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Grahtwood Skyshards Location Guides and Maps

Grahtwood Skyshards Guide: The Aldmeri Dominion Zone of Grahtwood contains 16 Skyshards for you to find and is for levels 16 thru 22. Here is a map of the ESO Grahtwood Skyshard locations and a short guide to help you get each one! The final Skyshard and dungeon will probably be your best bet for leveling up in Grahtwood.

Grahtwood skyshards map

1: Granted safe haven by the mages:

  • You’ll find this Skyshard next to the east wall of the ‘Mages Guild House’ which is in the Southeastern section of the zone. You start in SE haven and the Skyshard in up to the NORTHWEST.
  • After leaving Auridon, you’ll arrive in Haven and encounter quite a few hostiles. You will have to get the “Unsafe Haven” quest and start progressing through it in order to be able to defeat them – but you can get the shard without it of you want.

2: The shrine of the south leads north:

  • The Shrine of the South Leads North Skyshard is slightly North of the Southpoint Wayshrine which is in the Southeastern section of Grahtwood. It’s pretty well hidden by very tall rocks…it’s just off the main road.
  • *Amazing Quest Here* After you collect this shard, get the “Keeper of Bones” quest – find the skull on the ground (Dringoth). The quest is part of “Bone Orchard” Objective and you’ll love this quest!! You’ll always remember it!
  • Find Keeper of Bones Quest to the EAST of the Skyshard.

3: Cooling of on the way to the Tower:

  • The shard is slightly Northwest of the Haven settlement in Southeastern Part of the zone. You’ll find the shard next to a small pond. Very easy to find this one. You”ll see The Tower Mundus Stone (Stamina Increase) is close by.

4: Where the road to the root is an isle:

  • Ok, this one is on a small island in the Central Settlement of Elden Root in the Central section of the zone. There is a single road on the island that goes in and out of Elder Root leading to south Grahtwood. Once you find the island you’ll find the shard close to a stone building and a huge tree.

5: Atop falls that feed the temple:

  • Skyshard is in a relatively deserted section that you may not come across unless looking for this shard. It’s to the Northeast of Elden Root Temple WS in NE-Central Grahtwood.
  • From Elden Root Wayshrine, travel WEST and turn to the NORTH when you get to the first intersection. When you start going uphill, start going EAST and be careful hopping the stones cause it’s not hard to fall! Keep going and you’ll see it. This is where the water from ERTWS comes from.

6: Spotted from a treehouse vantage:

  • In Northern Grahtwood – to the NORTH of Elden Root Temple Wayshrine.Take the main road and travel North and just prior to the intersection that goes to Karthdar, if you look to the East, you will see this Skyshard. Keep on the road going North to come to the shard.
  • You can also get  the “Eyes of Azura” quest from Afwa not far to the East of this Skyshard! Look for a ladder that leads up to a tree-house to get to him and receive the quest. The journal tip is because you can see the shard standing next to Afwa.

7: A doorway to trolls near Redfur:

  • The one is on a platform near the entrance to the Iron Mine in the Northwestern section of Grahtwood – Just a bit to the South of the Redfur Trading Post Wayshrine.
  • You will encounter a relatively tough mob just at the entrance to the cave anf he’s also guarding the “Before the Ages of Man: Merethic Era” lorebook. If you’re on the quest “A Chief Concern”, you’ll probably be sent to this area.

8: Among ancient words in the stones:

  • Find this shard in the middle of an Island to the West of Falinesti Winter Wayshrine in West Grahtwood. You’ll see it from afar and when you get to it you’ll notice all the large stone compound.
  • If you search a bit to the Northeast of this compound, along the shore, you’ll find a little runestone rock that will offer a quest. You can also hit The Lord Boon to the east of this spot.

9: Above a seasonal site of return:

  • Slightly to the Southwest of Elden Root in the Eastern section of Falinesti Winter Site which is in central-southwestern Grahtwood.
  • You can get to by traveling into this area from the WEST on the main road and you’ll see it long before you get to it.
  • Find the “Monomyth: Lorkan and Satakal” lorebook around here!

