Weapon Skills

Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Skills and Armor Skills:


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PvE Tips and Tricks:

  • Other players can’t steal your kills or loot. If more than one player participates at killing a mob, everyone gets separate loot and XP.
  • Public dungeons bosses have a high respawn rate and drop very good loot.
  • You can also target yourself with healing spells that target allies.
  • You can play through the quests of other alliances but the content is scaled to level 50.
  • Boss Mobs in dungeons will drop potions and a filled soul gem appropriate to your level. You can farm the boss for a bit to build up a supply.
  • Boss mobs in Public Dungeons can be killed multiple times. They spawn when a new player or group moves through the dungeon. You can assist them, and get loot. The loot quality diminishes overtime, but each boss will have a blue item that you will get as a reward – it’s only awarded once.
  • The easy way to interrupt a npc/player is to click and hold the right mouse button, then click the left mouse button. If you interrupt the target, using heavy attack while the target is disoriented will knock the target down.
  • By pressing L and R mouse buttons at the same time you can snap out of disorient and off-balance effects for 30% stamina cost.

Weapons Trait Gems and Their Effects: (used to enhance weapons)

 AmethystAmethyst  CarnelianCarnelian  ChysoliteChysolite  CitrineCitrine Fire Opal
 RubyRuby Turquoise

ESO WeaponsOne Handed Shield


PuncturePuncture – Deals physical damage, reduces the target’s armor, and taunts the target for a moderate duration.
Low SlashLow Slash – Deals physical damage, snares target, and reduces the target’s weapon damage.
Defensive PostureDefensive Posture – When slotted Increases block mitigation & reduces block cost.  Activating skill reflects next spell projectile back at the attacker.
Shield ChargeShield Charge – Charges to target and attacks, dealing physical damage & stunning target for a short duration.
Power BashPower Bash – Deals physical damage, disorienting the target for a moderate duration.


Sword and BoardSword and Board – While you have a one-handed weapon and shield equipped, all damage and armor are increased.
Deadly BashDeadly Bash – While you have a one-handed weapon and shield equipped, bash deals double damage and costs less stamina.
FortressFortress – While you have a one-handed weapon and shield equipped, the cost of blocking is reduced.
Deflect BoltsDeflect Bolts – While you have a one-handed weapon and shield equipped, block an additional percentage of damage from projectiles and ranged attacks.
Battlefield MobilityBattlefield Mobility – While you have a one-handed weapon and shield equipped, movement speed while blocking is increased.


 Two Handed Weapon Abilities


CarveCarve – Deals physical damage to all enemies in front of you, inflicting a bleed dealing damage for a moderate duration.
Critical ChargeCritical Charge – Charge to target and attack, dealing guaranteed critical physical damage.
UppercutUppercut – After a short cast time, deals physical damage to an enemy, stunning them for a short duration and knocking them back a small distance.
Reverse SliceReverse Slice – Deals physical damage which increases based on the target’s missing health.
Forward MomentumForward Momentum – Increases weapon damage by a flat percentage for a moderate duration, with the percentage amount increasing every few seconds.


Heavy WeaponsHeavy Weapons – While a two-handed weapon is equipped, axes have a chance to inflict a bleed damage over time effect, maces ignore a flat amount of armor, and swords deal a flat percentage more damage.
BalanceBalance – Reduces the cost of the two-handed weapon ability by a moderate percentage.
ForcefulForceful  – While a two-handed weapon is equipped, light and heavy attacks deal a moderate percentage of the damage as splash damage to an additional nearby enemy.
Arcane FighterArcane Fighter – While a two-handed weapon is equipped, the chance of proccing status effects is doubled.
Battle RushBattle Rush – While a two-handed weapon is equipped, killing an enemy increases stamina regeneration by a significant amount of time.

 Dual Wield Weapon Abilities


Twin SlashesTwin Slashes – Two hits for physical damage, inflicting a bleed effect for a short duration.
FlurryFlurry – A six hit attack performing GREAT bonus damage done on the final hit.
WhirlwindWhirlwind – Deal physical damage to all enemies surrounding the caster. Damage increased vs low health nmes
SparksSparks – The Sparks Ability Blinds the target for a moderate duration of time.
Hidden BladeHidden Blade – Throws a dagger that deals physical damage and interrupts the target, snaring them for a moderate duration.


