Coldharbour Skyshards

ESO Coldharbour Skyshard Location Guides and Map

A great tip for Coldharbour: – I notice people at level 45 and higher are power leveling in Coldharbour but AoEing the level 44-48 mobs. On the Western side of the graveyard in Coldharbour find the tomb and get in there and make solo runs through the dungeon. It’s about 10K xp per round and some really nice loot!

Coldharbour Skyshards Locations Map Guide

Story arcs (minor and major) no commentary walkthru Elder Scrolls Online quests for the Coldharbor zone:

1: East of the bastion of deceit:

  • This one is to the Northwest of Hollow City Wayshrine, close to Tower of Lies which is just west of central Coldharbour.
  • Take the road from Hollow City traveling Northwest until you come to the intersection and turn NORTH. This will take you to Gwilir that will give you the Truth, Lies and Prisoners quest (the objective quest Tower of Lies).
  • When you’re done with him jump into the lake and swim to the closest waterfall where you will find the Skyshard.

2: Discarded from the mages’ walls:

  • South of Hollow Wayshrine down by the Mages Guild Hall in SW central section on the zone. You’ll run into a lvl 45 Clannfear over by the Skyshard.

3: Seek a shattered bridge suspended:

  • WEST of Moonless Walk Wayshrine and over close to The Lightless Oubliette which is in west Coldharbour.
  • The shard is hidden next to a large black rock and a big wall in the water near the NORTH WALL of The Lightless Oubliette.
  • Once you collect your prize take a look up to the north to see the shattered bridge!

4: Unfit for court:

  • This one is just Southeast of of Court of Contempt WS in East-Central section of the zone. The main road leads right into the section and you’ll see the skyshard before you get to it. Come up on Court of Contempt from the SOUTH. The shard is over by the high towers on the broken wall.
  • Also, get the Hall of Judgement quest here from Malkur Valos, it’s part of Court of Contempt Objective.

All Coldharbour Skyshards Video Guide

5: Ejected from the Village:

  • This Skyshard is located in the center of a lake that is over by The Village of the Lost Dungeon entrance in EAST Coldharbour.
  • Travel Northeast from the Everfull Flagon Wayshrine and you’ll find this and another shard in this area.

6: Among the vessel’s burnt cousins:

  • Take the main road that brings you to The Everfull Flagon and travel SOUTH of it’s Wayshrine. (Southeast Coldharbour).
  • Look for the WESTERNMOST burned out house and go inside to get the Skyshard. There are a few quests in this area, you run into them.

7: In the Chasm’s western watchtower:

  • This one is inside the large West Portal Watchtower which is to the NORTHWEST of The Chasm Wayshrine in North Central Coldharbour.
  • This is the portal that you need to close for the quest “Crossing the Chasm” – the first quest you receive upon completion of the main quest “The Army of Meridia”.  
  • To get to this part of the zone you need to complete the main quest “The Army of Meridia“. The next quest will unlock the entrance to this section in northern Hollow City.

8: Not invited into the plotting wives’ home:

  • This Skyshard is to the Northeast of the Manor of Revelry Wayshrine in North Coldharbour, over by Risen Court. Inside the temple ruins is where it is.
  • If you travel the main road it will bring you to an intersection where you will encounter Fatahala just prior to reaching the Manor of Revelry and get the What The Heart Wants quest.
  • To get to this section of the map you need to finish the main quest “The Army of Meridia”. After “The Army of Meridia” you will receive the quest that unlocks the entrance to this section of northern Hollow City.

