The Elder Scrolls Online Nord Racial Skills & History

Nord Background:

ESO-Skyrim-NordNords are a race of Men that came from the icy wastes of the northern-most continent Atmora to settle Skyrim in Tamriel. One of the largest races of Tamriel, they are physically strong, fair-haired and blessed with a resistance to cold. They are brave warriors, and tend to have skills with the heavier armors and two-handed weapons, and they are also accomplished sailors and seamen. Tolerant of outsiders, although not particularly warm or friendly, Nords are a gruff, rugged people that face a tough existence every day. Life is short and grim, and they sieze the day in matters of both romance and battle – Nordic women are beautiful and stick up for themselves, but life is tough and a good husband hard to find. Family and community are highly valued; the expression “taking an arrow to the knee” means to get married, because once a Nord does they aren’t supposed to go out adventuring as much! They love music and mead; and most taverns have bards on busy nights. The religion of the Nords focuses mainly on the Divines (some named differently but derived from the Eight plus their immortal hero, Talos), with some Daedra as well such as Hermaeus Mora. Their afterlife is Sovngarde, a resting place for brave, fallen warriors (similar to Valhalla of the Vikings). The Skaal are a shamanistic offshoot of the Nords that revere an unnamed Nature deity and believe in acting in harmony with it; they revere forest creatures like wolves and bears. Nords of ancient times used to use the Th’um, or dragon shouts to help them in battle or knock down enemies; this tradition has almost been lost but knowledge of the Shouts have been preserved by the Greybeards, the Nordic holy men. The Th’um Shouts tie into their beliefs that the Sky itself created them, and breathed life into them. The Nords once fought in a great war against the dragons and their tyrannical dragon-priests; they were taught Th’ums by dragons that opposed their evil brethren.

History of the Nords:

Skyrim (The Nords)In the Merethic Era, the Nords lived on the Continent of Atmora, but a great freeze brought about chaos and a civil war. Seeking peace and prosperity, waves of Nords began leaving for Tamriel in the First and Merethic Eras. One of these, a hero named Ysgramor, led many of his people there and eventually settled the city of Saarthal. Racial tensions and greed over a supposedly powerful magical artifact buried in the city caused the Snow Elves to attack and wipe out most people in Saarthal, an event known as the Night of Tears. Ysgramor escaped back to Atmora with his two sons, and gathered an army. Returning with an elite force known as the Five Hundred Companions, they slaughtered every Snow Elf they could find, driving them back to Solstheim, where they finally defeated the Snow Prince and his forces at the Battle of Moesring. Ysgramor’s descendants carved out the First Nordic Empire in northern Tamriel, eventually losing all provinces beyond Skyrim during the War of Succession. Centuries later the Akaviri Dragonguard invaded the continent and initially defeated the Nords, but they allied with Reman Cyrodiil and helped to defeat them at the Battle of Pale Pass, and helped usher in the Reman Empire. But the Interregnum threw the realm into chaos just a few hundred years later…

The Pact’s Leadership:

King Jorunn“Before Ysgramor led the Nord people south, our ancestors flourished in the frozen continent of Atmora, and to this day our people prefer the bitter climes of northern Tamriel. The Dark Elves abide in Morrowind, a harsh land of ashfall and perpetual earthquakes. The Argonians endure the treacherous and impenetrable depths of Black Marsh. The alliance between our races was born in dark times, when Nord, Dunmer and free Argonians fought as one to repel the invasion of the Akaviri slavemasters. Our greatest strength is the adversity we have overcome. Our resolve is glacial, our might is forged in fire, and our courage, cultivated by the beasts of the jungle. We are Ebonheart. We are as one. And by this, our victory is assured.”
―Blood For The Pact!, Jorunn the Skald-King

Nord SymbolElder Scrolls Online Nord Racial Skills and Builds:


Dragonknight & Templar are the best classes for Nord builds!


Two-Handed ExpertiseIncreases the experience gain with the Two-Handed Weapon skill line.


RobustIncreases Health regeneration while in combat.


Resist FrostIncreases Cold Resistance. Increases maximum health.


RuggedIncreases Armor

Nords naturally make great tank builds and when the Dragonknight or Templar is chosen, a Nord character in ESO is quite a menacing threat! High armor ratings combined with increased health and better than average health regen when combined with specific skills and abilities of Templar & DK are amazing! For ready-made, tried and proven top builds for Nord tanks we strongly recommend mastery resource guides

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