Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards

Cyrodiil Aldmeri Dominion Skyshards Location Guides and Maps

Locations and directional guides for all 15 Skyshards in the Aldmeri Dominion section of Cyrodiil:

Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1: Within sight of Mnem:

  • Find this Skyshard in  the center of the Aldmeri Dominion area in southeastern Cyrodiil just a bit South of Scroll Temple of Mnem.
  • You’ll get this shard in the Southern ruins of the Scrolls Temple of Mnem. There is a ruined compound of stone and you’ll find it in the corner.

2: Ascending toward prophecy and dawn:

  • A bit to the West of Scroll Temple of Altadoon just a short bit from a spawn spot at the bottom of some stone steps – NOT on the main road.

3: Helping establish a new town:

  • Find this Skyshard to the Southeast of Castle Brindle which is in the Vlastarus section. When you get to this area you’ll notice a few barns, a tavern, a stone tower and some wood carts and houses. The shard is between two barns on a wood cart.
  • You can pick up a couple of quests around here as well.

4: Tooth of Jone or Jode:

  • This one is a bit more difficult of get to. Ity’s Northeast of Castle Bloodmayne and Southeast of Castle Alessia.
  • The Skyshard is on a boat at the Lunar Fang Docks which are on the side of the river that connects the Southeastern lake and central Cyrodiil but DON”T ever attempt to swim this river or you’ll be devoured by nasty fish (Unless you want the “Slaughtered” achievement)
  • When you get to the docks you’ll see lots of hostile Lunar Fangs that transform into Werewolves when threatened! Their health bar refills when they transform – you can’t even burst damage them at the beginning. Jump onto the boat from the dock to get the Skyshard.

5: Ruined spire peering north to the Tower:

  • This one is between Castle Alessia to the East and Castle Roebeck to the West in South-Central Cyrodiil In Homestead Ruins. Get to the Ruins and find the Tower with the destroyed tower. Be careful as you will encounter creatures in defense of this area. If you’re going solo it’s gonna be a problem as there are lots of patrols and you will need to provide a sustained fight.
  • Just clear them out first, don’t try to rush to get it. After you get this Skyshard, get up above it’s location and take a look at beautiful Cyrodiil – and see when your adversaries are located.

6: Hears hacking to the east:

  • This one is in the Western section of Cyrodiil between Castle Brindle to the south and Fort Rayles to the North. You’ll find this Skyshard on top of a destroyed wall of a tower in Carmala Outlook surrounded by a forest. It’s the tower with the stone statue in front.
  • Just because this spot is close to the western edge of Cyrodiil, you need to be aware of hostile faction players. Particularly if Castle Brindle and Fort Rayles are holed by the opposite alliances.

7: Upon timbered fingers:

  • This one is in Wooden Hand Outlook very close to Castle Brindle (to the north of it) in Western Cyrodiil. The shard is on the first floor inside a ruined tower. You’ll need to clear it and get over to the stairs where you’ll collect it.
  • Other factions in Brindle Castle and many other enemies are in this area. Also, the Wooden Hand Outlook is fiercely protected by it’s inhabitants.

8: Ruin’s crown between three castles:

  • Get this one in Southern Cyrodiil between Castle Black Boot to the West and Bloodmayne to the East. It’s in an open space and you will not need to fight much to get it, however, it’s not close to the main road!
  • The area is part of Ayleid Ruins and is on the Western side of Wenyandawik point of interest. You can see the Ayleid Well that is a round platform and big stone walls.
  • Go up to the well and get a Max Health Boost (Ayleid Health Bonus) and just besides the Skyshard you’ll also find the “The Last King of the Ayleids” lorebook.

9: Where archers of the Eight train:

  • Find Where Archers of The Eight Train Skyshard is located to the West of Castle Black Boot in Southwestern Cyrodiil. Be careful, the locals here use this area as a sort of training camp for war games.
  • You will find a bridge connecting two stone houses in the Abbey of the Eight area. You’ll find the Skyshard close to the small wall on a platform the holds a statue.
  • Right next to the stone house you will see a straw hut with a NPC quest giver.

