Stormhaven Skyshards

ESO Stormhaven Skyshard Locations, Map and Guides:

Stormhaven Skyshards Locations Map Guide

There are 16 Skyshards in the Daggerfall Covenant Zone of Stormhaven – Collect all 16 Skyshards using our map, guides and directions to each skyshard location.

1. On Koeglin’s crown
2. Atop the stairs of Newgate
3. Beside the henge of Nightmare Crag
4. The foot of Wind Keep’s falls
5. Before a breach in Aphren’s wall
6. Atop the soulless tower
7. In the monster’s pantry
8. Where the giant’s tears fall
9. Camped in sight of the eastern gate
10. Delve deep with the bear’s claw
11. Locked behind Farangel’s iron bars
12. Mine your manners outside Steelheart
13. Explore the ruins north of Wind’s Keep
14. Comb the abbey’s catacombs
15. West of Firebrand, deep beneath the tower
16. Explore the ruins of broken marrow

Stormhaven All Skyshard Locations (updated for Tamriel Unlimited)

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