Player Guilds


ESOElder Scrolls Online Players will have the opportunity to join up with other players, and can be members of up to 5 different ESO guilds per account. Members of different factions cannot group together, but can communicate with each other. Guild leaders can set the different types of permissions for members to control access to a variety of features. Players do not get player or automatic guild housing per se, but if a guild captures (and defends!) a Keep in Cyrodiil, they will be able to set up a market that allows even non-members to teleport in and purchase items. One great thing about this is that it preserves the idea of a fun, interactive economy without having one central auction house. There will be no central repository of market prices in Elder Scrolls Online, making it difficult to rig the market or disturb game balance by selling rare items cheaply. The Elder Scrolls Online Guilds will also have a bank that contains items and inventory shared by members or offered as help to other members. Players will get bonus gold and XP for traveling with members of their guild(s)!

 Basic Guild Tips:

  • Your guild must have at least 10 members to utilize a guild bank
  • Once a guild owns property in Cyrodiil (a keep, farm, mill, etc.) and has at least 50 members or more (this could change) you can open a guild store to the public. Anyone can shop in your store, pretty much like an auction-house in WoW and other MMOs. However, it will be localized instead of global and based on the goods posted by that guild
  • Losing the keep does not affect the items that are in the store; it only means they can no longer be purchased by customers.
  • Press E on the guild roster screen to invite people to your guild.

Guildex – Huge List of Elder Scrolls Online Player Guilds:

*Guildex is a large database of updated guilds for Elder Scrolls Online players. Provides member count, focus of gameplay, server names and much more!

*Tamriel Foundry also has a private guild recruitment forum


Guilds Currently Recruiting New Members…

 TKT Gaming  The Ascended  Silent Warriors Gaming  OneSky  Neon Grind  Legion  Calamity
 The Tribe  The Clibanarii  Unreal Aussies  Bloodline  Followers Of Destiny  House Of Blades  Sola
 The Empyrean Divine  Aspiring Brotherhood  Vigilant Addiction  The Noore  H.A.R.D. Corporation  Killed by Death  NSi Gaming
 The Republic Defenders  Brokenrunners  Lethality Group  Brotherhood Of Redemption  descendants-of-lattasel  TheReapersESOGuild  Alatreon Guild
 Beyond The Wall Shadow Empire  Demigod Legion        

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