The Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild Gameplay Walk-through

Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing to become the newest recruit in their organization of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves. The latest DLC game pack for the award-winning The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited takes you to Hew’s Bane – an all new zone to explore in the southern peninsula of Hammerfell. Combined with new story content that will bring you back to all your favorite areas of Tamriel, Thieves Guild offers unexplored delves, powerful group bosses, and much more!

Walk-through includes a review and will include all main story missions and optional quest missions, Hews Bane, The Maw of Lorkhaj. multiplayer PVP, character creation, a review and the Ending.

Thieves Guild, the first official DLC game pack of 2016 for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, brings you to the desert peninsula of Hew’s Bane, a Hammerfell location never before seen in an Elder Scrolls game. Abah’s Landing, the opulent jewel of Hew’s Bane, is home to the Thieves Guild and your port-city home base for the Thieves Guild content. Grab plenty of lockpicks and get ready for a treasure-filled adventure to help restore the Thieves Guild’s influence in Abah’s Landing!

As with our previous DLC game packs, Thieves Guild comes in two parts: the DLC game pack and the base-game patch. The base-game patch will be available to everyone who owns ESO. The DLC game pack will conveniently download with the base-game patch, giving you instant access to the new content upon purchase or activation of an ESO Plus membership. When you purchase the Thieves Guild DLC game pack, you get full access to Hew’s Bane in southern Hammerfell, the port city of Abah’s Landing, and all of the following:

  • Join the iconic Thieves Guild for the first time in ESO
  • A challenging new 12-player Trial: The Maw of Lorkhaj
    • The first ESO Trial that is available in Normal and Veteran versions and scales to the group leader’s level
    • Grants powerful new items and item sets obtainable in the Trial or the weekly Trial leaderboard rewards
  • A new passive skill line, exclusive to members of the Thieves Guild
  • Hours of exciting story content and quests that will have you revisiting your favorite areas of Tamriel
  • A new Larceny System that includes repeatable activities such as heists, pickpocketing, stealing, and more
    • Heist Quests: Find Fa’ren-dar, a tough male Khajiit who works on the far side of the Den, near the sewer drain exit. He runs the Heist Board.
      • Thieves Guild heists require sneaking, avoiding traps, and getting in and out of special instanced heist areas with your prize—earn special bonuses for completing the heists undetected and within the time limit!
    • Reacquisitions Quests: Seek out Spencer Rye, a fancy Breton man who runs the Reacquisitions Board, which is set up just outside the Thieves Den.
      • Kill group bosses and complete delves in Hew’s Bane.
    • Tip Quests: Kari, a precise Nord woman who keeps accounts of the guild’s finances, as well as accounts of information and rumors runs the Tip Board.
      • Travel all around Tamriel doing jobs for the Thieves Guild. These include pickpocketing, unlocking safeboxes, gathering items for consignment requests, and more.
  • Two new delves, Bahraha’s Gloom and Shark’s Teeth Grotto, featuring all-new challenges and rewards
  • Two all-new formidable world bosses
  • Powerful new gear, unique crafting styles, and other rewards inspired by the iconic Thieves Guild
    • 4 item sets that grant unique, group-based PVE bonuses available in the Maw of Lorkhaj Trial and as Trial leaderboard weekly rewards
    • 2 item sets available in Hew’s Bane
    • 3 new craftable item sets
  • The Outlaw crafting style
  • Assistants, new non-combat followers you can summon that provide a service
  • Brand new in-game musical score, inspired by the Thieves Guild and Hammerfell region

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