Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Skills and Guides


Undaunted02Like the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild, the ESO Undaunted guild will have its own skill line (see below). Players can increase their skill rank with the Undaunted once they have completed all 16 dungeons. Undaunted is a smaller guild that fights the horrors in the dark and below ground. If you haven’t seen the interview with ZeniMax Creative Director Paul Sage – check it out Here. We will be adding additional info on Undaunted shortly.

Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Guild Skills:


Blood AltarBlood Altar

Cost: Magicka
+% health regeneration for nearby allies for. Allies may activate Blood Funnel synergy, .Only 1 ally may channel at once.
Channeling reduces altar duration for each second channeled.

Blood Alter Morphs:

Sanguine Altar

Sanguine Altar: Increased health regeneration.

Overflowing Altar

Overflowing Altar: May be used by mupltiple allies at the same time.

Necrotic OrbNecrotic Orb

Cast Time: Instant
Cost: Magicka
Summon an orb that deals magic damage to nearby enemies. Allies may activate Combustion synergy. Orb explodes, dealing magicka damage. Allies restore more magicka over time for each enemy hit.

Necrotic Orb Morphs:
Mystic OrbMystic Orb: Orb also restores magicka instantly when it explodes.
Energy OrbEnergy Orb: Synerfy increases orb damage-over-time instead of destroying it.

Trapping WebsTrapping Webs

Cast Time: Instant
Cost: Magicka
Deals magic damage and snares an enemy
Allies may activate Spawn Broodlings synergy. Deals magic damage. Summons 2 spiders.

Trapping Webs Morphs:
Shadow SilkShadow Silk: Upgraded Spiders. Black Widows last longer and have poison DoT.

Tangling WebsTangling Webs: Synergy summons 2 spiders and AoE fear.

Inner FireInner Fire

Cast Time: Instant
Cost: Magicka
Deal magic damage and force target to attack you.
Allies may activate Radiate synergy. chance to create synergy opportunity. Deal magic damage on target.
Explodes after 4 seconds, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies.

Inner Fire Morphs:
Inner RageInner Rage:

Increased chance for synergy.

Inner BeastInner Beast: Increased range and reduced cost.

Bone ShieldBone Shield

Cast Time: Instant / Self
Cost: Magicka
+% armor for 20 seconds.
Nearby allies may activate Bone Wall synergy.
Grants a damage shield for 60% of their maximum health.

Bone Shield Morphs:
Spiked Bone ShieldSpiked Bone: Returns damage to melee attackers.

Bone SurgeBone Surge: Synergy increases ally power.

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