Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards

Cyrodiil Ebonheart Pact Skyshard Location Guides and Map

Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1: Near the scroll of royalty’s secret syllable:

  • For Ebonheart Pact players, this is the nearest Skyshard to get and it’s nearby a spawn spot slightly to the North of Scrolls Temple of Chim and West of Northern Morrowind Gate.
  • You can see it from the towers of Scroll Temple of Chim.

2: Rope ladder hangs south of Ghartok:

  • You can find this one to the South of Scroll Temple of Ghartok, to the West of Southern Morrowind gate in Northeastern Cyrodiil.
  • Travel the main road to the Southwest of Southern Morrowind Gate. On a little hill, you’ll see a little ruined house. Get the Skyshard inside the house on the first floor.

3: Keeping the crops alive guide:

  • It’s to the Southwest of Drakelowe Keep in Southeastern Cyrodiil close to the eastern side of Cropsford point of interest. Shard is next to a bridge close to the shore.
  • Somewhere between the house and the bridge, you can pick up the Goblin’s Delight quest from Aemilia Hadrianus.

4: Cradled in a ruined temple hall:

  • The Cradled in a Ruined Temple Hall Skyshard is located inside a church-like structure between Blue Road Keep to the Southwest and Farragut Keep to the Northeast, in Eastern Cyrodiil. (close to Cheydinhal point of interest)
  • You will encounter patrolling Imperial enemies as you make your way over there. The shard is in the biggest building in the eastern section of Cheydinhal near a stone statue.

5: The Arvinas’ pride:

  • This one is between Blue Road Keep to the Northwest and Drakelowe Keep to the Southeast, in the Eastern section of Cyrodiil.
  • To get The Arvunas’ Pride Skyshard go to the above location on the map and find a single home that’s been used by a horder of as a storage unit!. The shard is up the stair on the first floor.

6: Blue Road’s trees fall just down the hill:

  • Get this skill point collectible in the Ayleid Ruins, more specifically, Belda Ruins which in protected by huge walls on stone. Slightly to the North of Blue Road Keep in the East-Central section of the map.
  • Come to the ruins from the south in order to not run into Belda mobs which are dotted around the area but they are easily beaten and/or avoided.
  • You’ll find the Skyshard on a platform just inside the ruins. defended by Belda patrols and their pets but again, they are easy to avoid.

7: Where bound spirits hold vigil:

  • Slightly to the Northwest of Farragut Keep in Northeast Cyrodiil – part of Fanacas Ayleid Ruins. Soulbound hostiles patrol these ruins but you shouldn’t really run into any, other than a small patrol close to the Skyshard.
  • Look for high stone arches encircling a little shrine, the piece you want is on it.

8: Soft wings spin choral garb:

  • A little more challenging than some of the others, this shard is located to the Southwaest of Scroll Temple Chim and to the Southeast of Kingscrest Keep in NE Cyrodiil. Point of Interest is: Temple of the Ancestor Moths.
  • You can see the large Temple of the Ancestor Moths from afar. Get inside this building, walk in a few strides and turn around and face the door. You’ll see another door leading into the Temple’s catacombs. Walk through that door and you’ll see the shine of the shard!

9: Wedged well in Sedor:

  • This Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshard can be found in Sedor Ayleid Ruins which is a bit to the West of Kingscrest Keep in the NE section of Cyrodiil. Not far from the Cyrodiil starting area for Ebonheart.
  • Search for two stone arches, one destroyed and a little stone wall, walking along the wall if you don’t want to alert the enemies around the area. These enemies get a bit thicker as you close in one the center of the ruins, which is where this Skyshard is. If you come to the center of it from the Northeast, you’ll pull less of them.

10: Fractured by the Bloody Hand:

  • This one is inside the Cracked Wood Cave Public Dungeon which is between Castle Alessia on the West and Drakelowe Keep on the east, in the SE section of Cyrodiil.
  • You will definitely encounter lots of enemies on this journey to collect the Fractured by the Bloody Hand Skyshard. The area has large rocks around it and a huge tree in the middle. You will face and have to kill many hostiles inside the cave as well.
  • Clear the cave and travel to the Northwestern section to get the shard. Bring your a-game if you’re alone and use potions, etc. because the guys guarding the Skyshard are not easy to kill.
  • If you’re a fisherman, after you get the collectible walk to the end of the room and do some fishing.

11: The monarch’s buried secret:

  • This one is inside the Kingscrest Cavern Public Dungeon which is South of Scroll Temple of Chim in Northeastern Cyrodiil.
  • Get inside the Kingscrest Cavern and travel towards the EAST. You shouldn’t face anything too difficult to solo in this dungeon. Find the biggest room on the east side and the shard is in the middle. Boss can easily be skipped or defeated.

12: Enjoy a good roll in the muck:

  • Find the Enjoy a Good Roll in the Muck Skyshard hidden inside the Muck Valley Cavern Public Dungeon which is between Blue Road Keep and Drakelowe Keep on the EAST side of Cyrodiil.
  • Start on the Western side of the BIG lake and find the totum pole lined pathway, this brings you to the entrance. Easily defeated Bugs in groups of two can be encountered as you travel to the SOUTHWESTERN section of this cave and find the room with the shard.
  • This is a spawn spot of Kerks Half-Ear boss and he’s very, very tough to beat if you’re alone! He patrols long enough away from the Skyshard for you to get it without fighting him.

13: Nurtured by amphibious host Guide: (Use stealth abilities for the Newt Cave dungeon)

  • Newt Cave Dungeon is where you will find the Nurtured by Amphibious Host Skyshard Hidden in the last room in the Southern section of this dungeon. The Newt Cave Dungeon is the most difficult to solo thanks to the high level Trolls in and around the cave. They are very hard to beat and you’ll just want to avoid them, especially the bastard at the entrance!
  • Pull this entrance-guarding Troll from the close by main road then begin to run NORTH to the nearby hill and jump to it because it is to the cave entrance. Jump and get inside before that bastard gets back. To avoid the two Trolls at the beginning, try pulling them down towards the southern part of the cave and they will stop and turn around. There are more further to the south which is where you will find this Skyshard.

14: Rushing water in the depth:

  • Get this prize inside the Quickwater Cave Public Dungeon in Eastern Cyrodiil between Farragut Keep and Arrius Keep.
  • Look for the wooden arches that are the hallmark of the camp around the dungeon. You will encounter a few enemies but nothing too tough to handle. You can solo this dungeon fighting groups of two enemies at a time including Quickwater Caimen that hide in the shallow pools and patrol throughout the cave.
  • Sort of hidden by the waterfall, inside the first big room is the Skyshard.

15: Facing the Faceless:

  • Inside the Vahtacen Public Dungeon, in the Southwestern section of the cave is where the Facing the Faceless Skyshard can be found. Between Drakelowe Keep and Farragut Keep in East Cyrodiil.
  • Get to the Northernmost part of Cyrodiil’s Eastern river to get to the awesome entrance to the Vahtacen Dungeon! Don’t just plow in because groups of two creatures hide behinds walls and corners! It’s easy to reach this shard if you don’t pull any mobs on the way.

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