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ESO Rift Skyshard Locations Guide Map and Directions

The Rift Skyshards Locations Map Guide

1: Braced against wind near the mine guide:

  • Find this shard to the Northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine which is in the Northern section of the Rift zone. Begin at the Wayshrine and travel the main road towards the WEST until just prior to reaching the intersection. Look for a short pathway going NORTH. This will take you to a wood door and on the left, behind some trees you will find the Skyshard.

2: Be Shor to search all over the stone guide:

  • This one is to the Northeast of Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine in the Northeastern section of Rift. It is the first zone following Eastmarch and you can actually spot this one on it’s cliff from Shor’s Stone. You will need to go around to collect it by following the path leading WEST of Shor’s Stone Settlement. Continue past Followstone Wayshrine until the intersection where you will turn to the NORTH.
  • Keep on the North path until you spot a big house. The skyshard is slightly south of that house, near the cliff edge above Shor’s Stone. It’s near a wood platform behind a rock.

3: Nearly discovered by a mauled stablehand guide:

  • This one is to the Northeast of Ragged Hills Wayshrine in West-Central Rift. Begin from the Wayshrine and take the main road North to Treva’s Farm. Go Northwest once you reach the farm and if you take a look at your map you’ll notice a figure 8. Your prize is inside the left circle close to a tree and a couple of rocks.
  • You’ll encounter a Mammoth walking around in this area.

4: Cultist’ prize near Ragged Hills guide:

  • You can find this one to the West of Honrich Tower Wayshrine or to the Southeast from Ragged Hills Wayshrine in Southern section of Rift.
  • Begin from Ragged Hills Wayshrine and take the pathway that goes South of the main road until you reach the top of the hill, go thru the gate and keep walking until you get to the edge of the hill. Look down to the ground and there it is.

5: Scour the crags of Avancheznel guide:

  • This one is to the Southwest from Honrich Tower Wayshrine in the South section of Rift.
  • Begin from the Wayshrine and take the main road leading Southwest until just prior to reaching the entrance to the Avanchnzel Dungeon. Turn right and walk over by the torch and pillar. You’ll find the Skyshard near the broken pillar on the stone table.
  • Get the lorebook: “The Dwemer Inquiries Volume ll” near the shard. You can also pick up a quest between the two giant boulders in the middle of the pass-way. Quest giver is on the ground.

6: South where worms swarm the barrow guide:

  • You will find this one to the Southwest from Taarengrav Wayshrine on the Western side of Rift. Begin from the Wayshrine and travel Southwest and go through the worm cultists camp and get to the center of the camp. You’ll find a barrow with torches around it.
  • Go directly South of that barrow and you’ll see a platform with crates and a lorebook on them (The Legendary Scourge lorebook). Behind the crates is the Skyshard.

7: A prospect found guide:

  • Get this one North from Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine in the Eastern section of the Rift Zone. Begin at the WS and take the main road traveling Northwest until you come to an intersection…. get OFF the road and walk to the North on the right side of the road. Just up a bit is a rock with a wood door on the right side. The collectible is just ahead on the ground.

8: Walk above the clouds guide:

  • This one is located to the Northwest of Trolhetta Wayshrine or Southwest from Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine in the Southeastern section of Rift and it’s not easy to get!
  • Begin at the Trolhetta Wayshrine and travel the main road to the Northeast and make a left at the first intersection. At the 2nd intersection, make another left turn. When the road turn North for the 2nd time, you will encounter Veldrana with the “A Walk Above the Clouds” quest, starting the Forelhost objective. It will actuall assist you in reaching this shard! At the end of the road, walk up the stairs. There is a hidden effect here which rapidly reduces your health if you are out in the open. The only way to prevent this is by standing near a source of fire.
  • The area is littered with torches in the ground, you have to run from one to another torch to regenerate HP you lose while running between them. The quest will let you ignite a campfire at some places as well.. As you advance through the quest, it will eventually lead you in front of stone doors. Solve the mini-puzzle to open the door (Snake in the middle, Eagle on the right, Whale on the left). After that, you have to pass through a dungeon to reach the exit. Once you exit the dungeon, you still have to be near a source of fire to prevent HP loss. Time to light some campfires. There is one torch on the left, and to the south you will spot a stone gate with two more torches in front of it. The skyshard is over there.