10: Six-legged assassins crawl the cave:

  • This one is inside the Bloodmayne Cave Public Dungeon in Southern Cyrodiil – Northwest of Scroll Temple of Mnem. Lots of hostile patrols in here – be prepared to fight!
  • Get inside the dungeon and walk along the Southern wall of the cave in order to bypass some hostiles. Clear what you have to and get to the biggest room in the dungeon where you’ll find the Skyshard next to some ‘shrooms and a stone.

11: The Black Dagger’s prize:

  • Get this shard inside the Breakneck Cave Public Dungeon in Western Cyrodiil between Fort Ash to the Northeast and Castle Brindle to the Southwest.
  • Only a few hostile creatures defending this cave entrance. There are wooden platforms attached to the surrounding rocks. Black Daggers can be found inside and they are in pairs. You can pull one group member with range abilities.
  • Skyshard we are looking for is inside the northernmost cave room on top of a big wooden platform. Don’t rush to get it since there are many Black Daggers in this specific area. They are easily able to spot you even if you are out of their sight. They WILL come after you! Clear them out before trying to get it. The final Black Dagger guards the skyshard but he’s easy!

12: Singing straw’s song:

  • This one is in the Haynote Cave Public Dungeon which is between Castle Brindle to the West and Castle Roebeck to the East…in Southwest-Central Cyrodiil. Just outside the entrance is loaded with Skeletal enemies, as well as inside. They are in 2-3 per group and can be pulled one at a time.
  • The Skyshard is in the final room of the dungeon, right next to Diabolist Volcatia, the boss of this dungeon. She has a single target instant magic spell that will screw you up in here! Burst her down after she hits you with it, use you potions and/or spells to heal. If you have “Spell Reflect”, this is a perfect time to use it! She also summons a pretty strong melee add too.

13: Walk the Shadowed Path:

  • Get this one inside the Nisin Cave Public Dungeon which is Northwest of Castle Black Boot in Southwestern Cyrodiil. You can find the entrance slightly to the North of Three Ponds Lake.
  • You’ll encounter enemies at the cave’s entrance that are not too difficult to handle. The shard, as with most in dungeons, is in the final cave room.
  • Listen up! This one is not easy to solo! If you die inside this dungeon you will be teleported to one of Aldmeri’s Wayshrines. You will encounter wisps inside, try not to pull them while cleaning to get the collectible. There was one strong creature in a tunnel between the two largest cave rooms. You can pass by him without alerting him. Try killing him after you get the skyshard. You can also split a group of mobs by pulling a member with a range spell.

14: At the end of a bumpy road:

  • Inside the Pothole Cavern Public Dungeon which is between Castle Faregyl to the Northeast and Castle Black Boot to the Southwest – in Southern Cyrodiil.
  • There is a camp of Shadowed Path enemies defending the dungeon entrance, and inside.Patrolling creatures sometimes join the groups of 2-3 enemies. Skyshard is inside the largest Pothole Cavern room on top of a small stone shrine, close to some candles. This is a potential spawn spot of Serrin Vol. He is a tough mob to solo. To beat him you have to annul his powerful instant spell. It is devastating and you have to figure out a way to withstand it. He also spawns an add to help him. After killing him, get the lorebook “On the Detachment of the Sheath”.

15: Where bear and ogre burrow:

  • Inside the Serpent Hollow Cave Public Dungeon which is a bit to the Northwest of Castle Brindle in Western Cyrodiil. The entrance to this cave is on higher ground just to the East of a couple of lakes.
  • You will encounter unique looking Ogres just outside and inside this cave and each one has pet bears! Be careful of the first room in here as it’s difficult to see the initial patrol and it’s a tiny room. Bear attacks are very powerful. You really just need to avoid being hit, whatever it takes! Skyshard is inside the last room, southeastern part of Serpent Hollow Cave. It stands in water of a nearby waterfall, near a tree. Lorebook The Slave Pits of Coldharbour is just across from the shard, next to a wooden platform path.

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