Alliance War

ESO Alliance War Skill Lines Guide

After reaching level 10 you will be able to enter Cyrodiil where player vs. player battles take place. Emperor, Support and Assault are the 3 skill lines for PvP. The passive skills for Emperor are very powerful and not very easy to acquire. You must increase your alliance ranks to gain experience in the Emperor skill tree. You can become Emperor and gain Passive Skills that give some benefit once you are no longer Emperor.


War HornWarhorn
  • Ultimate
  • +maximum magicka and stamina for nearby allies.
  • Morphs
    • Aggressive HornAggressive Horn: Also increases weapon damage.
    • Sturdy HornSturdy Horn: Also increases maximum health.
Rapid ManeuverRapid Maneuver
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cost:  Stamina
  • +% movement speed for allies.
  • Grants immunity to snares and roots.
  • Break when an attack is made.
  • Morphs
    • Retreating ManeuverRetreating Maneuver: Increases speed bonus.
    • Charging ManeuverCharging Maneuver: Allies also gain bonus damage for one attack.
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cost: Stamina
  • Throw caltrops at a target location.
  • Enemies in area take physical damage.
  • Morphs
    • Anti-Cavalry CaltropsAnti-Cavalry Caltrops: Adds a dismount on enemies.
    • Razor CaltropsRazor Caltrops: Adds AoE damage and a % snare when caltrops land.
Combat FrenzyCombat Frenzy
  • + Ultimate when killing an enemy player.
  • + range to all abilities with a base range >?m when near a keep.
Continuous AttackContinuous Attack
  • After capturing a lumber mill, farm, mine, or keep…
    • +% weapon damage.
    • +% magicka and stamina regeneration.


  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Ultimate
  • Create a point damage shield on nearby allies
Siege ShieldSiege Shield
  • Cast Time: Instant / Self
  • Cost: Magicka
  • Create a bubble…. +% protection against ranged attacks and seige weapons for allies in bubble.
  • Morphs
    • Siege Weapon ShieldSiege Weapon Shield: Allies siege weapons in the bubble take damage from other siege weapons.
    • Propelling ShieldPropelling Shield: +? meter range. Allies in abilities receive + meter range.
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cost: Magicka
  • Remove up to 2 negative effects from allies.
  • -% duration of negative effects on allies.
  • Morphs
    • Efficient PurgeEfficient Purge: Reduces cost by ?%.
    • CleanseCleanse: Restore health to target if at least one debuff is removed.
Combat MedicCombat Medic
  • +% healing sent when near a keep.
Battle ResurrectionBattle Resurrection
  • -% time to resurrect another player.
Magicka AidMagicka Aid
  • +% magicka regeneration for each support ability slotted.


  • While Emperor: +% magnitude of heals on player.
  • Former Emperor: +% magnitude of heals on player.
  • While Emperor: +% Ultimate gains, -5% Ultimate costs.
  • Former Emperor: -% Ultimate costs.
  • While Emperor: +% health, magicka, and stamina combat regeneration.
  • Former Emperor: +% health, magicka, and stamina combat regeneration.
  • While Emperor: +% siege weapon damage.
  • Former Emperor: +% siege weapon damage.
  • +% health, magicka, and stamina while in campaign.