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Bal Foyen Skyshard Location Guides and Map

Bal Foyen is an Ebonheart Pact Zone. There are 3 Skyshards in Bal Foyen for you to get – Collect all 3 Skyshards quickly using the detailed guides and directions to each skyshard location…

Bal Foyen Skyshards Locations Map Guide

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1. Hidden near the highest hut


  • This skyshard is in the central part of Bal Foyen, Western Dhalmora. It’s easily seen shining brightly, hidden behind the highest rock, even from far away it can be seen.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any quests that bring you over into this area

2. In the fort, just around the way


  • From Southwestern Bal Foyen head southwest of Fort Zeren Wayshrine. It’s very easy to see from the Fort Zeren Wayshrine if you’re looking to the southwest.
  • This skyshard is hidden behind the largest house in west Fort Zeren.

3. About to set sail

  • North Bal Foyen, right above the Bal Foyen Dockyards icon.
  • The name says it all! There is only one dock with ships here, and it’s a great place to spot other skyshards!
  • Climb your way up the ship’s bow and grab that shard.
  • There are several quests in the area but they don’t really bring you to this part of the ship.

Guide on how to get the hidden treasure in Bal Foyen in The Elder Scrolls Online:

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