Elder Scrolls Online Orc Racial Skills, History and Builds

Orc Background:

Elder Scrolls Online OrcStocky, strong and brave, eso orcs have wandered all over Tamriel and have had cities but never a whole province to call home. Initially feared and hated, many have served in the Legion, in other capacities such as smithing and are known for their skills with heavy armor. They have made a home for themselves in Orsinium, and maintain most of the traditions of their people (when possible in a city). The city, while powerful and a center of trade for quality Orc-forged weapons and armor, is not all there is to the lives of orcs. The main roots and culture of their people starts with the Stronghold Orcs, who live in fortified structures that house tribes led by a single alpha male. The chieftan is the only one able to mate, and is only replaced if one of his sons is strong enough to challenge and kill him in combat. Orc men & women both hunt and defend their strongholds; it is considered more traditional to let the women handle the art of smithing. They worship Malacath, Daedric Prince of Outcasts, and follow his Code: it is not written down but has rules of conduct and forbids theft, casual fighting etc. These Orcs are strong and independent, but many leave to seek their fortune in cities or to avoid forced marriages. More traditional orcs jokingly refer to them as City Orcs, and think of them as weak and unreliable. Spread widely throughout Tamriel, Orcs also deal with a lot of prejudices, and while they can be very pragmatic and practical warriors they have acquired a reputation for being vicious berserkers. Orcs, especially Stronghold Orcs treat the tribe as all-important, as cooperation and trust can be essential for survival. The third type, Orsinium Orcs, were granted their current homeland by High King Emeric in return for their alliance during the War for the Ruby Throne.

History of the Orcs:

Orsinium (Orcs)Orcs were supposedly created in the mid Merethic Era, when the Daedra Boethiah devoured Trinimac and spat him out as the Daedric Prince Malacath. He and his followers were cursed, and transformed into the appearance we associate with the modern day Orc. The Aldmer had already settled in High Rock by this time. Initially, they formed small tribes and strongholds around Skyrim and High Rock, and settled in and around Lilac Bay in the First Era. Eventually the Orcs established the first Orsinium in the Wrothgar Mountains, but the fear and prejudices of their neighbors (who viewed them as savage, dangerous barbarians focused on banditry and raiding) resulted in the destruction of Orsinium in the Year 980 of the First Era. The Orcs attempted since then to set up new city-states but the hatreds of their neighbors always destroyed their efforts. Scattered once again, centuries later the grateful ESO Orcs have a new Orsinium (and authority over it, as a quasi-province), granted to them by High King Emeric for making common cause with & being devoted members of The Daggerfall Covenant.

ORC SymbolThe Elder Scrolls Online Orc Passive Skills:

Best Classes For Orc Builds Are Templar & Dragonknight


Heavy Armor ExpertiseIncreases experience gain with skill line



Increases max Health and Stamina


RobustIncreases Health regen while in combat


SwiftReduces Sprint cost & increase Sprint speed

If you’re going to be an Orc in Elder Scrolls Online you’ll probably want to choose the Dragonknight or Templar as your class. Orcs are spectacular tanks. The increased stamina, health and health regen is well suited for both tank builds AND melee DPS builds using Templar and Dragonknight’s skills and abilities. These builds can sometimes be challenging and time consuming to optimize them. We recommend mastery build resource guides‘ tried, tested and optimized Orc tank and DPS builds! Good feedback from our members has been streaming in since we began recommending them. We strongly stand behind their build (and leveling) resource guides!

 Orc Dragonknight and Templar Builds

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