Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Racial Skills, Builds & History

Imperial Background:

ESO Imperial RaceThe Imperials, also known as Cyrodiilics, are the disciplined and diplomatic citizens of Cyrodiil, the central province of Tamriel. As a people they value organization, trade, laws and strategy, and are most similar to the Roman Empire. While not the largest or strongest people, this dedication to diplomacy, organization and tactics allowed their feared legions and light infantry to conquer Tamriel several times. Imperials switch tactics quickly on the battlefield; their discipline and training allowing them to find advantages in the tides of battle. They’re not as big or strong as Orcs or Nords, and not as good with magic as the Elves or Bretons…but these talents, coupled with a mastery of Speechcraft, have allowed them to control and lead these groups all the same. Imperials do have a fair share of prejudices, but in general go out of their way to be congenial to others and smooth out relations between groups. Diversity is respected; Imperials work well alongside different races, and tend to have a mix of different groups in the Legion. They are very cosmopolitan and accepting of other cultures, and specialize in uniting others in common causes for peace, prosperity, or war. In addition, Cyrodiil and the Imperial City are the center of trade in Tamriel; the empire has created extensive trade networks to move goods by horse and cart on Imperial roads & by ships on the rivers and high seas. The Legion patrols the roads, polices the citizenry and maintains the rule of law. There are many forts, garrisons and castles all across Tamriel, which are very effective for responding to large-scale threats & keeping civil order.

History of the Imperials:

Imperial FlagIn early times, those who would become the Imperials were enslaved by a group of Aldmer known as the Ayleids. Their masters worshiped the Daedra in return for ensured dominance over their subjects. It is said that the slave Alessia, now known as St. Alessia, was the one who prayed to Akatosh for freedom from the Ayleids and their Daedra masters. After allying with the Nords to overthrow them, the First Empire was formed and the religion which later became that of the Nine Divines was established. With an inclusive, compromising faith the empire expanded its borders greatly, but fell apart in civil war with the western Colovian region centuries later. Tamriel would remain divided until Reman Cyrodiil raised an army large enough to push back an invasion from the continent of Akavir, and then used it to establish the Second Empire. One day, it too fell, and there was no Amulet of Kings to prevent Molag Bal worshipers from entering the Imperial City and taking over the White Gold Tower. The Imperials splintered, each allying with the faction they think has the best chance to restore the Ruby Throne.

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Racial Skills:

Impirial Icon

The Imperial Race is considered a straight tank race. It’s a perfect race to choose for someone who likes using weapon skills more than class skills. Imperials have a unique racial skill line, their own mount, and the automatic ability to cosmetically craft items into the Imperial style, armor and weapons in particular.

Templar and Dragonknight are the best classes for Imperial builds!

The Imperial race can pick any of the Three Alliances – only available if you purchase the Imperial Edition.


Shield AffinityIncreases experience gain with One-handed/Shield skill line


Red DiamondMelee attacks have chance to restore health


ConditioningIncreases max stamina


ToughIncreases maximum health

Melee DPS builds and tank builds are best for Imperials considering the passives. Attack health restore and increased max stamina & health along with the skills of Dragonknight and Templar are the best matches. The best pre-made, tested and proven Templar and Dragonknight Imperial builds will be found in the powerful resources of mastery build guides.

 Imperial Dragonknight and Templar Builds

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