9: Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall guide:

  • This one is to the North of the Riften Wayshrine which is in the Eastern section on the Rift zone. Begin at Riften travel the main road heading North. Across from the watch tower is a big formation of big stones and the Skyshard is in the center of it.

10: Clank of gears and hiss of stream guide:

  • Get this one in the Avenchnzel Public Dungeon which is to the South-Southwest of Honrich Tower Wayshrine in Southern Rift.
  • Begin at the Honrich Tower Wayshrine and travel the main road towards the Southwest and you’ll walk directly to the entrance to the dungeon.
  • In the Northeast corner of the first dungeon room between a wall and some rubble is this Skyshard’s location.

11: Guarded by bears in the hollow guide:

  • This Skyshard is to the Northeast of Trolhetta Wayshrine or South from Fullhelm Fort WS which is in the Southeastern section on Rift and inside the Broken Helm Hollow Public Dungeon.
  • Begin from the Trolhetta Wayshrine and travel Northeast along the main road and make a left and the first intersection. Keep going straight through the second intersection and you’ll come right up to the entrance of the dungeon.
  • Get inside and pick up the quest “A Diamond in the Root”. Then go into the first room to get the Skyshard. Be careful, it’s being defended by a boss NPC. It’s behind him by a rock.
  • You can also grab “The Myths of Sheogorath, Vol 1 lorebook also.

12: Deep in the roots of the tooth guide:

  • Find the Deep in the root of the tooth Skyshard inside Faldar’s Tooth Public Dungeon which is to the Northeast of Honrich Tower Wayshrine.
  • Travel the main road leading to the East-Northeast til you cross a river that leads you to the fort ruins and the dungeon entrance. Go into the big broken tower to find the entrance. Get inside, grab the quest “Beneath the Surface” from Israk Ice-Storm.
  • Get to the most Northwestern room and find the shard in the NW corner between the tent and a bookshelf. You can also get a lorebook here (Song of the Askide Men) on top of a stone block.
  • But before you can collect these items you’ll need to kill the boss here!

13: Where green grows in the fort’s wall guide:

  • You will find this Skyshard Inside the Fort Greenwall public dungeon which is North of Riften in the Northeastern section of the Rift Zone.
  • Begin from Riften and take the main road traveling North. Keep going until you come to the southern gate, which is closed. Walk along the wall of the fort eastward until you come to the crumbled section of the wall. Scale the wall here to get in and right across the way to the West is the dungeon entrance.
  • Find the shard in the east side of dungeon in the eastern room, near a wall and crumbled rocks.

14: Take a shrouded approach guide:

  • This one is in the Shroud Hearth Barrow Public Dungeon , it’s Southwest of Geirmund’s Hall Wayshrine in Western section of Rift.
  • In the Northeast section of the settlement you’ll find a round building and in the center of it you will find the dungeon entrance. Find the Skyshard in the largest room in the NW corner of the room near a platform….but only after you defeat the boss. In this dungeon you can get the Shroud Hearth Barrow quest from Brendar (if you didn’t get it from Malma in Ivarstead). 

15: Tread carefully; don’t break a leg guide:

  • You will find this shard inside the Snapleg Cave Public Dungeon which is Northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine in Northwestern Rift.
  • Begin from the Snapleg WS and travel West along the main road until you come to the river. Walk north along the bank of the river. Where the river end on your map in the dungeon entrance.
  • The skyshard is in the largest room, in its eastern small room-like part, filled with wooden barrels and crates.

16: Protected by wraiths in a beast’s den guide:

  • Find this Skyshard in the Lion’s Den Public Dungeon in Western Rift, southwest from Taarengrav Wayshrine. Bring friends with you to this one cause it’s not easy to solo this one! It’s a lvl 39+ dungeon and the bosses are tough and there are a lot of them – 6 to 8 per group!
  • Begin at Taarengrav WS and travel Southwest through the camp of worm cultists. Find the Barrow in the center of camp and go west, up the hill going to the end of the map. The entrance is between mountains and two white patches representing snow-covered hills. Get the quest “A Valuable Distraction” just as you get inside, it will assist you in getting through this dungeon and to the Skyshard. Head east toward the third circle, representing the area where this quest objective is. In that same vicinity you can pick up another quest, Prisoner Dilemma which leads you to the prisoner camp, south of your location. Go toward the camp, but don’t enter. Head uphill, northwest of the camp entrance. Pay attention to wraith packs, they can be very challenging. Next to one of them there is a small passage where the skyshard can be found!

The Rift All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

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