Skill Lines

Elder Scrolls Online Skill Lines Guide

Elder-Scrolls-Online-Main-SkillsSelecting the best combinations of ESO Skills and Abilities to build your character is one of the most important decisions you will make early on in your Elder Scrolls Online experience! With so many choices and combinations, knowing each skill tree is imperative! You’ll first want to decide on your Race and Class as these will be the backbone of your character’s skills. Each of the four classes offer 3 unique skill lines that cannot be acquired unless that class is chosen. All ten races also retain their own unique set of Racial Bonuses which also cannot be obtained any other way.

Players will need to explore Tamriel to unlock the world, alliance and crafting skills. Obviously, joining a guild is the only way to acquire guild skills. You can select any of the six weapons skill lines and any armor regardless of your chosen class/race. The character creation process is time consuming and can be confusing as all options must be considered if you are to create a well preforming character. With literally millions of different potential builds, you cannot leave any stone unturned when considering skill lines! Here is the best resource if you’re more interested in starting out Elder Scrolls Online with a pre-designed and proven build using the best possible Skills. No matter which race and class you choose, you will have your pick of the best in the game! In fact, I still use these guides pretty much every time I play the game!

Active abilities must be placed on (and can only be activated from) the hotbar and require an ‘action’ by the player to be activated. There is no ‘action’ required for passive abilities. Put skill point into a passive ability and you will receive the eternal benefits of those abilities automatically!

Make a selection for details on each of the ESO Skill Lines


 Class Skills

Icon-Skill-ClassChoose a class for unique Skill Lines that match your desired playstyle

 Racial Bonuses

Icon-Skill-RacialAll racial skills are passive and you acquire them by simply selecting the race

 World Skills

Icon-Skill-WorldYou start with Soul Magic. Complete quests to acquire Vampirism and Lycanthropy

 Alliance War (PvP)

Alliance WarYou will gain access to these skills when you begin the PvP experience after level 10

 Guild Skills

Icon-Skill-GuildNPC Guilds: Fighters, Mages, Undaunted, thieves and undaunted

 Armor Skills

Icon-Skill-WeaponLight, Medium or Heavy is available to any class/race

 Weapon Skills

Icon-Skill-WeaponSelect any weapons – both active & passive skills

 Crafting Skill Lines

Craft IconChoose any (or several) professions and level skill lines

Thanks for suggesting mastery, you’re 100% right it’s a complete reference for Elder Scrolls, not just a guide for skills like the others you’ve promoted in the past. ~Brian J, USA

ESO Mastery GuidesAt your suggestion I used ESO Mastery guide for my builds and I’m very happy with it! I also got the leveling to go with it and between the two of them I have all the eso resources I need – Thank you!

~ Mark G, USA