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The Ebonheart Pact’s Shadowfen is a level 24-31 zone loaded with swamps, hostile creatures, many mysteries and 16 Skyshards to collect. They are spread out across the zone out in the open and it public and solo dungeons. Hopefully the guides to each Shadowfen Skyshard below will better assist you in acquiring all 16 of them!

1: Above the Mages’ aye between the falls:

  • After leaving Deshaan, Stormhold is the first area in Shadowfen you will explore. This Skyshard is in Northern Shadowfen and to the WEST of Stormhold Wayshrine.
  • You’ll fine it on the top of the Mages Guild building in the center of the settlement. To get it, go to the right side of the guild entrance and climb the stones to the top.

2: Still shrouded by spray past a western rise:

  • This one is to the Northwest of The Vile Pavillion or to the Northwest of Stillrise Wayshrine in Northwest Shadowfen.
  • Begin from the Stillrise WS and walk along the LEFT side of the river heading Northwest until you come to a waterfall. Climb up and you’ll see another waterfall and the Skyshard.

3: Sneak behind the relic-thieves’ camp:

  • To the East-Southeast of Camp Silken Snare or Southwest of Bogmother Wayshrine in central Shadowfen.
  • Start at the Bogmother WS and take the main road and travel South until you come to the first intersection and make a right to go West. Keep going West and you’ll come to the big formation of stone around the Camp…the shard is right at the base of it.

4: Beside a bowsprit among pirates:

  • This shard isin the pirate settlement of Alten Corimont in the central section of the Shadowfen Zone. It located on the North boat on the bow. Get on the boat from the platforms on either side of it.

5: Ritual flames brew trouble in the mire:

  • This one is to the Southwest of Camp Crystal Abattoir and to the Northeast of Percolating Mire.
  • Begin at Percolating Mire Wayshrine and travel to the Northwest. Once you pass by Percolating Mire, find a large tree next to a stone building on a small hill. The shard is slightly covered by the walls on the building – it’s in the center of this structure.

6: Where wisps waylay wanderers:

  • In The Southern section of the Shadowfen zone. Southeast of Hissmir Wayshrine and Northwest of Hatchling’s Crown.
  • Begin from the Percolating Mire Wayshrine and travel west-southwest until you reach a large stone ziggurat, which is SOUTH of Deep Graves. Get up on top of the ziggurat, the Skyshard is on the south side of it, on the terrace top below.

7: Like the sound of steam or snakes:

  • This one is in the Argonian settlement of Hissmir, Southwestern section of Shadowfen to the West of Hissmir Wayshrine.
  • In the center of the complex, you’ll see the complex surrounded by houses and you’ll find the collectible on the top.

8: Overlooking the murk of Xal Ithix:

  • Find this Skyshard west-southwest of Xal Ithix and Southwest of Loriasel Wayshrine.
  • Begin from the Loriasel Wayshrine and travel to the Southwest past Xal Ithix until you come up to two wood bridges the connects the peninsulas.
  • You will have to climb up the southern peninsula and pass through the cave. Cross the bridge, go left, cross the second bridge, follow the path turning east, and you’ll are in front of a stone shrine. The skyshard is on the east side of the shrine.

9: Imprisoned in a crumbling tower:

  •  This one is West of Zuuk – Southwest from Venomous Fens Wayshrine which is in the West section of Shadowfen.
  • Begin from the Venomous Fens Wayshrine and travel Southeast until you get to a ruined tower (northwest of White Rose Prison). The Skyshard is in the tower in a wood box up on the 2nd floor.

10: Peek behind pillars in Atanaz:

  • This one is inside the Atanaz Runis Solo Dungeon which is East of Alten Corimont in the Eastern section of the Shadowfen Zone.
  • Begin from the Alten Corimont Wayshrine and travel EAST. Take a swim across the river to the boat on the peninsula. You’ll need to go north from here as you will be blocked by large rocks on the eastern side. You need to get up that hill to reach the Skyshard. Walk north around the hill and find a little pathway going south, right up to the dungeon entrance. The shard is in the 2nd square room, southwest side of the room.

11: Skittering, slithering, a tusk once whole:

  • This one can be found inside the Broken Tusk Solo Dungeon which is to the Northeast of Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine in Eastern Shadowfen.
  • Begin from the Hamlet Wayshrine and travel to the Northwest, head to the start of the river the flows south until you see a stone building – the dungeon entrance is inside that building and the shard is in the 2nd Northern hallway.

12: Unearthed by an outlaw excavation:

  • This one is inside the Chid-Moska Ruins Solo Dungeon which is SOUTH of Loriasel Wayshrine in the Southwestern section of Shadowfen.
  • Begin from the Loriasel Wayshrine and travel the main road headed SOUTH until you come to the front of a stone Ziggurat – the dungeon entrance is on top of it.
  • Get in and find the Skyshard in a small room at the bottom right section of a tunnel that bends North toward a large room.

13: Crown in hand, leave and look right:

  • This collectible is inside the Gandranen Ruins Public Dungeon which is to the North of the Hissmir Wayshrine in Central Shadowfen.
  • Begin from the Hissmir Wayshrine and travel straight up to the North, cross the river and the road and you’ll see the ruins. On the NORTH side is where you’ll find the dungeon doors. After entering you can receive a quest and after that, to her left you’ll spot the shard.

14: Climb, little kwama, to reach your goal:

  • This one is inside the Onkobra Kwama Mine Solo Dungeon, which is to the Northwest of Leafwater and Southwest of Percolating Mire Wayshrine.
  • Start at the Percolating Wayshrine and travel to the Southwest until you come to a river bank and a little hill. You’ll find the dungeon entrance on the side of the river bank. The skyshard is on the top of the wooden platform in the eastern cave. You can’t get it until you defeat the boss!

15: Digesting in the belly of the Black Maw:

  • Get this shard inside the Shrine of the Black Maw Solo Dungeon which is to the Northwest of Stormhold Wayshrine in Northwestern Shadowfen.
  • Begin from the Stormhold Wayshrine and take the road to the West-Northwest leading out of Stormhold until you come to shrine ruins. You’ll find the dungeon entrance on the West side.
  • Find the Skyshard in the Eastern part of the Southeast hall – it’s behind a wall.

16: Deep in the den of debauchery:

  • This one is inside the Sanguine’s Demesne Public Dungeon which is EAST of Stormhold Wayshrine in Northeast Shadowfen.
  • Begin at the Wayshine and travel the main road EAST to the hills – you’ll be let directly to the dungeon’s entrance. Get in and take the EASTERN passage. You will encounter large and hostile packs of NPCs with groups of 6 or more. Fight your way through until you come into a cave room with running water through it. As you leave the tunnel you will spot the skyshard surrounded by blocks of inscribed stones.

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