Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards

Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards Location Guides and Map

Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards Locations Map Guide

Cyrodiil holds 15 Skyshards for the Daggerfall Covenant faction. Find and collect them using the following walk-through guides:

1: Approach the southern scroll guide:

  • Find this Skyshard slightly to the West of Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma, Northwest Cyrodiil in the heart of the Covenant. Near a Daggerfall spawning spot and easy to find/get.

2: Overlooking Ni-Mohk’s falls guide:

  • Also in the heart of the Covenant and a little to the West of Scroll Temple of Ni-Mohk, near a spawn spot. As the name suggests, the shard overlooks Ni-Mohk’s Falls. You can find it standing by a boulder near the stone bridge.

3: Near liquid fire flowing guide:

  • This one is a bit to the South of Fort Rayles on the West side of Cyrodiil and is part of Chorrol Point of Interest.
  • First is to find the tallest ruined building in Chorrol that resembles a church. The Skyshard is in the lava river next to this building.
  • Lots of buildings and lava over here, as well as NPC Halion in the square. Be aware of enemies over in Fort Rayles

4: Decorating a Nord’s manor grounds:

  • This Northern Cyrodiil Skyshard is inside Bruma Keep which is between Fort Aleswell to the Southwest and Fort Dragonclaw to the Northeast.
  • This rather large keep is made distinct by it’s large stone walls, towers and buildings and is full of hostile enemies. You can find the shard in a stone fountain behind the largest house on the WEST side of Bruma.

5: Offering at the priory:

  • This Skyshard is in Weynon Priory Area which is to the Southeast of Fort Rayles, in Western Cyrodiil.
  • Large stone gates, houses and one that looks similar to a castle is what you’ll find here. The skyshard is in the corner of one of the stones fences near a huge Birch tree.

6: Atop a crumbling Empire:

  • Find this one between Fort ash to the Southwest and Fort Aleswell to the Northeast. It on top of the Empire Tower Point of Interest in NW-Central Cyrodiil.
  • Take the main road and walk uphill to the ruined tower. You will encounter Rock Bone hostiles – they are easy enough – go up to the top level of the tower (where you will kill more Rock Bones on the stairs going up).
  • Get to the top to get the shard AND the lorebook “Spirit of the Daedra”

7: Home of the goat-faced altar:

  • Get this one near the starting area for the Covenant in Northwestern Cyrodiil in Ninendava and it’s hidden by all the trees, rocks and a big hill. Not really any main roads in the area but you’ll find the shard close to the wall near a white platform – near the DC starting area.

8: Search near the cliffs … cliffs … cliffs:

  • Simple collecting on this one! It’s to the Northeast of Fort Warden in Northwestern Cyrodiil. You can come to this area from any direction and easily see this Skyshard.
  • Travel the main road North and you’ll see it from far away, from a hill. It’s between Fort Dragonclaw and Fort Warden.

9: Where a ruin-seeking Khajiit is denied:

  • You’ll fine this prize inside Anga Ayleid Ruins, which is to the Northeast of Bleaker’s Outpost and Northwest of Chalman Keep in North Cyrodiil.
  • You can’t miss the very large gate from the main road on the South side of this compound! You’ll have to fight your way into and through this place to the center, where you’ll get your Skyshard.
  • Brelynd Verno and Enak can be found in this area attempting to unlock a gate.

10: Bandits’ crowning achievement guide:

  • Inside the Capstone Cave Dungeon which is Southwest of Fort Dragonclaw in Northern Cyrodiil. You can also grab the lorebook “Jorunn the Skald-King” in this dungeon.
  • You will encounter a few Black Daggers around the entrance and within this cave! They are not too tough and come in pairs inside. Get to the Northern most cave and find the shard, along with the lorebook AND Claudette the Sharper mob.

11: Amid reverberations of clattering bones:

  • This one can be found inside the Echo Cave Dungeon which is between Fort Dragonclaw to the East and Fort Warden to the West, in NW Cyrodiil.
  • Wandering around outside and inside this dungeon are groups of Zombies which at times can be a little hairy if you don’t knock one or two of them out with range attack before they get to you. They are in groups of three inside and you’ll get the Skyshard in the final room.

12: Vampires prowl where Elves once lived:

  • This shard is inside the Lipsand Tarn Solo Dungeon – between Scrolls Temple of Ni-Mohk to the NE and Scrolls Temple of Alma Ruma in the Southwest…. in NW Cyrodiil.
  • You’ll encounter Bloodfiends outside and inside this one, in groups of two or three. You’ll find the Skyshard in the northeastern section of the cave in a rather small room.
  • Bone Colossus, the cave boss, is in here as well and he’s not so easy to defeat. He will attack you with a frontal cone attack  and summon 3 adds that do spell damage. His weakness is a small poll of health.

13: In a cave of crimson treasures:

  • This shard is in the Red Ruby Cave, which is North of Chalman Keep in North Cyrodiil. (“Despite its name, no gems have ever been found in this ebony mine, which was dubbed Red Ruby in order to attract investors from nearby Bruma”.)
  • Be prepared to encounter a Black Daggers camp outside and groups and patrols of them inside the Red Ruby Cave. As you get deeper into the cave, the stronger them become. Get the shard in the Northeastern section of the cave.

14: Surrounded by frozen fungus:

  • Get your skill point reward inside the Toadstool Hollow Public Dungeon, which is between Fort Dragonclaw to the South and Bleaker’s Outpost to the North, in Northern  section of the Province.
  • Slightly to the North of the main road is where you’ll find the entrance with a few bats in front. You’ll see the shard when you get inside the main room in the lower section of the dungeon, close to a shrine. Beware of the Shade Stalker Bat below. Try to let him walk away before jumping to get it. To leave, either fight them or just run out.

15: Under shroud and ground guide:

  • Get this one in the Underpall Cave public dungeon to the NW of Fort Aleswell. Front is guarded by Bloodborn Minions. Near the camp tents you will find a little wooden pathway leading towards the cave.
  • Get inside and just walk forward to the biggest room and on a wood platform is you will find it.

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