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MagesGuildLogoESO Mages Guild prospects will need to find Lore Books hidden in both Alliance and Cyrodiil (PvP) locations all over Tamriel. There is a central quest involving our old buddy Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness some of us met in the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion. The Mages Guild skill line includes both utility spells like Magelight and some very effective Destruction Magic like Meteor.

Elder Scrolls Online Mage’s Guild Skills

MeteorMeteor – ULTIMATE
Cast Time: Instant
Deals fire damage.
Enemies near target take fire damage.
Enemies knocked back.

Meteor Morphs:
Ice CometIce Comet: Meteor now deals cold damage, cold AoE damage, and effected enemies are knocked back and snared.
Shooting StarShooting Star: Restore % ultimate per target hit.



Cast Time: Instant / Self
Cost: Magicka
Summon a light that reveals hidden and invisible enemies.
-% maximum magicka.
+% spell critical strike rating.

Magelight Morphs:
Inner LightInner Light: Adds spell critical strike increase.                                                                                                .

Radiant MagelightRadiant Magelight: Nearby friendly targets take less damage from stealth attacks.


Cast Time: Instant
Cost: Magicka
Deals magic damage. Recover health every 6 seconds.

Entropy Morphs:
DegenerationDegeneration: Your weapon attacks against target restore health.

Structured EntropyStructured Entropy: Increases maximum health while ability is slotted.


Fire RuneFire Rune
Cast Time: Instant
Cost: Magicka
Create a fire rune at target location. Deal flame damage when an enemy enters the area.

Fire Rune Morphs:
Volcanic RuneVolcanic Rune: Enemy is knocked into the air and stunned.

Scalding RuneScalding Rune: Enemies also take flame damage over time.


Cast Time: Instant / Self
Cost: None
Trade health for magicka.

Equilibrium Morphs:
Spell SymmetrySpell Symmetry: Reduces magicka cost of next ability activated

BalanceBalance: Increases health regeneration

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