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ESO Betnikh Skyshard Location Guides and Map:

Betnikh is a Daggerfall Covenant Zone with just 3 Skyshards. – Collect all 3 Betnikh Skyshards quickly using our guides and directions to each skyshard location…

Betnikh Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1. In the dig site

  • This skyshard is right next to the entrance to Moriseli Mini Dungeon in NorthWest Betnikh.
  • Moriseli Mini Dungeon is part of the main quest in Betnikh.

2. Where wolves prowl eastern ruins

  • This one is on a hillside behind a wall of ruins. The ruins are west of Gilbard’s Nook behind a wall of some ruins on a hillside is where you’ll find this skyshard.
  • Notice that you can see the ship from where the skyshard is.

3. Outside a house for the dead

  • The “outside a house for the dead” skyshard is next to a tree and a tomb. It’s in the Eastern section of Grimfield.

Skyshard Locations Video Guide – Betnikh

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