SlaughterSlaughter – The Slaughter Increases damage by a flat percentage against targets at low health.
Dual Wield ExpertDual Wield Expert – The Dual Wield Expert Ability Increases off-hand weapon damage.

Controlled FuryControlled Fury – Reduces the cost of dual-wield abilities by a moderate percentage.

RuffianRuffian – While dual wielding, the player deals more damage against disabled targets.

Twin Blade and BluntTwin Blade and Blunt – While dual wielding, axes have a chance to inflict a bleed damage over time effect, maces deal a percentage of bonus damage against heavily armored targets, swords deal a flat percentage more damage, and daggers have increased critical strike chance.

 eso weapons bows


Poison ArrowPoison Arrow – Deals immediate damage to the target and poisons them, interrupting enemy spells stunning the caster and putting them off balance.
VolleyVolley – Deals damage in a targeted area immobilizing any enemies that are hit.
Scatter ShotScatter Shot – Deals damage to the target, knocking them backwards and disorienting them for a short time.
Arrow SprayArrow Spray – Deals damage and snares the target for a short time.

SnipeSnipe – Deals a large amount of damage at a longer range.


(Accuracy) Hawk EyeAccuracy – While you have a bow equipped, you have a increased critical strike chance.

RangerRanger – Reduces the stamina cost of bow skills.

Long ShotsLong Shots – While you have a bow equipped, you deal bonus damage to distant targets.
Hawk EyeHawk Eye – Bow attacks deal extra damage when hitting vulnerable targets.

Hasty RetreatHasty Retreat – While you have a bow equipped, you gain a short burst of movement speed after dodging.

 eso destruction staff


Destructive TouchDestructive Touch – Deals damage and applies elemental effects. Fire causes knockback, Frost causes a stun, Shock causes disorient.
Wall of ElementsWall of Elements – Wall of Elements ability creates wall of AoE damage.
Force ShockForce Shock – Deals damage and interrupts enemy casting. Interrupted enemies are stunned.
ImpulseImpulse – Deals PBAoE damage and applies elemental effects. Fire causes burning, Frost causes chilled, Shock causes concussion.
Weakness to ElementsWeakness to Elements – The target’s resistances to Fire, Frost, and Lightning are reduced.


Tri FocusTri-Focus – Destruction Staff heavy attacks cause the following effects: Frost snares the target, Shock deals some splash damage to 2 nearby foes, Fire reduces enemy spell resistance.
Penetrating MagicPenetrating Magic – Your destruction spells bypass some of the targets spell resistance.
Elemental ForcesElemental Forces – Increased chance to apply fire, shock, or cold status effects when you have a destruction staff equipped.
Ancient KnowledgeAncient Knowledge – – Your heavy attacks charge faster when you have a destruction staff equipped.
Destruction ExpertDestruction Expert – Restore some Magicka when killing an enemy with a destruction staff equipped.

 eso restoration staff


RegenerationRegeneration – Heals the wounds of a nearby ally over time.

Grand HealingGrand Healing – Heals all allies in a large target area.

Blessing of ProtectionBlessing of Protection – Heal all allies in front of you and increase their defenses for a short time.
Steadfast WardSteadfast Ward – Create a shield on the lowest health ally in front of you. The shield’s strength is based on the ally’s missing health.
Force SiphonForce Siphon – Your allies gain additional health when attacking your marked target.


Essence DrainEssence Drain – While you have a restoration staff equipped, the last hit of a heavy attack heals a nearby ally.
Restoration ExpertRestoration Expert – While you have a restoration staff equipped, your healing on targets with low health is increased.
Cycle of LifeCycle of Life – Gain bonus damage based on your current health when wielding a Restoration Staff.
AbsorbAbsorb – While you have a restoration staff equipped, blocking spells restores Magicka.

Restoration MasterRestoration Master – While you have a restoration staff equipped, increase all healing done.

ESO Weapons And Shields

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