Eastmarch Skyshards

Eastmarch Skyshards Location Guides and Maps

Eastmarch Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1: Nestled beside Morvunskar’s royal tomb:

This Skyshard is located to the Northwest of Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine which is in the Northwest section of the Eastmarch Zone.

  • Begin from The Fort Morvunskar WS and travel that road going NORTH Just prior to entering Fort Morvunskar, make a left and walk up the hill. You’ll come upon a wood door in the cliff and the shard is on the right-hand side of that door.
  • If you’re questing in the area, there are a couple that bring you here.

2: Giants despoil the village below:

  • This one is to the SOUTH of Giant’s Heart which is located in the Northern section of the zone – SE of Windhelm Wayshrine.
  • Start at Windhelm WS and start traveling EAST – once the road starts going south get off and continue going EAST until you come to the fire by the big rock and some giants. Get the shard right next to the busted wheel-cart. You shouldn’t have any difficulties with the giants.

3: Leave the hollow to cure the chill:

  • This one is NE of Lower Yorgrim or east from Windhelm WS which is in the northern part of Eastmarch.
  • Leave Windhelm and go NORTHEAST until you get to Lower Yorgrim and find the most NORTHERN building and travel to the northeast to get to the little peninsula and the neighboring Island. Once you get to the entrance to The Chill Hollow dungeon, start going NORTHWEST and the shard is close to a tree in the snow.

4: Strewn between tusks near the barrow:

  • This skyshard is in the Bonestrewn Crest region which is NW of Wittestadr Wayshrine in the central section of the Eastmarch Zone.
  • Begin this one from Wittestradr WS and travel NORTH on the road until just prior to Bonestrewn Crest. You’ll come across a big skull and tusks next to some torches, you’ll discover the collectible near the tusks.

5: Beside a bridge to Amol:

  • The Beside a bridge to Amol Skyshard is located right outside Fort Amol which is in the southwestern section of the zone.
  • Begin from the Fort Amol WS and go into Fort Amol and travel the road to the NORTHEAST until you come to a bridge. Get down by the river at the bridge’s base and find the shard.

6: Lost in ruins beyond the grotto:

  • Ok this one is close to The Frigid Grotto public dungeon which is located in southwest Eastmarch, west of Fort Amol Wayshrine.
  • Begin from the wayshrine and travel NORTHWEST until you come upon a rock with a wooden door in it – that goes to the dungeon but you’re going to go SOUTHWEST from there because over in those ruins and by the stone pillars is where you’ll get this shard.

Eastmarch All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

7: Mzulft’s secrets are not all underground:

  • This one is in the ruins to the NORTHEAST of Logging Camp Wayshrine which is in the Eastern section of Eastmarch zone. Two ways to get to the easy skyshard:
  • Simply travel SOUTHWEST of the Logging Camp, OR, from Jorunn’s Stand camp, take the north gate and go to the north. You’ll see a pathway with snow on it in front of the entrance in-between pillars, get the shard!

8: Attempting to spy on Aelif:

  • This one is inside Joruun’s Stand encampment between it’s wayshrine and the Logging Camp WS – in the Eastern section of Eastmarch.
  • Get to the southwest area of the camp where you’ll locate a wooden door behind an open tent. Take the little passway next to that door, it leads you to the shard.

9: Stashed near a farm in icy winds:

  • This skyshard is located to the Southwest of The Logging Camp Wayshrine which is in the southern district of Eastmarch.
  • Begin at the Wayshrine headed SOUTHWEST to the road…take the smaller road headed SOUTH. As you come up on the farm find the eastern-most building by the pumpkins. You’ll find the skyshard behind a large rock close to the 2 trees.

10: An illegitimate child’s reading material:

  • This collectible can be found in The Bastard’s Tomb public dungeon which is located to the EAST of Joruun’s Strand Wayshrine is=n the southeastern section of the zone.
  • Begin at the Stran Wayshrine and travel to the hills – just south of due east from the WS. The wooden dungeon door is lit up. Go in and go south down the steps to get to the crossroads. Go in the little north-side room and on your left-hand side will be the prize.

11: Search the slipperiest places in the hollow:

  • This one is in The Chill Hollow Public Dungeon up by Lower Yorgrim, which is in the northeastern section of the Eastmarch Zone.
  • Ok, begin at Windhelm Wayshrine and leave by taking the road heading east-northeast. Once you get there, find the NORTHEASTERN building and walk to the northeast of this building. Look on your map for the Island. Once you start going uphill you’ll find the Chill Hollow entrance.
  • Ice Elemental Boss is inside the largest room, with the skyshard.

12: Three eyes gleam, a frigid prize:

  • This one is in The Frigid Grotto Public Dungeon which is on the WEST side of Eastmarch (NW of Fort Amol)
  • Begin from The Fort Amol Wayshrine and travel a short time NORTHWEST, you’ll find a rock with the door to the dungeon. The most NORTHERN section is where you’ll find it… after you defeat a lvl 35 boss!

13: Crashed from the sky to open the vault:

  • This one is in the Icehammer’s Vault Public Dungeon which is southeast of Kynesgrove Wayshrine, in northeast part of the zone.
  • Begin at The Kynesgrove Wayshrine and take the road leading to the SOUTHEAST. Get to the big circle of stones and take at look over to the EAST and find the door in the cliff. Go through the wooden door and and find the Skyshard in the 2nd room. East side of room by the waterfall.

14: Old Sord excelled at hide-and-seek:

  • This shard can be found Inside the Old Sord’s Cave Public Dungeon which is located SE of Wittestadr Wayshrine in the southern section of Eastmarch.
  • Entrance can be found halfway between Icewind Peaks Dolmen and Hermit’s Hideout. It’s to the south of the road that connects them. SW corner of the largest room in the cave – pathway behind the scaffold.

15: Among the dead, sheltered from storms:

  • This one is Inside the Stormcrag Crypt Public Dungeon which is southwest of Joruun’s Stand, in the Southeastern section of the zone.
  • Begin at Joruun’s Stand Wayshrine – take the road out going SW to the crossroad. Find the door in the cliff to the south of the crossroads. Go into the dungeon through the wooden door, follow dungeon pathway and go into the 2nd room. The shard is behind the big pillar close to a crate and some bookshelves.

16: Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead:

  • Two quests in this dungeon!
  • Groups of 6+ mob NPCs!
  • This Skyshard is located in the Hall of the Dead Public Dungeon which is in Windhelm, North part of the zone. Travel WEST of Mages Guild which is in the center of Windhelm and you’ll find it. Get inside and fight off everything you can – both hallways. Once you pick up the 2nd quest (Lost Crown from Malana) you will be guided to the skyshard. You’ll need to kill the boss to get the prize, which is behind the throne.