Malabal Tor Skyshards

Elder Scrolls Online Malabal Tor Skyshard Location Map and Guide


As you know, the majority of Skyshards located inside the solo dungeons of most zones are usually found in the final room of the cave. That is NOT the case for the sixteen that you will find in Malabal Tor. Many of them are not far from the entrances which makes this Aldmeri Dominion zone one of the best for fast collection of skill points. If you’re questing in the ESO Malabal Tor Zone, use our walk-through guides to find and collect all 16 Skyshards.

1: On an orbit of the stone sphere’s home:

Western Malab Tor, just west of The Warrior mundus stone. Northwest of Illayas Ruins Wayshrine.

This shard is overlooking the northeastern Velyn Harbor, which is in ruins. There are many burned down houses. You can’t, however, approach this shard from this location. This is because there is a long rock wall that separates this part of Velyn Harbor from nearby Illayas Ruins. This is why we head to Illayas Ruins first. On its western side, walking toward The Warrior mundus stone, you can spot this shard in the distance. It stands near a ruined white stone wall of nearby ruins, overlooking Velyn Harbor.
2: The best view of Fuller’s Break:

Western Malabal Tor, northern part of Ilayas Ruins. North of Ilayas Ruins Wayshrine.
Approach this area from south and you will find the shard just north of Ilayas Ruins platform. Collectible is nicely placed on top of a small, round, stone table, overlooking the large ship bellow. This is where it gets its name from. You are basically overlooking the Fuller’s Break (anchor icon) POI from this ledge. Amazing place to take a screenshot at.
3: Unnoticed by a melancholy Elf:

Western Malabal Tor, just southwest of Dra’Bul Wayshrine.

This is one of those shards you probably won’t miss. It is just south of the main road that connects western part of Malabal Tor with the central part. It stands on the ground, next to a large tree root. You might wonder where it got its name from? Just north of the shard’s location is a small camp. Inside the small camp there is an Elf NPC – Tahruin the Melancholy. This NPC starts the quest “The Summer Site“. This mission is part of Falinesti Summer Site objective.
4: Near the river, disentangled:

Central Malabal Tor, southwest of Vulkwasten settlement and its wayshrine. Southeast of Hoarvor Pit – public dungeon. This shard is found on northern shore of a river that goes through northern Tanglehaven. It is close to a tall cliff. This cliff separates the main road to the north from this river. You can rather carefully jump from this road toward the shard. Try to be cautious as much as you can though. Death by falling from high altitude still damages your gear and increases your repair bills. It is less likely to incur repair bills if you approach it from south and cross the river from there.
5: Seek seaward cliffs by the brewery town:

Northern central Malabal Tor, north of Vulkwasten Wayshrine, northern Vulkwasten.
This shard is located close to Mammoth farm in northern Vulkwasten settlement. This is where you go to talk with Alphrost for quest “Something Rotten“. There is a Noglanor’s House at this location. Collectible is on the edge, overlooking the nearby shore and Jagged Grotto POI (epic enemy).
6: Fell from a bridge fleeing Abamath:

Malabal Tor All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

South central Malabal Tor, west of Bloodtoil Wayshrine.
You can find this shard next to a large wooden bridge that connects Tanglehave POI island with an island south of it. If you are casually swimming in water around this area it is not that hard to spot this brightly shining collectible. For me it was, a sort of, a lucky find. It happened while I was swimming back to Bone Grappler’s Nest from Bloodtoil Wayshrine to die for the second time.
7: Search every nook to lift the Vale:

Eastern Malabal Tor, southeast of Valeguard Wayshrine, within Valeguard.
This shard is at the bottom of the large Valeguard tree. It is rather easy to spot if you approach Valeguard from the main south road. It stands in a corner, between a huge tree and nearby mountain rocks. If, for some reason, you reach Valeguard from north, and start climbing to its top, you can miss it without even noticing. There is a rather large bridge that almost completely covers this shard from above.
8: Eyed from a islet in the river:

Northeastern Malabal Tor, southeast of the most northern wayshrine – Wilding Run Wayshrine.

You can find this collectible on the western coast of a nearby river. Its location is just northwest of the large lake island nearby – where Four Quarry Islet POI is (eye icon). If you are following the coast from north you are going to walk by Black Vine Ruins dungeon and Silvenar Vale Dolmen.