9: Washed to strange shores with the fleet:

  • Ok, in order to get this one you need to be working on the Between Blood and Bone quest to get this Skyshard. It’s among coral in the water EAST of the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine in Northeast Coldharbour. Get the Between Blood and Bone quest after you’ve completed  “A Graveyard of Ships” quest which you can get from Captain One-eye at his camp on the road the goes to the center of The Lost Fleet.
  • You have to be on the Between Blood and Bone quest to climb the Coral Tower which is where you’ll get the shard.
  • Remember, To get to the northern part of Coldharbour you have to complete the main quest “The Army of Meridia”

10: Among the bones of Aba-Loria:

  • This one is inside the Aba-Loria Solo Dungeon – east from Shrouded Plains Wayshrine which is in Northwest-central area of the zone.
  • Enter this dungeon at the end of the NORTH main road in west Coldharbour. The area is similar to ruins. Once you get in you’ll be facing groups of 3 level 45 Salaches so be aware.
  • The Cirterisse is the mod the defends this dungeon and you’ll have to defeat them in the last room in the southeast side of the dungeon. You’ll find your Skyshard in this room as well.

11: Enduring Forgefire’s flames:

  • This one is in the Vault of Haman Forgefire Solo Dungeon which is slightly east of Everfull Flagon Wayshrine in Southeast Coldharbour.
  • You’ll see little stone steps that will bring you to the dungeon entrance. You will encounter several level 47 Skeleton Draugrs but they are alone or in 2s.
  • In the southwest side of the dungeon, inside the biggest room is where you can get your prize.
  • Once you kill Haman Gorgefire you will be rewarded with the Forgefire Vault Explorer achievement, along with some great loot!

12: Seek the deepest depravity:

  • You’ll get this one in The Grotto of Depravity Solo Dungeon which halfway between Haj Uxith Wayshrine on the west side and The Hollow City Wayshrine is to the Northeast, in the Southwest section of the Coldharbour Zone.
  • You’ll have to defeat (groups of two) level 45 Seducers – not too difficult.
  • In the most southern section of the cave is the largest room which houses the Skyshard. Look for a huge Molag Bal statue and the shard is behind it. Don’t dance too much in here! 🙂

13: Entombed in the Orchard:

  • *For you to get to this section of the map you need to have completed the main quest “The Army of Meridia”.
  • *Before entering get the “Protocols of the Court of Contempt” lorebook.
  • You cannot come up on this one from the south due to a big sinkhole. It’s in Mal Sorra’s Tomb Solo Dungeon which is WEST of The Orchard Wayshrine in Northwest-central section of the zone.
  • The Skyshard is just prior to the final tunnel inside the last cave room. Mal Sorra is the level 50 dungeon boss here. The shard is just across from the tomb.
  • You grab the News of Fallen Kin quest from a Fighter’s Note at the front of this room.

14: One of the hunters’ many prides:

  • This shard is in The Cave of Trophies Solo Dungeon which is Northeast of Court of Contempt Wayshrine in the Eastern section of the Coldharbour Zone. Take the main road that travels NORTHEAST of The Hollow City to get to the entrance.
  • You’ll face groups of 3 level 47 mobs all over this dungeon. The Skyshard is in the corner of this cave between the 1st and 2nd floors. You will need to go to the 2nd floor to get to it’s platform.
  • *Get the A Misplaced Pendant quest lying on the ground. Also look next to the huge skulls and collect the throne of Gnilokelo!

15: Where endless cries issue forth:

  • You’ll have to go into The Wailing Maw Solo Dungeon which is Northwest of The Lost Fleet – in Northeast section of the zone. The boss in the dungeon is Marwoleath and you’ll encounter level 50 Dremora hostiles. Not easy to spot this one with all the shining ice crystals. Find the largest frozen pond – northeast cave and there is the Skyshard.
  • Remember: You need to have completed The Army of Meridia main quest In order to reach this section of the map.

16: Behind disaster-claimed Dunmer hall:

  • This one is inside the Village of the Lost Public Dungeon in East Coldharbour – close to The Black Forge area.
  • Get inside and turn WEST at the 1st main intersection and after you pass the big building with two portals to Orc Ruins and Khajiit Ruins, look for the fork in the road just prior to the road turning to the northern section of dungeon. The Skyshard is in the corner of this dead end road.
  • You will encounter level 45 mobs in groups of 5 or 6 and they pull others when they’re about to die so have fun!