Elder Scrolls Online Argonian History, Skills & Builds Guide


ESO ArgonianArgonians (or “Saxhleel” in their native tongue) are an intelligent race of reptile people that inhabit the swamps of Black Marsh who work well with magic, stealth and skills that require agility. Capable of breathing underwater, they also have a high resistance to diseases and poisons, and are great guerrilla warfare fighters. They descend from sentient trees known as the Hist, which is central in many ways to their cultural and religious identity. They can create armor and hallucinogens from the sap, sense and commune with the tree and receive visions, and believe that their souls are reincarnated through the Hist into a new Argonian when they die. This bond with the trees can be sensed, although this feeling dwindles if far away from Black Marsh. Worship of other gods is unknown except for Sithis, and if born under the sign of the Shadow tradition has it that the hatchling be given to the Dark Brotherhood. They usually speak at least one other language, most cannot understand their language, Jel, as they cannot form the sounds necessary.

ESO Argonian ProvisioningThere are several highly distinctive sub-types of Argonians that look very different from one another, and Argonians experience a high level of distrust from the other races. Many Argonians have been enslaved by other races throughout the Eras; at one point an entire tribe of Argonians was enslaving other Argonians and selling them to outsiders. While they are not capable of showing emotions on their faces the same way as the other races, they are quite smart, and very loyal to someone they count as a friend. Despite the difficult treatment they sometimes receive, they usually have little trouble assimilating themselves into areas and communities they travel into. They are mostly subsistence farmers, fishers and hunters, but their ales and wines are considered specialties abroad and expensive.

History of The Argonians:

Black Marsh (Argoniains)In the First Era, only a few Argonians left for the outside provinces, and those that did integrated well and didn’t share a lot of information about their history. Some of their tribes engaged in a lot of banditry on the borders of the province, but their only significant interaction with other cultures came when Red Bramman set himself up as pirate king. The Empress sent the Imperial Navy to Topal Bay to bring him to justice; they faced heavy losses at first due to the natural advantages Argonians posses for fighting underwater, but finally discovered a way to follow him through a hidden waterway to an area by Soulrest, found his city and defeated him. They left rather quickly, and no other large-scale incursions happen in Black Marsh until after the formation of the Reman Empire in the Year 2703 of the First Era. In 2811 the Argonians were defeated by the Empire in 2811 at the Battle of Argonia; most retreated to Helstrom, where the Imperials wouldn’t follow them. They then faced a long period of raiding from slavers, who sold them primarily to the Dunmer. Black Marsh became a place to stick most of the worst, hardened criminals from across the Empire. In the Year 560 of the Second Era a disease called the Knahaten Flu started spreading from Stormhold. The cause was unknown; rumors speculated that it could either be natural or purposeful retaliation created by a Hist Shaman for Argonian oppression. In either case, the plague was only deadly to non-Argonians, so the province became much more peaceful and independent. During the Akaviri Invasion of the Year 572, Akaviri sacked Windhelm, and started to march on Morrowind. The Nords pursued them, catching them in a 3-way attack when Dunmer and Argonian forces joined the battle and helped defeat them. This was the start of the Ebonheart Pact.

ESO Argoniain SymbolESO Argonian Racial Skills and Builds:

Templar, Nightblade and Dragonknight are the best classes for Argonian Builds!


Restoration ExpertiseIncreases experience gain with the Restoration Skill line.


AmphibiousIncreases swimming speed by 50% and the effectiveness of potions.


Argonian ResitanceIncreases maximum Health by 1% and Poison & Disease resistance.


Quick to MendIncreases healing received.

Argonian Dragonknight Builds can be quite effective. For example: 1 Hand + shield in heavy armor with bow or rest. staff as second weapon. Argonian racial traits with the passives from Draconic Power increases healing and health.

*Healing – Draconic Power – Burning Heart, Heavy Armor – Rapid Mending, Argonian – Quick to Mend.

*Health –  Draconic Power – Elder Dragon + Heavy Armor. Constitution for health regeneration + Argonian Resistance to increase health stat.

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