10: Where Covenant forces pour forth:

  • This Skyshard is in the Ne Salas Public Dungeon which is in Southern Grahtwood, slightly to the North of the Grey Mire Wayshrine. Come up on this area from the WEST via a little dirt road that brings you to the entrance. You will encounter Cirmo and get the “Passage Denied” quest right at the front.
  • Get in, go through the dungeon until you get to the last room. It’s being protected by Lieutenant Khari and once you defeat him you will complete Ne Salas. The shard is behind a statue on the North side of the final room (four spikes)

11: A Scrabbling, a skittering, a scurrying:

  • Get this one in The Scuttle Pit Public Dungeon located to the EAST of Ossuary Wayshrine in the Eastern section of the Grahtwood Zone.
  • Come to this area from the South and fine the entrance hiding in a hole. Get in and go into the 2nd largest room and make a left, you’ll see it shining between a plant root and a stone. As you continue through the little pass-way between the 2 biggest rooms.

12: Six-legged thunder invades:

  • This one is inside the Burroot Kwama Mine Public Dungeon which you’ll find slightly to the WEST of Elden Root in the center of Grahtwood.
  • Come up on this area from the Northeast until you come to the lake where you’ll find the entrance. Find this Skyshard in the largest and final cave room.
  • You’ll have to confront and destroy Stormhead the Ravenous first. After you kill him you’ll achieve “Burroot Kwama Mine Completed”

13: Not yet dead on the vine:

  • Get this one inside the Vinedeath Cave Public Dungeon which is to the EAST of Elden Root Temple Wayshrine in Eastern Grahtwood.
  • Take the road the goes East of the intersection north of Elden Root all the way to the North of this road to find the entrance to the cave at the base of a mountain. Get in and go the the Southeastern most room and collect it. You will also run into Storgh’s Bow and pick up a quest.
  • If you defeat the Madruin mob in the following room, you’ll be rewarded with the Vinedeath Cave achievement.

14: Stolen starlight in wormy depths:

  • Inside the Wormroot Depths Public Dungeon which is WEST of Redfur Trading Post Wayshrine in Northwestern Grahtwood.
  • Simply take the main road into this area and find the stone step that will take you to the dungeon entrance. Whe you first get in and go downstairs, turn right and you’ll see it. It’s in the corner of the first bigger room.

15: Mined by the bandits of Mobar:

  • This shard is in the Mobar Mine Public Dungeon which is located just to the South of Elden Root in South-Central Grahtwood.
  • It’s barren over in this area and the entrance is not easy to find – No landmarks or anything! Just go South from Elden Root to get to it. You’ll encounter Adainurr and get the “Sgolag” quest.
  • The Skyshard is up on a wood platform inside the biggest room of the dungeon.

16: Crocs claimed a meal in the sunder:

  • This is the toughest and most fun dungeon in the zone. As far as leveling up, this is the best dungeon in Grahtwood for sure. Great for farming loot, experience, whacking mobs and picking up quests! Groups of 4-7 hostiles are fun to kill.
  • The Skyshard in inside Root Sunder Ruins Public Dungeon which is slightly to the Southeast of Elden Root. Find the big stone Ayleid Ruins and get to the center to find the entrance.
  • Get inside, do your thing and get to the Southwest side of the cave and find the big room. Find the collectible between a pillar and the wall of the cave. You will also find Researcher Ruurfin. Take the Journal from his dead hand in order to get the “If the Dead Could Talk” quest.
  • You can get the “If The Dead Could Talk” quest from Tandare, she is near a close-by campfire. You can do this one inside this dungeon.
  • On the North side of the Southernmost room you can also get the “Forgotten Soul quest from Ghost NPC Sirdor. Once completed, you’ll be rewarded with “Token of Root Sunder”. When this trophy is used, you shine green!

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