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Deshaan Skyshards Location Guides and Maps

Dehsaan Skyshards Locations Map Guide

There are sixteen skyshards in the level 17-23 Ebonheart Pact Zone of Deshaan.

1: Free from quarantine:

  • This shard is southwest of Quarantine Serk Wayshrine in the western section on the zone. If you floow the road from Stonefalls, you’ll run right into the area. From Quarantine Serk Wayshrine go southwest along the wall. The shard is around some rocks at the end.
  • Get The Bad Medicine quest objective here as well.

2: A Hlaalu victory in Narsis

  • The one is behind the Hlaalu Kinhouse building in WEST Deshaan, to the EAST of the Narsis WS. From Narsis go EAST until you come up on the house. follow the path around the building, it’s on the NORTH side by the huge mushrooms.
  • The Hlaalu Kinhouse is connected with quests, keep a lookout.

3: A river view on Muth Gnarr’s outskirts:

  • Southern section of Deshaan. Teleport to Muth Gnarr Wayshrine and travel southeast. STAY ON the road in order to avoid Muth Gnaar, it’s full of hostile NPCs.
  • Once the road turns EAST, get off! Look at your map and notice a tiny road that goes southeast. Take it to the building, which is Andaren House and the skyshard is behind the house close to a large tree.

4: A twin falls in Mournhold:

  • This one is in the central part of the map, Northeast from Mournhold WS. Start at the WS and go into the city. Get to the merchant square and take the road that leads west out of the city. DO NOT go over the bridge, continue along the river heading NORTH until you see two waterfalls, the shard is next to one of them.

5: Near the remnants of the House caravan:

  • This Skyshard is in the Northern section of the Deshaan zone.
  • Begin at the Mzithumz Wayshrine and continue on the road above it to the east. You’ll come up on a building that had been carved into the side of a big cliff and you’ll spot the shard on the right-hand side of the entrance the the building.
  • Be alert as you’ll be encountering many NPC that are, to say the least, not friendly.

6: Follow the river that snakes south to it’s source:

  • This one is in Southeastern Deshaan zone. Begin the jounrny from the Coiled Path Landing and start traveling SOUTH. Follow the river to the edge of the map and keep going til you see the island in the river. You’ll see the shard next to a rock and tree.
  • Get the lorebook “Ebony Blade History sitting close to a crate on the ground.

7: Search near the cavern with three eyes:

  • This shard is in the southeastern section of the zone. Begin at the Silent Mire WS and continue along the road traveling WEST. Turn SOUTH when you get to a crossroads and continue down this road, The Darkshade Caverns Dungeon is at the end. Go to the right side of the entrance and walk around to find the shard on it’s platform next to a barrel and crate.

8: The right tower is Tal’Deic’s left:

  • East side of the Deshaan zone – From Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine, travel WEST. You’ll see double towers close to the entrance to the fortress. At the base of the SOUTH tower you will find the prize. Just go on in and get it!

Deshaan All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

9: Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire:

  • In the Eastern section of the zone. Begin at the Tal’Deic Grounds WS and travel SOUTH. Up the hill will be a BIG mushroom with big pieces of rocks around. Get up through those stones and you’ll find the shard under the ‘shroom.

10: Where the dead walk, no memories linger:

  • This one is in The Forgotten Crypts public dungeon which is in the northwestern area of Deshaan. Start at the Quarantine Serk Watshrine and travel along the road going SOUTH until you get to a crossroads, you will turn EAST. Come to a bridge but don’t go over it yet…walk on the northern bank of the river until you find some doors in the side of the cliff. Go into the dungeon and simply follow the the path, you’ll go right to the shard.
  • Groups of 4 and 5 hostile NPCs will be encountered so bring some people with you if you can.

11: Lend me your ear:

  • This one is in the Northeast section of the zoneIn the Knife Ear Grotto solo dungeon.
  • Start out at the Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine and travel east. When the road ends you need to continue down the bank of the river east til you find the building in the cliff.
  • Go inside the dungeon and in the first large room you’ll spot a metal-bar door on the right-hand side. The Shard is in that room but you’ll have to travel all the way around to get your prize.

12: Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm:

  • This one is inside The Lady Llarel’s Shelter public dungeon which is in the Northwest section of the Deshaan zone.
  • Begin at the Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine anf travel to the northwest until you come to Redolent Loam Dolmen. The entrance to the dungeon is across the Dolmen…to the north.
  • Get inside and continue along the pathway until the 2nd cave gallery where the skyshard is located. Level 17 NPC is difficult to spot in the dark

13: Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens:

  • This one in inside the public dungeon “Lower Bthanual” which is in Western Deshaan.
  • Begin at the Muth Gnarr Hills Wayshrine and follow the river traveling southeast until you come upon wooden crates and a cart in front of a carved building into the cliff. (grab the lorebook off the crate). Go in the door to enter Lower Bthanual dungeon and continue on the path to the end, northernmost hallway to find the skyshard. It’s next to rock formations and a huge ‘shroom in the south section on the hall.

14: Mine your step where the water drops in:

  • This shard is Inside the Triple Circle Mine solo dungeon which is in central Deshaan…or north northeast of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine. Start at this WS and start traveling north until you cross the river and the waterfalls appear to your west (left). walk along the south side of the river and find the wooden doors on the cliffside, which is the entrance. Go in and continue along the pathway to the north room, wooden platform. Shard is i n a cart near the doors.

15: Go from Crags to riches:

  • This one is inside the Taleon’s Crag public dungeon which is in south Deshaan and south of the Ghost Snake WS. Start at this Wayshrine and travel south until you pass “Vale of the Ghost” and cross the river. Keep going SOUTH until you come up on the wooden doors in the cliff which is the dungeon entrance. The skyshard is under a waterfall inside the second cave gallery.

16: Where corpses till a garden of sand:

The last on is Inside the “The Corpse Garden” public dungeon which is in the northeast part of the zone.

Start at Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine and take the road going WEST until you’ve past the Shrine of the Saint Veloth and cut off the road to go NORTH. You’ll see the dungeon entrance, go in, continue through to the south hall and there it is, in a sand circle.

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