The Elder Scrolls Online Khajiit Racial Skills & History

Khajiit Background:

KhajiitThe feline cat-people known as the Khajiit were in Tamriel long before the people who would become the High Elves crossed the seas to the Summerset Isles. Quick, quick-witted, agile and swift, they make excellent warriors and thieves. Hailing from the deserts of Elsewyr, they can see in the dark, are highly adaptive to chaotic situations and are considered shifty and sneaky by some of the other races of Tamriel. A hedonistic outlook on life, a knack for stealing anything (a lot), coupled with talents for trading, sneaking, scouting and battle make them a force to be reckoned with. They make fierce opponents, and are the fighting arm of the Aldmeri Dominion and will fight with either weapons or the claws they were born with (mainly in medium armor).

In addition, they are known for having dual personalities, reflected in the importance of the twin moons to their religious traditions. Khajiit historically can fall into a range of feline appearances or sub-species, about twenty of them, based on the positions of the moons when they are born. They are also known for using Moon Sugar, which produces an addictively good feeling in the user, and can be refined to make Skooma, a highly illegal substance. They put it on most of their foods, and although banned in most of Tamriel the Khajiit never listen very long or well to things like rules or decrees. The Khajiit have a long history of animosity towards the reptilian Argonians and the Dunmer, but do engage in trade with many regions as travelling merchants. Some cities do not trust their “sticky fingers”, forcing them to do business from caravans at the sides of major roads. They have strong loyalty to the Dominion; Queen Ayrenn helped them to recover from a deadly sickness known as the Knahaten Flu, which killed many of their people and brought them close to extinction. They like to tell jokes, usually refer to themselves in the third person in conversations, and don’t like following rules, but true to their dual natures they are also strong supporters of the Dominion.

Khajiiti Worship

History of the Khajiit:

Elsweyr Province Map (The Khajiit)Ayleid explorers investigating Tamriel speak of them as an intelligent, if primitive and uncivilized race that lived mostly in forests. By the time the other races had arrived and formed nations, the Khajiit already had a well-organized province with sixteen kingdoms that worked together, traded and defended one another. They worked together very well for centuries until an outbreak of the Thrassian Plague broke their kingdoms apart until they had just two, with two very different cultures. One reflected the tribal, nomadic warrior ways while the other focused on trade, coin and persuasion. These two kingdoms initially had disdain for one another and were very competitive, until the Mane, (a spiritual leader born under a special phase of the moons) stepped in and created a system of cyclical power-sharing based on lunar phases. After an initial rough period, the two were united only to be devastated almost 250 years later by the Knahaten Flu. Queen Ayrenn’s aid was key in restoring order to the province and saved the Khajiit from doom; although unexpected it was not unappreciated, and they swore loyalty to both the Altmer and by extension their allies the Bosmer.

Khajiit SymbolElder Scrolls Online Khajiit Racial Skills:

The Khajiit are Members of The Aldmeri Dominion

The Best Classes For Khajiit Builds Are The Sorcerer & The Nightblade


Medium Armor ExpertiseIncreases experience gain with Medium Armor Skill line



Increases Health regeneration while in combat


StealthyImproves Stealth radius. Increases damage done while Stealthed


CarnageIncreases Critical rating for melee attacks and damage done by successful Critical Hits

Khajiits make excellent assassins and archers which makes the Nightblade and Sorcerer the two best classes for the Khajiit. With improved stealth and heath regen, medium armor and increased range attack crit damage, Khajiit Sorcerers and Khajiit Nightblades are very powerful builds! The most well designed, unique and powerful builds for Khajiit NB and Sorc is mastery resource guide.

 Khajiit Sorcerer and Nightblade Build Guides

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