Bleakrock Isle Skyshards

Bleakrock Isle Skyshard Locations, Maps and Guides

There are just 3 Skyshards in the Ebonheart Pact Zone of Bleakrock Isle – Collect all 3 Skyshards quickly using the detailed map, guides and directions to each skyshard location…

Bleakrock Isle Skyshards Locations Map Guide

All Bleakrock Isle Skyshards Locations Guide:

1.High Atop The Shrouded Barrow Skyshard Map

  • Eastern Skyshroud Barrow – In the Eastern part of Bleakrock Isle.
  • Hidden behind trees, in the eastern part of Skyshroud Barrow is the Skyshard. This shard is right out in the open. You can also pick up the quest “What Waits Beneath” near the Skyshroud Barrow entrance.

2. A Hollow Victory Beyond The Iceflows

  • Northern Bleakrock Isle, just before the entrance to Orkey’s Hollow Cave.
  • You can also get “The Frozen Maw” quest from Quest NPC Rolunda here.

3. To Dig Too Deep Would Be No Folly

  • In the Western part of Bleakrock Isle, inside Hozzin’s Folly cave.
  • The entrance to the cave is in Western Hozzin’s Folly. There is a wooden board path that leads towards it.
  • There are lots of enemies guarding it… they set up camp here and you may need to fight your way in. Once you’re in, go toward the Southwestern Hozzin’s Folly. You will be rewarded with a beautiful skyshard!

Skyshard Locations – Bleakrock Isle

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