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Greenshade Skyshards Locations Map Guide

A Level 24-32 Zone within the Admeri Dominion, Greenshade offers lots of interesting and fun Things to see and do! There are 16 Skyshards, half of them inside dungeons and there are a few quests to do in the Rulanyil’s Fall Pub Dungeon with great rewards!

1: Flee the labyrinth of words and stone:

  • This shard is in SOUTH Greenshade to the EAST of Labyrinth (south of it’s wayshrine).
  • Get to the big maze and travel EAST from there. Once you get up the hill you will need to take out two tigers is all. Even though it’s hard to see, it’s very close to the road. After collecting the skyshard you’ll see the lorebook “Visions of the Green Pact Bosmer” in case you want it.

2: In crumbled keep where shadow creeps:

  • To the NORTHWEST of Labrinth Wayshrine In Shadows Crawl – SOUTH-CENTRAL Greenshade.
  • Inside this Keep, just walk along the wall to located the entrance. Once you get in you will be approached by Anglon (NPC) He will offer you the “stone cold” quest which is part of the objective: Shadows Crawl. So when you start on the quest, you’ll find Indanas (NPC) and the skyshard is right there by the wall and a big tree.

3: Breath of fresh air for Marbruk’s mages:

  • This one is on the EAST side of the zone to the Northwest of Marbruk. You’ll need to go into the Mage’s Guild House and walk up the stairs that are next to the door that leads to Marbruk. Go upto the 2nd level of the house and find the NORTH side door, the shard is inside this room.

4: Find an eclectic outskirt by the sea:

  • Ok, so you’ll be going down by the Five Claws Inn which is in the Southwestern section of Greenshade. You really have no other reason to come down here since there are no quests that bring you to this area. You can see the shard clearly from a distance. It’s to the EAST of the INN near a big tree and the end of a broken stone wall.

Greenshade All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

5: Where moor becomes moat:

  • This one is right in-between the Naril Nagaia Pub Dungeon in the Southwest section of the Greenshade Zone.
  • You’ll find yourself looking for this Skyshard on an Island that has a round crossroad. You’ll need to look for a wooden bridge while traveling on the main road that heads EAST of the Island. That Bridge is what connects south Greenshade with the Island and you’ll notice the shard right below it.
  • Also, if you keep traveling to the EAST you will come across NPC Heluin – you will receive the “Mist and Shadow” Quest which is part of the “Shadmist Moors” objective.

6: Stay dry where the Wooded Eye wards:

  • From Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine, this Skyshard is directly south. Western section of the Greenshade Zone.
  • Go south from the Grotto WS until you reach the Rootwater Grove. The shard is sort of hidden behind a few big rocks on the edge of the grove.

7: No longer entrenched:

  • This one is to the WEST of Moonhenge Wayshrine up in the Northern part of Greenshade. Head West from the WS til you get to Barrow Trench Dungeon and you’ll find the skyshard on the EAST side of the entrance of the dungeon.
  • There is also another shard inside this dungeon.

8: Unheeded by Wood Orc lookouts:

  • Center area of the zone to the SW of Falinesti Wayshrine. It’s to the WEST of Green’s Marrow Dolmen- this is where you will climb a rather small hill and from there you’ll be able to see it up on it’s tower location.
  • There are some hostile humans running around.

9: Down in the gorge of rope bridges:

  • This one is not far to the NORTHEAST of Falinesti Wayshrine in NE Central part of the zone.
  • As the title of this shard suggests, you’ll be along the river surrounded by large cliffs connected by rope bridges. The skyshard is right there on the shore of the river. It’s your choice – you can try to jump for it if you want.

10: In Gurzag’s supplies:

  • This one is a little more difficult to collect than the others in the zone so far. It in The Gurzag’s Mine solo dungeon. It’s to the SOUTHEAST of The Marbruk Wayshrine which is in the Eastern section of the Greenshade Zone.
  • Come up on the dungeon from the south. Once you make your way through this dungeon and come to the last BIG cave room, you’ll need to kill “Retribution”, the cave boss for completion achievement. You also can get the “Forthor’s Cursed Axe” quest here. It’s in the backpack right next to a tent.
  • Ok, now this skyshard is way up on the platform with no simple way to get to it but here’s a couple things that worked for me you can try:
  • Go over to the door that brings you to the entrance of the cave. You’ll see a little hill of rocks, get up there and you’ll spot a pathway that will bring you right to it.


