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Glenumbra Skyshard Location Guides and Maps

There are 16 Skyshards in the Daggerfall Zone of Glenumbra – Collect all 16 Skyshards using the map, guides and directions.

Glenumbra Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1. Guarding Daggerfall’s eastern gates

  • This is an easy one! It’s located right outside the Eastern gate of Daggerfall, close to a big rock.

2. Before Dresan’s headless sentinel

  • This shard is in Dresan Keep’s courtyard, right next to a statue. If you’re doing The Hidden Treasure quest, it requires you to make some offerings to 3 statues (of Heralds). That’s where you’ll find the Skyshard.

3. Search amongst the shrieks

  • Ok so this one is in the south of “Harpy Infested Glenumbra Valley”. The southern hill needs to be scaled to get there. Also, if you’re doing “The Dagger’s Edge” quest, you will need to find the Remly Brothers which are right next to this skyshard.

4. Westtry’s dead slept underneath

  • Find this one on top of a Crypt Mound in Westtry ghost town. Pretty easy to spot this shard shining bright from far away.

5. Far behind the Elf-haters’ lines

  • Located this shard in Western Glenumbra Moors quest area up on some sort of structure – You will be taken here later on if you decide to complete the quest “Faolchu’s Weakness”. Skyshard is close to the door that brings you to the end of the quest.

6. Beneath a Hag’s footbridge

  • Ok so you’ll see a strange bridge (seemed out of place) in the center of South Hag’s Fen. The Skyshard is near a large pillar.

7. Where vines strangle the sleeping dead

  • There are some caskets that have been dug up in Cath Bedraud. There is a circle-road around the perimeter, on the east side. This is where you’ll find the number 7 shard.

8. Close to finding the kings

  • “Close to finding the kings” skyshard is located just to the SOUTH of the TOMB OF THE LOST KINGS. (from Lady Laurent, you can get the quest “The Jeweled Crown of Anton” Skyshard is up on a hill, you’ll see it shine

9. A climb above Crosswych

  • This skyshard is on a mining car inside Crosswych Quarry. You can easily spot it just as you come into the quarry. Pretty easy to get this one.

10. A tower explored is Ilessen learned

  • Basically, just run this dungeon the way you normally would (IIessan Tower) The Skyshard is toward the end just before you get to the boss.

11. Near Silumm’s well on Daggerfall shores

  • Near Glenumbra’s WEST shore, in Silumm Public Dungeon. The Skyshard is in the far NORTHEAST section of this dungeon. You’ll see it clearly.

12. Within a mine of blood and thorns

  • In the “mines of Khuras Dungeon” Again, the shard is towards the very end. You will need to jump or climb the wooden planks, as the collectible is up in a storage-like area. It is easy to see once you get to the end.

13. Behind a wall to Enduum all

  • Even though this one is behind a wall inside the first big room of Enduum. Nothwest side of instance, it’s easy to see. Once you get into that first big room, it’s next to the stairs to leave.

14. Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves

  • Ebon Crypt Solo Dungeon is where you will find this skyshard. Just walk through until you come to the section of caves – you’ll see it right there.

15. In the bowels of Cryptwatch

  • You will need to enter the Cryptwatch Fort Solo Dungeon and get to the boss. Once you get there, you will encounter Valenwe (NPC). You need to take Valenwe out if you want to complete this dungeon. Skyshard is close by, you’ll see it.

16. In the roots of the Hallows

  • Once you complete step one of the Bad Man’s Hallow’s Dungeon, you will be underground with caves and tunnels. The shard is down one of the tunnels.

Glenumbra All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

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