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Wood Elf Bosmer

Background of Wood Elves:

Valenwood (The Wood Elves)The Bosmer, also known as the Wood Elves, come from the green forests of the province of Valenwood. An offshoot of the original Aldmeri, they rejected the high civilization and magicks of their brethren in favor of a closer relationship with nature, the land and wild creatures. Agile, slight of frame and stealthy, they make great archers, scouts and assassins; the invention of the bow itself is thought to be their work. When newly arrived in Valenwood, the Bosmer made the Green Pact with Y’ffre, the Forest God, and in return for his patronage they will not harm the vegetation of the forest (nor eat or build with any of it!). Bosmer take a great interest in the woodwork of other cultures, and import stonework as well to build most of their structures. They are expert defenders of their homeland, but have no real designs on the lands of others. Wood Elves tend to be pacifistic and view the other races as mostly untrustworthy, but necessary for trade and defense. The Green Pact has made Bosmer strict carnivores, and they have a tradition of cannibalizing their enemies, which causes many outsiders to view them with a bit of disgust or distrust. Although considered somewhat barbaric by the other races, many have marveled at the gigantic, moving tree cities of their people.

Bosmer History

Bosmer wood elvesWhen the Aldmeri fled to the Summerset Isles, some of their people rejected the stiff and formal ways of High Elven society. These elves traveled Valenwood, and upon arriving in Valenwood, they found many other ancient civilizations, races and creatures. Those who became the Wood Elves had to first fight & adapt to survive. Over a period of time this struggle transformed them from Aldmeri/High Elves into the Bosmer people we know of today. They formed the Green Pact with Y’ffre, and the Meat Mandate (nothing is wasted!), central to their cultural identity and customs. Eventually King Eplear united the disparate tribes, a great feat in itself for such an independent people, and started the First Era by founding the Camoran Dynasty. The constant encroachments from various other nations, as well as the turmoil surrounding the collapse of the Empire made joining Queen Ayrenn’s Dominion with the High Elves and Khajiit an easy choice. Valenwood is also the home of Elden Root, the capital of the alliance; the defensive nature of both the Bosmer and the forest itself make them indispensable to the defense of the Dominion.

ESO Bosmer Racial Skills and Builds:Wood Elves Symbol

Nightblade and Dragonknight are the two best classes for Bosmer Builds!


Archery ExpertiseIncreases experience gain with the Bow Skill line


VigorIncreases Stamina recovery while in combat


Resist AfflictionIncreases poison & disease resistance and Increases max Stamina


StealthyImproves Stealth radius and Increases damage done while in Stealth

Many players choose Bosmer for the aesthetics rather than any particular ability. There are rumors of the Wood Elves having invented their favorite weapon, the bow. They are arguably the best archers of all the races although many players feel Orcs and Khajiit would be better choices if you want to be an archer or ranger. Nightblade and Dragonknight are the two best classes for Bosmer. Nightblade’s Assassin’s Blade, Shadowy Disguise, and Swallow Soul plus passives provide bonuses to ranged, AND melee if you need it.

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 Bosmer Dragonknight and Nightblade Builds

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