Night – With Keen Eye you will see wood from a very far away.

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