Elder Scrolls Online Redguard Racial Skills, Builds & History

Redguard Background:

Redguard ScreenshotThe Redguard are a race of Men with no connection to the Nordic tribes; they crossed the seas to Tamriel in a great fleet when their continent Yokuda sank into the ocean. A proud and independent people, this warrior race has dark, reddish skin, is resistant to poisons, and values stamina, speed and the ability to strike quickly and correctly. They are smart warriors, with a good grasp of naval tactics as well due to their original seafaring heritage, and they can navigate by the stars. Resistant to poisons, tall and having strong constitutions, all Redguard are expected to have a basic understanding of combat; the closest thing to a holy book that the Redguard have is The Book of Circles, a lengthy and comprehensive study of blade mastery that most keep in the home and honor the reading of with a yearly holiday.

ESO RedguardESO Redguards have an understanding of many different types of weapons and armor from many different cultures, and even shifted away from their native language, Yoku, in an effort to understand and communicate better with the people of Tamriel. Some of the Redguard are more cosmopolitan and open to the ways of the Empire and other culture (the Forebears) while others are more independent, proud, and distrusting of outsiders (the Crowns). All sides of Redguard share a distrust of magic, and some parts of Hammerfell do not allow outsiders. A Redguard seeking to enter the military has to prove bravery in the face of death; some aspiring recruits are sent into ruins and dungeons to prove their worthiness. While many Redguard worship the Divines, some of the more nomadic tribesmen have a deep connection to the land and just one god, Satakal. Overall, they are a people defined by the struggles, hardship and warfare they have endured; their culture celebrates this and their ability to adapt.

Redguard History:

Hammerfell (Redguard)The Redguards, formerly knows as the Yokudans, came from a continent to the west of Tamriel that sank into the sea. The cause of this destruction is not certain; it was attributed to either a natural cataclysm or a revenge strike from a group they defeated known as the Hiradirge. This occurred in the Year 792 of the first era, and a large Yokudan fleet sailed east to the area they would one day name Hammerfell. They were the last race to arrive in Tamriel, and first established a place on the island of Herne for their non-combatants and royalty. The warriors, known as the Ra Gada or Warrior Wave” traveled into the mainland and promptly began destroying settlements of Men, Mer and even the Orcs to carve out a spot for themselves. After just a few months the consolidation of Hammerfell was complete, and the rest of the refugees arrived in the new land. Initially, they had disdain for their neighbors, perhaps because of how easily they defeated them, and did not trade with them. After the Siege of Orsinium in the Year 980 of the First Era they became more open to trade after they saw the fighting skills of some of the other races, and they are a fierce supporter of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Redguard SymbolThe Elder Scrolls Online Redguard Racial Skills:

The Best Classes for Redguard builds are Dragonknight and Nightblade


Shield AffinityIncreases experience gain with One-Handed/Shield skill line


VigorIncreases Stamina recovery while in combat


ConditioningIncreases maximum Stamina


Adrenaline RushRestores 1 Stamina when damaging an enemy with Melee attack

Reguards are naturally designed to be tanks and the best classes for Redguard are Nightblade and Dragonknight. Tanks require lots of stamina and as you can see, this race is perfect! Designing and optimizing a well rounded tank build combining Dragonknight or Nightblade skills with Redguard’s natural abilities can be a bit aggravating and time consuming, but well worth it!

 Redguard Dragonknight and Nightblade Builds

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