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 Cyrodiil is the central province of Tamriel, the home of The Imperial Race and the region of Elder Scrolls Online where it will be possible to fight other players. Players are not obligated to go there, and it is dangerous, but has fun, unique experiences & rewards. The province itself would take 20-30 minutes to cross in real life; it is estimated that the area is about the size it is in the game Oblivion, which takes place within Cyrodiil province. Players can attack/be attacked by other players here, and can enter Cyrodiil as soon as they are level 10 or above. Cyrodiil Holds many treasures and collectibles such as Mundus Stones that enhance abilities and Skyshards which you will want to locate and collect for skill points.

You can start participating in the Alliance War at level 10, and at that time you’ll be able to select your home campaign. Find out where your guild and friends will be fighting and join up with them! You can become a guest in other campaigns, and you can change your home campaign later for Alliance Points if you wish.

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Places to Explore & Conquer

Cyrodiil ExploreElder Scrolls Online offers the potential for both team-ups as part of a small squad or in large scale battles with more than 200 players in a single ESO PvP battle! The area is littered with destructible keeps and structures that players can fight for and take over, public dungeons to encourage organic grouping and make it more challenging (potentially) to complete, areas for PvE questing (Like Bruma and Chorrol) and dynamic combat. There are also choke-points on the map, areas that will encourage battles to take place if itching for a fight. Players earn Alliance points for defeating enemy players, healing allies, controlling keeps, supporting them and much more. There are Ayleid wells that grant buffs that can be useful. Key: If a faction holds more territory than the other two, the rewards are increased for the underdogs to keep you in the fight!

PvP Warfare and Abilities

Elder Scrolls Online BattleAll players will get a boost to their stats when entering Cyrodiil at level 10+, and can completely level their character within its borders if they so choose. Like the previous Elder Scrolls games, mechanics like rolling, blocking and power attacks will allow for a certain level of skill: no auto-aiming or simple tab-targeting here! Timing things like blocks, aiming a bow or casting a spell will come into play. Stamina, Magicka and Health are the ability pools that special abilities draw upon, and creating synergies between different abilities will give you Finesse points, which allow your Ultimate abilities to recharge quicker. Players can also set up and use siege weapons, and control of territory helps your side gain points in the Alliance war. You and members of your faction will be able to see keeps that are getting attacked right on the map screen, and players will have private chat communications that can’t be understood by the other factions. Players can go out solo, in small groups or large ones.

Battle In CyrodiilESO PvP Tips & Tricks:

  • You can travel to Cyrodiil at level 10. Begin by doing the starting quest and the siege equipment training. You will get skillpoints for the starting quest.
  • Make sure you fill your Soul Gem. While in Cyrodiil PvP battles you can use it to revive allies.
  • The “kill 20 enemy players” PvP quest is easy to complete if you are in a large group.
  • Visit the notice boards to get PvP quests in Cyrodiil.
  • In Cyrodiil, towns owned by NPCs have repeatable PvE quests.
  • To use a siege weapon you must first place it in quickslot.
  • If you deployed a siege you can also pick it up and take it with you when you’re done sieging. If you leave it behind, enemies can burn it down. Sieges get damaged as you fire them and every siege engine has a health bar. You and your allies can buy repair kits to repair your siege.
  • Catapults are best at damaging enemy players, trebuchets for walls and ballistae for damaging siege weapons.
  • You can leave Cyrodiil from the Wayshrine at the gate but you cannot teleport to Cyrodiil from another area. You have to get to a keep controlled by your alliance, get back to camp using a Transit Shrine and then use the Wayshrine. You can also respawn there after you die.
  • You can join the Alliance War by opening the PvP menu ( “L” key). In the campaigns tab you can assign yourself to one. Select the campaign again and you will be placed in queue for Cyrodiil.
  • Set items drop in Cyrodiil that are scaled to your level that are different from the crafted sets.
  • Use the Magelight ability to spot stealth enemies. When casting Magelight it stays visible even when you are sneaking.
  • By pressing L and R mouse buttons at the same time you can snap out of disorient and off-balance effects for 30% stamina cost.

Rewards – Don’t Forget…

  • Filling Soul Gem should not be forgotten! They can be useful in PvP battles in Cyrodiil, you can use them to revive others.
  • Go to Cyrodiil after reaching level 10 and do the starting quest, this is where you will get your first skill points. Do the siege equipment training as well,
  • If you want to PvP, pick up the ‘kill 20 enemy’ player quest if you are in an large group. It will be filled fast. It’s a lot of fun – do it
  • In ESO you can pick up a siege you deployed and take it with you when you’re finished sieging, Don’t leave it laying around for an enemy alliance to destroy it. Siege takes damage simply from firing it, so the ability to pack it back up does not grant you infinite siege. There is a health bar for each siege engine, and there are repair kits you can buy to keep them alive. Other players can use your engines and repair them as well.
  • Leaving Cyrodiil can be done from the wayshrine at the gate by selecting another zone from the locations tab. You cannot teleport from anywhere in Cyrodiil, you must arrive at a keep controlled by your faction and use a Transit Shrine to get back to camp and then use the wayshrine. Or… you can just die and re-spawn there.
  • To join Alliance War press L and open PvP menu. Select the campaigns tab and assign yourself to one. Then select it again to enter the queue for Cyrodiil.

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