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The Tower Mundus Stone

The Tower Mundus Stone is used to Increase a player’s maximum stamina.

Mundus Stones can be a crucial addition to your character in many situations! While the game offers attribute point allocation, armor types, enchants, weapon types, and traits to help develop your character the way you want, Mundus Stones do not cost resources and are still very impactful. Think of Mundus Stones as being a second set of enchants you can change anytime you wish. I know for myself I have a Mundus Stone for group dungeons and a second stone I use when heading to Cyrodiil. Combine The Tower Mundus Stone with The Divines that improves stone strength and you can increase you maximum amount of stamina!

  • Stormhaven The Elder Scrolls Online Mundus Stone ‘The Tower’ can be found to the Southwest of Bonesnap Ruins Wayshrine in Stormhaven. It’s behind a pile of rocks.
  • There is also a Stormhaven Treasure Map close to there if you want to pick up.
  • Grahtwood: Just west of Haven up a hill

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Ebonheart Pact – The Tower Stone in Deshaan is in the SW part of the zone – Coordinates 22.28, 61.21Deshaan The Tower Aldmeri Dominion – The Tower Mundus Stone in Grahtwood is at the Coordinates 67.1, 68.95Grahtwood The Tower
Daggerfall Covenant – The Tower Mundus Stone in Stormhaven is west of center Coordinates 22.27, 52.73Stormhaven The Tower The Tower Mundus Stone is in NE Cyrodiil in Ebonheart territory at the Coordinates 76.83, 27.02Cyrodiil Mundus

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