Shard, itself, is on top of a small boulder and is guarded by three hostile leopards.
9: Follow the sound of the wilding waves:

Northern Malabal Tor, northwest of Wilding Run Wayshrine just southwest of Windshriek Strand (eye icon POI).
On the middle of a large cliff platform that overlooks the nearby shore is where this shard is located. You can approach it from north and east. Map area where this collectible is found is marked with brown color. Shard is next to a large, lonely, tree. If you reach the top of this platform you can find the lorebook “The Totems of Hircine” as well.
10: Withered within the vine:

Northeastern Malabal Tor, north of Black Vine Ruins, just east of Wilding Run Wayshrine.

Shard at this location is found inside Black Vine Ruins – public dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is from a nearby river. This is a level 37 dungeon, where group of two and three mobs are common. Collectible we are after is inside the first and largest cave room. It is in a corner of the stairs that lead to the second floor of the dungeon, from where you can reach the next cave part.

Quest “Brothers and Bandits” that you can pick up at the start of the dungeon from Daine NPC has some interesting story.
11: Dropped off when he still lived:

Northwestern Malabal Tor, far north of Dra’Bul Wayshrine.
This shard is inside Dead Man’s Drop solo dungeon. Its entrance is overlooking the nearby shore. “Pirates of the Abecean” lorebook can be found at the entrance of the cave. Unlike most shard’s found in dungeons (with their position being in the last part of the cave) this one is found much sooner. As you make just a few steps upon entering the dungeon you can notice a Battered Shield on ground. This item starts the quest “A Nord in Need“. This shield lays at the start of a tunnel that leads to the dungeon door that you can only use to exit the last room of the cave. You’ll find the collectible inside that tunnel. It is well tucked in between the cave wall and a wooden pillar.
12: Property of the parasites:

Western central Malabal Tor, between Vulkwasten Wayshrine (to the east) and Dra’Bul Wayshrine (to the west).
Found inside Hoarvor Pit solo dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is north of nearby main road. This is part of the main road that connects eastern with central Malabal Tor. Parasites/bugs inside this cave are around level 34. Collectible is inside the first cave room, in its southeastern corner.
13: Fungus dwellers dig, far from home:

Eastern central Malabal Tor, southern Silvenar (fortress icon POI), west of Valeguard Wayshrine.
Skyshard is inside Roots of Silvenar solo dungeon. There’s a small path that starts from a nearby river and an interestingly looking boat and leads to the dungeon entrance. This collectible, like a few others in Malabal Tor, is not at the end of the dungeon. Collectible is just before the first pack of mobs, few steps away from the lorebook “The Voice of the People“, in the middle of the first tunnel.
14: Part of Arrai’s spectral dominion:

Southernmost point of Malab Tor, south of nearby Abamath Wayshrine.
Found inside Shael Ruins solo dungeon. Cave’s entrance is next to a river and a tall waterfall. This cave is full of groups of two and more level 35 mobs. If you are onky going after the shard you can find it rather close to the entrance. It is inside the northwestern part of the first dungeon room, on the second floor. There is a group of three ghost Spectrals next to it.
15: Haunted by heretics:

Southwestern central Malabal Tor, south of Dra’Bul Wayshrine.
Shard is inside Tomb of the Apostates solo dungeon. Dungeon’s entrance is covered in vines and you best approach it from north. “Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer I-B” lorebook is near the entrance. Collectible is inside the last and cave room. It is located close to a Bosmer Vase. This Vase gives the quest “Lost Daughter“.
16: Held by red-handed bandits:

Northwestern Malabal Tor, far north of Dra’Bul Wayshrine, north of Dra’Bul POI.
This shard is inside Crimson Cove public dungeon. You can enter this cave from nearby shore and there is NPC quest giver Peras near its entrance. Peras gives the quest “Export Business“. This quest is part of Crimson Cove objective. Inside the cave, just before the first group of mobs you can grab another quest. Quest giver Glanir gives mission “Naval Intelligence“. This quest rewards a trophy – Glanir’s Smoke Bomb, which summons a cloud of dust around you for a short while.

Dungeon is filled with groups of four or more mobs. Class with decent AOE spells can take them out rather fast, earning decent amounts of experience and loot drops in a short period of time. Groups have level 31+ mobs and there are also multiple boss mobs present of level 31-33.

Collectible is inside the eastern cave room. This room also hides other Crimson treasures (like paintings, barrels, etc.)

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