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The Fighters Guild

ESO Fighters GuildThe ESO Fighters Guild is focused on destroying evil Daedra and Dark Anchors, sent by Molag Bal to drag Tamriel back to his home plane of existence. They are neutral in the Alliance conflicts, and offer skills that are extra effective against the undead. The Fighters Guild was founded in the year 2E 321 by the first Akaviri Potentate of the Reman Empire, Versidue-Shaie, and shortly after its establishment it became the official mercenaries guild that citizens from all walks of life in Tamriel depended on for protection.

ESO – Fighters Guild Story Arc – Part 1 – Joining Fighters Guild

Elder Scrolls Online Fighters Guild Skills:

Fighters Guild Ultimate:


Deals magic damage to enemies in radius.
% additional damage to undead and Daedra.


Flawless Dawnbreaker: While slotted, weapon attacks deal more damage.
Dawnbreaker of Smiting: Causes knock-back and knockdown to Daedra.


Intimidating PresenceIntimidating Presence
Allows player to intimidate certain NPCs in conversations.

Banish the WickedBanish the Wicked 3 Ranks

+3,6,9 Ultimate when killing an undead or Daedra.

Skilled TrackerSkilled Tracker

Fighers Guild abilities that affect undead and Daedra also affect werewolves.

Bounty HunterBounty Hunter

The Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil will offer bounty quests.


Silver BoltsSilver Bolts
Cast Time: Instant
Deals physical damage.
Undead and Daedra are knocked down.Chance to banish targets on hit, dealing magic damage.

Silver Shards: Hits 2 additional targets, but with reduced damage.
Silver Leash: Pull an enemy to you and deal additional damage.

Circle of ProtectionCircle of Protection
Cast Time: Instant
Cost: Stamina
Create an aura of self-protection. Armor and spell resistance for friendly targets.
+ additional armor and spell resistance against undead and daedra.

Turn Undead: Daedra and Undead are feared and take damage.
Ring of Preservation: Allies in area have increased health regeneration.

Expert HunterExpert Hunter
Cast Time: Instant / Self
Cost: Stamina
For 10 seconds… chance on hit to deal an additional magic damage to undead and Daedra.
Killing an undead or Daedra increases duration.

Evil Hunter: Restore stamina.
Camouflaged Hunted: Deal additional damage when stealthed.

Trap BeastTrap Beast
Cast Time: Instant / Self
Cost: Stamina
Place a trap.Trap takes 4 seconds to arm, then deals magic damage and immobilizes closest enemy. Burns Daedric and undead enemies for Magic Damage

Rearming Trap: Trap re-arms once after firing.
Lightweight Beast Trap: Can be placed from a long distance.

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