  • Try jumping on the rocks in the room, then you need to sprint to a mushroom head then another rock an so on til you get up there. I’d rather just go around.

11: Halls ruined further by blue-skin brutes:

  • This one is SE of The Greenheart Wayshrine inside the Carar Dena solo dungeon (Ogre Cave) which is in the Southern Section of the Zone. Again, the skyshard is in the last room, in the NW corner. It’s a huge room and it’s not easy to see at first if you’re not looking for it.
  • Before you can get it you will have to defeat “Urumaz The Terrifying” whicj will grant Carac Dena Completion Achievement.

12: A pretender in Naril Nagaia:

  • This one is found in the Southwestern section of the zone, to the EAST of Woodhearth Wayshrine. It’s inside the public dungeon of Naril Nagaia (SW side) which contains small groups of LvL 28 humanoids. Loot this dungeon good for great exp.
  • Come up on the dungeon from the south side from the wayshrine and you’ll see the entrance. Get in and start fighting your way through. The shard is in the south-west side of the dungeon – NOT in the last room! It’s Between a metal-toppped pillar and the wall.
  • Complete Naril Nagaia by killing Archmage Camaano and he’s on a platform. Next to him is Mercano’s Journal which begins The Misuses of Knowledge quest.

13: Under root, but hidden high:

  • This one is in the Western side of Greenshade, a bit south of The Seaside Sanctuary Wayshrine. It’s in The Underroot solo dungeon. It’s to the NORTH of Serpent’s Grotto WS.
  • From Grotto Wayshrine head north to the tunnel entrance – it’s also north of woodhearth. You need to get of to the furthest WEST on the map you can get and travel NORTH. You’ll see the main road that connects this side and the northern Island. You’ll find seaside sanctuary and the Underroot dungeon.
  • Get inside and start heading SOUTH to clear the place. – you’ll at some point, be going through a tunnel and it takes you to the 2nd floor. Get up there and do the same thing going NORTH. As you get towards the end you’ll see the skyshard. It’s actually between the floors. Once you get to the entrance of the last room, you’ll see a rock you need to jump on to get the prize.
  • Complete the Underroot dungeon by defeating the Domina Ssaranth, not far from here!

14: Batted around in the purring lair:

  • Get this one inside the Harriden’s Lair solo dungeon which is in the Eastern section of the zone. This is an easy and fun dungeon to complete!
  • Start out at Falinesti Wayshrine and travel south-southeast to the dungeon entrance. The only thing you have to kill are sets of 2 lvl 29-33 tigers. The shard is in the southeast section of the cave.
  • In the room next to the shard is where you complete the dungeon by taking care of the Razorclaw mob.

15: Mined up in a barrow:

  • This one is inside The Barrow Trench public dungeon in NORTH greenshade between Moarmer Camp to the west and Moonhenge Wayshrine to the east. The entrance is close to the river you’ll see on your map. There are several skyshards on this area. There is one just outside the entrance ‘no longer entrenched’. Just INSIDE the cave you can receive The Unfilled Order quest. The quest, of course will bring you to the end of the dungeon but this shard is NOT at the end.
  • Just after you come into the dungeon, turn left at the first crossroad. Just before the door that you will be leaving the last cave room from, is the skyshard you want.

16: Outside the Harbinger’s chamber:

  • The skyshard is inside the public dungeon Rulanyil’s Fall which is in WEST-CENTRAL part of the zone. Get to this dungeon by traveling south from the Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine. This is a tough dungeon if your under level 20-25. Stronger mobs and bigger groups will be encountered here, as well as great loot and experience!
  • The skyshard is in the eastern section of this cave. Get inside and go left to the first room.
  • Two quests to get here:

“The Dead King“ from Endarwe in the beginning and  “The Merethic Collection“ from Dulini. Dulini can be found in the corner of the room next to the skyshard room.

*The Dead King” quest gives you the Nanwen’s Crown trophy which you can use to summon the ghost of Nanwen.

*Complete both quests for the Rulanyil’s Fall Achievement!

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