Bangkorai Skyshards

ESO Bangkorai Skyshards Location Guides and Maps

In The Daggerfall Covenant Zone Bangkorai you will explore – the lvl 37-42 zone for Daggerfall where you will face Werewolves and, as you know, many other hostile enemies including an impending Imperial threat! You will speak to the King, among others. A couple of the skyshards in Bangkorai are not easy to find/get to but many are easy enough. The final prize is the most difficult to collect in this zone, use the guides and directions to locate all 16 Bangkorai Skyshards.

Bangkorai Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1. A scenic view of Evermore’s bridge:

  • If you come over the bridge from Stormhaven you’ll clearly see this one just on the outside of Evermore’s wall.

2. Listening to Silaseli’s whispers:

  • This one is to the Northwest of Evermore In The Silaseli Ruins. It’s not far from a crafting station. It’s close to the wall if you came from the north.

3. Tossed into a coveside tower:

  • This shard is in a smashed up tower in Jackdaw Cove which is in Northern Bangkorai. You’ll need to walk up to the entrance of the tower to spot the Skyshard. It’s to the Southeast of Gjarma’s Rock.

4. Answer the call to battle:

  • You can find this skyshard just outside the walls of Martyr’s Crossing – the EAST side. Viridian Woods Wayshrine is to the north.

5. Secret shrine by Pelin’s Church:

  • If you’re on the Pelin’s Graveyard quest, you’ll come across this skyshard in the eastern section of the graveyard behind the church.

6. Hears hags but sees mobile limbs:

  • This one is near a cliff that overlooks Northglen (the Hags). Come up on this one from the Viridian Wayshrine, which is to the south of the Skyshard. You’ll see it long before you get to it from this direction.

7. Waiting to be inducted to the Hall:

  • You will be brought over to this area while doing the main Bangkorai quest to see the king. Speak to the king and then grab the Skyshard on the right side of him. End the threat by the Imperials in Bangkorai after talking to him. You don’t have to be on the quest to get here, but you should be.

8. Take a fall from the grotto:

  • Get to the lake in Fallen Grotto and look for the waterfall, the group enemy Nilata Falls in close by. You get spot the Skyshard from the top of the falls. Hop down and get it, or, if you don’t want to encounter the Nitata group boss… Take Sunken Road down to the south and you can climb up to it.

9. Nested in an Imperial camp:

  • This one is close to the Old Tower Wayshrine to the Southeast of Basking Grounds. Find the Imperial tents just off the main road and you’ll see the Skyshard.

10. Sent away to stay with the dead:

  • This Skyshard is located to the SOUTH of Pelin Graveyard INSIDE the Crypt of the Exiles Solo Dungeon. The large cave at the end is where this shard can be found. Get inside and go LEFT to get the shard…. Boss is to the right.

11. Tragic tale of architect and princess:

  • You can get this one behind Dwemer machinery in the last room inside the Klathzgar Solo Dungeon, which is in the southeastern section of Bangkorai.

12. Found in spite:

  • Take a swim from Evermore over to Torog’s Spite Solo Dungeon in northwest side of Bangkorai. It’s on a wood platform in the last dungeon room.

13. Where a stormy ritual brews:

  • In the Southwestern section of Nilata Ruins you will fine the entrance to The Rubble Butte Solo Dungeon. As usual, it’s inside the dungeon’s final room with the boss.
  • Skyshard is on the west side of the room in a cove – close to the entrance to the room.

14. Stuck in a troll’s maw:

  • In the NORTHERN section of the Bangkorai zone, just to the east of the Troll’s Toothpick Wayshrine is the entrance to the Solo Dungeon of the same name. The wood doors to the dungeon at the top of the ruin steps. Several Trolls are in there, they bash hard and have huge health regen, watch out!
  • The Skyshard is in the corner of the first room.

15. Bjoulsae bandits’ hidden lair:

  • In Eastern Evermore, find the Viridan Watch Solo Dungeon. You will need to defeat Curnard The Generous in the final room and then travel east until you come up on the boss and the shard.

16. Meddling Imperials disrupt the wheel:

  • Ok this is the difficult one to get in this zone. Bring friends if you can and be prepared to fight 5 or 6 level 40 mobs at once! Epic bosses everywhere in here.
  • Get into Razak’s Wheel Public Dungeon and fight your way through until you get to the room the holds the mini boss Rkurdamz. You’ll need to find the Dwemer machinery in the room and get around and behind it.

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