Cyrodiil Mountain Skyshard

Elder Scrolls Online Cyrodiil Mountain Skyshard Location Guide

  • The ESO Mountain Skyshard is located in Northeastern Cyrodiil (to the northeast of Arrius Keep) and is a special collectible not listed with the other Skyshards in the Journal. You will receive five special achievement points once you find the shard.
  • It’s position get be reached in two ways – one is nice and easy but you’ll need to travel along an unmarked path to get it. The other is through a mountain tunnel entrance (there are three of them) that will lead you to the top of White Fall Mountaintop.
  • Tunnel Guide to reach the Skyshard: There are three entrances to mountain tunnels. One to the west, one to the east, and  one North. Each one is near the main road of the area.
  • Reaching the mountain top through an unmarked path: Path begins to the northeast of White Fall Mountaintop. Very close to the Tower Mundus Stone. You’ll notice an archway and some boards that kinda goves you an idea that you should investigate. You are more likely to find this path after you’ve gotten to the mountain top via tunnels.
  • There is a little camp up there being defended by Malvor which is a pretty strong mob with serious melee attach abilities. Hit from afar!

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